UKIP Leader, President of /pol/
Swansea 1
"Fuck em, cunts. We need to win this for UKIP, for Britpol, and for democracy."
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Party Affiliation UKIP
Status Deposed, currently inactive

Swansea was the leader of the former UKIP party and briefly was Prime Minister of /pol/ before his despotic reign was overthrown by an alliance of OP and GermanicUltranationalist. According to scholars and archivists of the National Socialist Party his reign was far more terrible than even the rule of the boy king Ignatius, due in part to UKIP's complete support of his policies and large majority in parliament. With party support he was even able to overthrow OP himself, declaring himself ruler for life of the parliament.

to be continued...


  • "Israel's interests will be represented by me, if I am president of /pol/, I assure you. It's me or the Nazis."
  • "I'm done with the /pol/ parliament. I was democratically elected president, formed an empire, and relinquished in in good time. I won, effectively. I didn't know that fucking with the Krauts would be so much fun."

Swansea 2

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