Iggy 1

Tripcode  !EDpC/DqZbo
Party Affiliation Libertarian
Status Inactive/Deposed

Iggy I the Tyrant is the former supreme leader of /pol/ before his widely celebrated impeachment due to his severe abuse of power, unforgivable autism and rampant douchebaggery.

He started as a normal 15 year old boy and member of the Libertarian Party who, through careful planning, quickly rose through the ranks of the Coalition government. Once the PM Illusive Man got sick of his new position he resigned, leaving his position of power to young Iggy. Iggy then transformed into the most dramatic little faggot in history once he got even a drop of fake power on a Bhutanese soap sculpure appraisal forum. Before his ass even warmed the hypothetical throne he set about to destroy his "enemies" in the National Socialist Party by banning their entire party. The free and open minded people of /pol/ did not take his attempt to subvert their liberty lightly, and rapidly organized a multipartisan vote for impeachment.

As to be expected from a high schooler, he did not take this completely constitutional firing well and has thrown many tantrums since his impeachemnt. Prophecy claims he will return on the promised day to reclaim his throne, leading an army of trolls, god help us all when that day comes.

In modern times, Ignatius likely participates in parliament via samefagging. Some theorize that Patriarchy party leader Bamsay Rolton is actually the supreme leader himself, due to his antagonistic, belligerent manner and cooperation with known jew shill and cucker of men, Goldstein.


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