Lesley Goldstein
For Israel!
Tripcode  !!eM3Pn3DRh6G
Party Affiliation The Patriarchy
Status Active
smiley :) is a semi-troll who mysteriously emerged from the anonymous ether in the threads before the Cuckening of the National Socialists, long before the reign of Iggy the Tyrant.

Once thought by some to be an avatar of the ancient evil known as Goldstein, he did serve in the dark ones troll legion briefly following the Crappening.

The original smiley committed suicide after discovering the Illusive Man of Cerberus stepped down as Prime Minister. What returned a thread later was a smiley reborn. smiley claimed to be revived by the dark Jewish majicks of Goldstein.

Smiley has evolved throughout his time in /pol/ Parliament. His current incarnation is aligned with [The Patriarchy]. He's also decided to start roleplay fagging up threads because "fuck else is going on and shit is boring".


Member of the Legion of Darkness.

One of the Three Goldstein's during the Scourge of Three Goldsteins.

Aliases Edit

  • Smiley :) (!!/bUhHCOt6wU) - original ## trip
  • Not Bailey Jay (!!DpeufiaOOj5) - secondary
  • Lesley Goldstein, the Smiling :) Knight (!!eM3Pn3DRh6G) - current