1. Imperialist party hereby addhears to following values and beliefs

1.) Bring end to division on this planet by declaring humanity united into imperium of man, lead by soon to appear God-Emperor.

2.)Society needs to be re-organized to serve the Emperor, by creating inquisition to destroy our internal enemies, imperial cult to crate faith and conviction among masses towards emperor and our system. Also military needs to be put first, but military is required to be submissive towards imperial cult, and it`s traditions.

3.) Bringing end to degeneracy by hands of the holy inquisition,military and other imperial systems that will be put to place to destroy the undesirables of society.

4.)Re-creation of military-nobility, to rule over lands in name of emperor, whom are still going to be watched by Inquisition and the imperial cult.

5.)By all means, we seek to unite earth no matter the costs, and we also seek to abolish freedoms towards private property,free speech, and freedom of religion. Edit

List of members Edit

Founder, Eccliarch !CiyuEGVcHI