About Lemonbeard:Edit

An independent on record as stating "I am Ind because I believe in thinking for myself, not because I'm undecided."[1]  He has stated that he leans Cerberus and is 'basically atheist'.[2] He is a USA MP with an irregular schedule largely due to his wage slavery.


1. Strong technocratic and meritocratic principles. Power should rest with those capable of making the best decisions possible, those who prove to be capable of this should be rewarded.

2. The best decisions possible are those which advance humankind's knowledge or humankind's technology or those which apply 'hard science' to reach as near as possible the correct answer. Decisions which have no direct impact on these criteria or are the realm of opinion should be handled in a manner which grants the greatest individual freedom without compromising the whole of society.

3. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to embrace luddism or any mindset derived from it.

4. Technology is the means by which humankind makes our lives easier or more fullfilled, as such any work that can reasonably be performed by a machine should be performed by a machine.

5. Following from point 4; it is undesirable for humankind to perform work which machines should be doing and it is also inevitable that as technology progresses there may not be enough work for all humans to work consistently. Those who are not working should be expanding their knowledge and skills, seeking opportunities to usefully contribute to humankind.

6. As for economics; economies which are based on objective units and/or social credits are preferrable to other systems. The economic measures in place must ensure minimum living standards which give individuals time to fullfil their duties outlined in point 5 without being so lavish as to disincentize them from pursuing their duties.

Voting HistoryEdit

"The Revised Anti--Degenerate Bill" NayEdit

Reason: Too meme.

"The Emergency Measures Bill" YeaEdit

"The King's Law Bill  Abstain" AbstainEdit

Reason: Language of the bill made it do basically nothing.

"Palestine for Palestinians Bill" YeaEdit

"The Gold Standard Bill" NayEdit

Reason: >Basing the whole of an economic system upon the subjective value of gold.