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Important PagesEdit

Constitution - Polcode - Govt Bill Docket - Opposition Bill Docket - Archives

Current Seating of ParliamentEdit


Seating of Parliament as of post >>46517489

Political PartiesEdit


Major Parties of the Parliament of /pol/

Parties forming current Government in bold
Cerberus Galactic Empire
Libertarians National Socialists
The Patriarchy Reactionary Monarchists
The Socialist Alliance The Confederacy
SPQR Autistic Socialism
Satanic/Pagan Party Politically Incorrect Independence Party
Sanctum Islamic Party of Pol
List of Independent MPs

List of Affiliated Parliaments

Minor Parties of the Parliament of /pol/

Anarcho-Capitalist Party Christian Fascist Union United Melanin Front
Appalachian Freedom Party Socialist Workers Party /lgbt/ Alliance
Völkisch Movement Islamic Communism Discordian Nexus Universalis
Confederacy of United Nationalist Thinking Socialists Party For The Enforcement Of Rock Evolvers
Reformed National Socialists FOXHOUND Conan Nationalists

List of Historical/Inactive Parties

== Resources ==

Government Offices Edit

The Prime Minister's Office

Great Ministries of State


The Prime Minister's Office The Exchequer of the Politically Incorrect Board Security
  • Secret Service
The Chief Government Whip Foreign Affairs Education

  • Recruitment
Records Culture

Regular Weekly ScheduleEdit

Regular schedule for /pol/ Parliamentary session
Day Time Event
Sunday 12:00am - 11:59pm (EST) Roll Call
Monday 12:00am - 4:00am (EST) Parliamentary Session
Tuesday 4:00pm - 8:00pm (EST) Parliamentary Session
Wednesday 12:00am - 4:00am (EST) Parliamentary Session
Thursday 4:00pm - 8:00pm (EST) Parliamentary Session
Friday 12:00am - 4:00am (EST) Parliamentary Session
Saturday 4:00pm - 8:00pm (EST) Parliamentary Session

OP CopypastaEdit

/pol/ Parliament -- [Edition Type Goes here]

Welcome to /pol/ Parliament!

Parliament meets for sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at:
>00:00 (12:00am) EST , ending at 04:00 (4:00am) EST
>05:00 (5:00am) GMT, ending at 09:00 (9:00am) GMT
>15:00 (3:00pm) AEST, ending at 19:00 (7:00pm) AEST
>21:00 (9:00pm) PST, ending at 01:00 (1:00am) PST

Parliament meets for sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at:
>16:00 (4:00pm) EST, ending at 20:00 (8:00pm) EST
>21:00 (9:00pm) GMT, ending at  01:00 (1:00am) GMT
>07:00 (7:00am) AEST, ending at 11:00 (11:00am) AEST
>13:00 (1:00pm) PST, ending at 17:00 (5:00pm) PST

Parliament is in recess on Sundays.

Your Speaker(s) for today is/are: [Speaker's Name/Party Tag/Trip]

On today's agenda:

>[paraphrased bills/proposals go here]

>[paraphrased bills/proposals go here]
>[paraphrased bills/proposals go here]

How to Play:

>Choose a party, create your own, or stand as an Independent====
>Choose a name, tag your party, and create a secure tripcode:
>Your name field should look something like: Name [Party Tag] ##passwordofyourchoosing
>Congratulations! You're ready to go!

tl;dr Rules:

>Tripcodes should not be any variation of ##password or ##tripcode
>Tripcodes using any variation of the most popular passwords are not recommended
>Bills should be drafted and then proposed here:
>After a bill has been proposed by the Speaker there is a minimum of 30 minutes of discussion before voting begins

>All votes should happen in-thread and quote the initial proposal
>Simple legislation requires simple majority; constitutional amendments, impeachment, and no-confidence all require super majority
>Check in on Sundays for Roll Call

More detailed reading here: /Parliament_of_/pol/_Wiki


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