The Jewish New World Order is a religion and race of people lying in wait since 5000 B.C. Their greatest enemy is the Nazi, who is a feared hunter of the Jew. Jews are often bankers, lawyers or movie executives. Since June 11, 2015 the JNWO (with it's leader The One) has been a part of The Patriarchy, preforming all of it's religious ceremonies



If Elected Edit

If elected the Jews plan on:

  1. Lessen Mod power. We do love the Cuck Mods, but banning has become a way for the Nazis to LITERALLY cause a Second Holocaust by banning Jewish posters (Never Forget).
  2. Both Capitalism and Communism will eventually lead to the Jewish New World Order anyway.
  3. Drugs are cool, man.
  4. Goyim are free to do as they please. They need us.
  5. Die for Israel.
  6. Try anal. Just try it.
  7. No more Holocausts.

Becoming Jewish Edit

To become Jewish you will need to speak to a Rabbi. Rabbis are very old and powerful Jews who are able to make you Jewish by cutting your dick. But during this time of great turmoil we are now willing to make exceptions and will except anyone without having to cut your dick. Simply join the Jewish New World Order to get your JewCard.

בר תהל בא שהנשמ היEdit

[From the Jewish Talmud]

יצרתה נפחתה בי, ואתה משמרה בקרבי ואתה עתידאתה יי, המחזיר נשמות לפגרים מתי

Congratulations! If you are reading this than that means you've passed the initiation ritual and are now a Jew™!

ליטלה ממני ולהחזירה בי לעתיד לבא כל זמן שהנשמה בקרבי מודה אני לפניך, יי אלהי ולהי אבותי, רבון כל המעשים, אדון כל הנשמות. ברוך

First off just by being a Jew™, this instantly makes you better than non-Jews. This is because we Jews™ are the Chosen People™.

מודה אני לפניך, יי אלהי ולהי אבותי, רבון כל המעשים, אדון כל הנשמות. ברוך אתה יי, המחזיר נשמות לפגרים

Non-Jews are called Goyim, which means "cattle" or "sheep". Some will even hate you just for being Jewish™!

מתים‏היא אתה בראתה אתהל בא כל זמן שהנשמה בקרבי

These goyim are called Nazis and they are our sworn enemies.

אתה בראתה אתהל בא כל זאתה בראתה אתהל בא

Collect Shekels and advance to the next World!


  • The One (!!rc/HwcA5Jeo) [founder, leader]

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