"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

The "Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN) / New Spartiate"s is fighting for a system that might cultivate the creation of men of "true character". We are traditionalists and favour a more primitive lifestyle, albeit supported by technology, where it is deemed beneficial.

Mission Statement

Our ultimate goal is to protect the European people and create the "New Man", the ancient Greek ideal of the Philosopher-Warrior king. You'll be a man among men. And citizenship must be earned.

Party Policies Edit

  • Trips and Names required
  • Do not sully the honor of the party

Naming Edit

Name changed from "Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN" to "New Spartiates" both can be used interchangeably.

Platform Edit

Vote for
>racial homogeneity
>militaristic upbringing
>eugenic programs
>merito-aristocratic vanguard against degeneracy
>citizenship that needs to be earned that grants the right to vote as well as the rights to claim minimal benefits.
>say no to multiculturalism and degeneracy
>do you believe in the ideal of the philosopher kings?
>do you believe that mind and body must be cultivated to grow character?
>do you oppose irresponsible abuse of technology?
>do you oppose Marxism and general leftism?
>are you for a moderately centrally managed free market with small business subsidy? Join the Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists. We'll make the ancient Greek myth come true... with a modern take.

Technology & Science Edit

Responsible and conservative utilization of technology where deemed superiorly beneficial or necessary to the nation-city-state and it's people.

Members Edit

  • Julius Kaczinski [Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN)] !8GrTUCMpXs
  • RoteReich[Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN)] !!Ao6Pe0xikE7
  • Ian Fatherson[Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN)] !P45fr4QSwk
  • Julius Evola [Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN)] !!PcMqsWnx5B3
  • Prawn [Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN)] !PNH4WhLb62

  • Lech [Traditionalistic Ethnoaristostratocracy and Neoprimitivists (TEN)] !pXv.lSJXJg

  • Roughneck - [TEN Federation of /pol/} !hEpdoZ.tHU

  • Rodger Young[Terran Federation of /pol/] !Aen0ZJlBCI

Current delegates and contactEdit

  • Julius Kaczinski

  • Julius Evola

  • Roughneck [TEN Federation] !!K9tXyOcGoN3

Communication: Chatroom, forum of full citizensEdit

Party Updates & News Edit

Current Alliances/Caucuses Edit

  • Coalition with the Reactionary Monarchists

Officer List Edit

Note: You CAN sign up for more than one position

  • Roughneck (Sky Marshal), Responsibilities: bills on Aeronautics and Defense

Recommended Reading Edit

Feel Free to add more
TEN reading list
  • Markus Willinger: Generation Identity
  • Plato: The Republic
  • Guillaume Faye: Archeofuturism
  • Alain de Benoist: Beyond Human Rights
  • Julius Evola: Men Among the Ruins
  • Ernst von Salomon: It Cannot Be Stormed
  • Friedrich Nietzsche: Genealogy of Morals
  • Thomas Carlyle: On Heroes
  • Mark Rippetoe: Starting Strength

Propaganda Edit

Daily reminder that TEN/ New Spartiates stands for the traditionalistic vote! Join the TEN (New Spartiates) if you wish for a traditionalistic society with EARNED citizenship. A constitution protected by an aristocratic class, but only by those heirs that are eligible by merit. Policies voted upon in the senate by full citizens. Remember: a democracy in which people vote who didn't earn their citizenship leads inevitably to societal decline. Also: technology MUST serve society and their goals. Stop rampant technological abuse. Embrace a modern take on primitivism. Aim to be a philosopher-warrior. Steel yourself in mind and body. Be a man among men. Sign up NOW for the TEN (New Spartiates).
Now is the time to truly carry the fire of civilization by joining the TEN/NEW SPARTIATES! We will crack down on multiculturalism and degeneracy. For a more advanced man. The "New Man". A strong character and being that lives the ancient Greek ideal. We'll advance mankind with the proven wisdom of ancient societies that created the basis of modern society. The modernists and parasites might survive some decades by leeching off the riches of our ancestors, but with us we might actually live through another Golden Age! Join by supporting the party by posting in this format:
[NAME][PARTY NAME] #tripcode Do you wish to know more?
> We stand for noble virtues!


Join the TEN/ New Spartiates instead. The creation of the "New Man" as an ancient Greek ideal is our goal. Traditionalist policies, responsible use of technology that is proven to help society, nuclear family, SS+GOMAD and earned citizenship await you here. Vote "Other/Independent" and join up! Join by supporting the party by posting in this format:
[NAME][PARTY NAME] #tripcode Do you wish to know more?

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