Terra Nova.

The inexhaustible desire in man for the unknown - the unquenchable curiosity, the all-consuming need. The symbolic goal of the future of mankind. This is Terra Nova.

I, Terra Nova, stand for the future of humanity based on Robotics, Cybernetics, Post-Singularity AI, and High-Technology. That humanity first needs to evolve out of its base biological needs and impetus through its own will and the will of its machines. Be it here, in our birthplace, or among the stars, the future of humanity will not be in a fanciful ideology still based in "blood, sweat and tears", but through steel, computing and artificial intelligence.

Terra Nova stands for:

- Cybernetic Augmentation,

- Robotic Consciousness / Self-Conscious AI.

- Space Colonization

- Robotic Assimilation

- Nanotechnology

- Drone-Based Warfare / Nanoweapon-Based Warfare

- Industrial Automation