Broad Banner of the Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Politically Incorrect Board, also know as simply the Foreign Ministry, is the ministry tasked with reaching out to other boards and sites, establishing contacts and good relations.

Current Minister Edit

Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Illusive Man
Director of Cerberus
Illusive Man 1
"Cerberus is humanity"
Tripcode  !!nG9Zbkl3IIu
Party Affiliation Cerberus
Status Active
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
No Image
Party Affiliation Vacant
Status Active
Ambassador to the Mods
Götz von Berlichingen
Diplomatic Corps
No Image
"quote here"
Tripcode  !!ENJKyU61aqU
Party Affiliation National Socialist
Status Active

The Right Honourable Tripfag "Illusive Man !!nG9Zbkl3IIu" Director of Cerberus.

Ambassador to the Mods UpdatesEdit

Other Logos Edit


Long Banner of the Foreign Ministry

The Ministry's motto is 'Mari currere ad mare', which is Latin for 'To traverse from sea to sea'.


Logo of the Foreign Ministry

The logo consists of, among others, two lions, representing /pol/'s sturdiness and bravery, and four knots, representing good relations with other parts of the internet.

The colour used, light blue, represents calm.

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