SPQR is a political party in the Parliament of /pol/ that supports a return to the days of the Roman Republic.

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First and Foremost, SPQR wants to the the re-establishment of the greatest country known to man, Rome. At its height, Rome was the richest and most prosperous nation to ever grace this planet. The ingenuity of Rome's intellectuals and the production of resources were unmatched for 1500 years and it would take Europe just as long to reach the same level of wealth Rome's coffers had. Thus, to return Rome to its deserved greatness, SPQR demands the enactment of the following:

1. A new Roman Republic will be established using the borders from the height of the Roman Republic/Empire.

2. Because all nations are inferior in the face of the Golden Eagle, the rest of the known world shall be subjugated beneath Rome's might. All nations outside of Rome must offer a yearly patronage to the republic.

3. Roman law shall be reintroduced and work as the government's judicial arm and a representative Senate shall act as the governing body of the Republic.

4. Latin will become the official language of Rome. English, Greek, and the romance languages shall be accepted as regional de-jure languages. (Excludes French, see 16)    

If you were born within these boundaries or can claim to ancestors that were, then you can have full Roman citizenship.

5. Nations that have been birthed from Rome's existence shall become the state's vassals. Citizens who have proof of their Roman ancestry will be allowed to freely live within the Republic.    

6. Society will follow the traditional code of plebeians and patricians.    

7. National tax will be set at a flat rate of 15% for all citizens of the Republic.    

8. As a fulfillment of their responsibilities, all men of the plebeian are obligated to serve when called upon.    

9. Trade with others will only occur for the benefit of the nation.    

10. Immigrants that wish to live and work in our Republic will only do so as non-citizens.


Projected SPQR share of the House of Patricians by the first session of 2016

11. Roman Polytheism will be re-established as the state religion of the Republic and her territories. Heathens are to be tolerated, but they will be 'encouraged' to convert.

12. Gladiatorial Contests shall be reconstituted and strongly promoted not only in the Republic but across the world.

13. To ensure the security and survival of our Republic, everyone north of the river Danube and the river Rhine must be enslaved and integrated into Roman culture. Able-bodied men will be recruited into the military.

14.  Men of all ages must wear the Toga whenever possible. *with the exeption of the ancient province of Dacia.

15. Any religious heretics (anyone not of Roman Paganism) will be placed in the Coliseum to fight wild beasts from across the known world. This will continue until there are no more religious heretics.

16. Any person of French descent will be either enslaved or crucified. No exceptions.

Coalition Legislative ProposalsEdit

Party Priorities Edit

  • Refine the parties principles
  • Attract more members

Members Edit

Current Members:

  1. Odessos [SPQR] (!!+W1+dJfeIq)
  2. Marcus Aurelius [SPQR] (!6X4GA0MgZA)
  3. Dick Shorten [SPQR] (!hEpdoZ.tHU)
  4. Autismus Maximus [SPQR] (!!dAjKcCoMupM) 
  5. Ivstinianvs [SPQR] (!stg4tqyBXE)
  6. Marcus Valerius [SPQR] (!l5utCmUZVE)
  7. Cassius [SPQR] (!!K9tXyOcGoN3)
  8. Aussie Flying Ace [SPQR] (!!nU+3CY8arXW)
  9. august [SPQR] (!!3B6YlnYhJiV)
  10. Brutus [SPQR] (!!IwftAwy+BVS)
  11. Licinius Cato[SPQR] (!!CWW62kVLz/k)
  12. Cicero [SPQR] (!!F4Zi0nPjGfE)
  13. Ivnivs [SPQR] (!!RwkY2ar0XE+)
  14. Appius Fulvius Maro [SPQR] (!/yeuwC5vE)
  15. MAXIMVS [SPQR] (!!m5MmspkoSC1)
  16. Marcus Aurelius [SPQR] !!f7AZAqi0165
  17. Dereves [SPQR] !!ZAtnEuLTQng
  18. Legatus Lanius [SPQR] !!B7iK9JGTfCU
  19. Malum Lupus [SPQR] !!AVfkbH7JdE4

Inactive members (pls come back) Edit

Longius [SPQR] (!wOc8kMBzec)

Arthur_Saxon [SPQR] (!!4sVWUqA+k7B)

Decimus Tullius [SPQR] (!2yHa7WQ9gg)

merchantus maximus [SPQR]

Maximus Virtutem [SPQR] (!!O1DSk8Su9NQ)

Marcus Aurelius [SPQR] (!!czedVfpYAJl)

Positions of power Edit

Consul - Ivstinianvs

Leader of the party in parliament

Proconsul - Ivnivs

Deputy leader

Princeps Senatus -

Presidential candidate for the party

Legatus - Cassius

Chief Minister for Propaganda and Campaigning

Prime Frumentarii- Legatus Lanius

Members can apply for any position, but Dictator must have support from the majority of the party

All members are senators by right if none of the above members are present at the time of a vote, then the party will vote in accordance to it's current alliances as a default.

Communication Edit

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