The Socialist Bloc is a /pol/ political party that believes in a Leftist economic management of society. The world is full of injustice where a small elite control nearly all the power and money supply and we, the Socialist Bloc, pledge to give back those rights to the common man.

We are primarily focused on improving life for all our Citizens, as well as Humanity as a whole.We aren't a flashy Nazi or video game party, instead we are a group dedicated to bring our nation to its peak.

We plan to

  • Build an economy based on a combination of private enterprises, workers' co-operatives and state-owned enterprises run on behalf of the people.
  • Nationalize the major energy and transport companies, as well as all large publicly funded businesses.
  • Provide a Nationally owned University Network with campuses at all major cities: Free tuition with high academic standards and a focus on STEM fields.
  • Produce a working space program to begin exploring the stars.
  • Provide an economic plan that focuses on increasing the wealth of the entire nation and an increase in spending on Education, Healthcare and Basic Services, and looks to Education and Innovation as our primary exports.
  • Remove all tax loopholes that benefit multinational corporations, and a systematic elimination of tax evasion.
  • Reinforce the importance of democracy and freedom in everyday life, and place particular emphasis on freedom of speech.
  • Introduce compulsory National service. Remember, Service guarantees Citizenship.
  • Regulate the borders so no illegal immigrants enter the country to be used as cheap labor.
  • And punish corruption, kikery and other political crimes.


Socialist Bloc chatroom:

A copy of the Socialist Bloc's Education Policy is available here. It is currently in Draft form and has yet to be adopted by parliament.

A copy of the Socialist Bloc's Health Policy is available here. It is currently in Draft form and has yet to be adopted by parliament. It should also be noted that other parties have helped make edits after the initial draft, which ends at the heading "/pol/ State Health Plan Proposal". The Sub-faction; Confederacy of United Nationalist Thinking Socialists, is part of the Socialist Bloc, members there are members here.

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Members of Parliament Edit

  1. Based Stalin (!!M/uFhe3sOJ0)
  2. Leumas De'Burgo !Xqpe0W5jbs
  3. Ayy Rand (!!p4clAmXUG2B)
  4. Paul Grayson (!anfBYe6ToY)
  5. asian snake (!!9tGukGoYkqX)
  6. Loveykins (!1Z8e9p9AeM)
  7. Stelios/ reformist (!!buI1kLZ8DJj)
  8. Galactic Citizen (!MDUOESlTlA)
  9. Actual Socialist (!!SLbXqtFkIlb)
  10. Kierstan (!!+/kCGkQ05V1)
  11. Sargent Bones (!RhOqPJWQA.)
  12. TacticalDrop (!!jORkBuWfdyy)
  13. Dr.Frank (!vAZ1BCLxhY)
  14. Comrade (!!U9MGYh0Lg+Z)
  15. Terra Nova (!!2wmBG5+xqn0)
  16. A Man for a Better Man (!0Rfwfu.Nlo)
  17. Electricity Bill !quTO0169vU
  18. Aussie Batler !kEzxxJ0GJE
  19. Goy Toy (!jrVlQ.CITw)
  20. Admiral Shep (!!ulqqfnvDgFx)
  21. Technocracy (!!E9eoAr45C/j)
  22. basedTones !.nMUi.I89w
  23. James Sterben (!!B2/NClKb6fn)
  24. George !4JkKbRZR5E
  25. Pwnz0rd Wolf (!iHDTnckGnA)
  26. Gas the Rich (!WCBT7pjmlo)
  27. Lord Solar Macharius (!IXrB4yzW5g)
  28. Comrade Kalinin (!DRQEyD8fb.)
  29. King of Otters (!XIxc6BpKnU)
  30. Karl Shlomo Marxstein Engelsberg (!!v8d9FlTlm0H)
  31. Wobbly (!66lBSV6GcQ)