Of the Socialist Alliance. Born in 1870, a Greek immigrant to Russia. His parents abandoned him at a very early age.

He began his interest in Socialism after traveling to Russia shortly after the February Revolution. Stelios had hope in the provisional Russian government of 1917 made up of various leftists including socialists. He liked that this intermediary government offered freedom of union and strikes, elimination of national class restrictions, and de-centralized democracy. The right-wing Bolshevik coup severely worried Stelios, as he saw the public get caught up in an impatient personality cult.

Stelios acknowledges and begrudgingly welcomes social darwinists into the party. But encourages those who only believe in "to each according to his ability", to consider a space between that and "to each according to his need". He doesn't think black and white thinking does any good.

He tirelessly advocates for /pol to be a paper medium, as computerized systems are too easily tampered with no evidence left.

As a Socialist, Stelios pushes for nationalization of all banks and mortgage companies in the 21st century as a start. He has detailed policies on welfare reform, and will defend the party's official policy of, "A substantial increase in spending in education, healthcare and basic services." He challenges right-wing socialists to consider what, increasing the spending in "basic services" means to them.