Israel Goldstein
Goldstein 1

Tripcode  !!6fPF4C4qLJb
Party Affiliation The Patriarchy (for now)
Status Jewish

Israel Goldstein is the ancient Isreali god of mischief and an independent MP currently affiliated with The Patriarchy. All chaos within the parliament can be directly traced back to him and his machinations. He has slain many Nazis and destroyed many political careers in his ultimate quest for gold and lulz, and he will not rest until every National Socialist has been defeated. On that day he shall return to his rightful place as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Among his most notable feats inculude his impersonation of OP and using the position to have the Nazis officially declared Supreme Cucks, manipulating into power a high schooler tyrant who attempted to use his position to ban the Nazis, and his membership in the legendary Goldstein Fascist Party, that was able to gain an unprecedented 2nd place in parliament MP numbers.

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