This page is for members of the Nazi-Cerberus-SPQR Alliance to propose our priorities once in power. Please include the names or party of the proposers for further discussion purposes.

National Socialist Member ProposalsEdit

Cerberus Member ProposalsEdit

  • Bantz Rememberance Day Act - Proposed by Illusive Man on 06/01/15
  • Palestine for Palestinians Act - Proposed by Illusive Man on 06/02/15
  • Ben Garrison Day Act - Proposed by Illusive Man on 06/03/15

SPQR Member ProposalsEdit

  • Instead of a President we have two Consuls, and a state of emergency can be enacted which will turn the Consuls into Dictators.

Dictators will be given special war time powers allowing executive action to replace that of the congress.

A valiant leader with courage and a proven record in battle against the barbarians will be the only one who can survive long in that position.

A corrupt or evil Dictator will not be appreciated by the patricians or the plebians.....(in other words we kill them metaphorically) - proposed by Aussie Flying Ace on 06/02/15

Joint Party ProposalsEdit

  • Ben Garrison Commemoration and Holiday Act - Full text here - Proposed by Cicero [SPQR] and amended by Illusive Man [Cerberus] on 6/3/15
  • The Democratic Integrity Act- The Government of /pol/ shall appoint a Chief of Police, a subordinate to the Minister of the Interior, and officially form a unit of agents to combat voter fraud, samefagging, and general degeneracy (the definition of which will be decided on in parliament) using whatever means necessary.- Proposed by Odysseus !!9X6FmVuK62o and cosponsored by Illusive Man [Cerberus - Director] !!nG9Zbkl3IIu on 6/05/15.

Outside Party Proposal RequestsEdit

Reserved for proposals from friendly parties not involved in the coalition, these proposals will be discussed but nothing is guaranteed. Member name AND party name must be included with proposal.