This party is a work in progress and is currently inacitve. We will have strict membership policies.


The name Renaissance symbolizes a rebirth of /pol/ from the cancerous land it has become. We advocate for a /pol/ that is actually used for discussion of politics and current events instead of threads like "cuck thread" or "is cheese degenerate". Ultimately we want to expand the /pol/ internet presence so the internet has a place to discuss politics that don't fit into the SJW worldview.

Party Membership PoliciesEdit

  • Secure salts (##) tripcode required
  • All members start on a probation period of 48 hours to measure activity level, that way we avoid having an abundance of inactive members.

Membership RosterEdit

  • Illusive Man !!nG9Zbkl3IIu
  • Atlee !!IkPKrPR3zZj
  • TacticalDrop !!jORkBuWfdyy

Chain of CommandEdit

Party PlatformEdit

Constitutional Policies

  • Push for a 260 member upper house made up of 4chan /pol/ tripfags
  • Maintain tradition of calling the upper house the Patriarchy and the lower house the House of Plebes
  • Permanent banning of parties or philosophies should be forbidden in the Constitution

Technology Policies

  • We strongly advocate for Colonization of the Moon and Ceres, in order to expand the reach of humanity
  • Build a network of maglev vac trains to connect all the major cities of the world
  • Promote gene manipulation to create stronger and smarter people
  • Faster than light travel and AIs will be a government research priority

Social Policies

  • We advocate for a healthy lifestyle for all members of 4chan and normies alike, all should aspire to become /fit/ (minus the homosexuality)

Internet Policies

  • We strongly support net neutrality and oppose any attempts to restrict the internet
  • We oppose Internet censorship laws passed in nations like the UK and Australia, the internet should be available for discussion of every topic regardless of political correctness or offensiveness

Government and Political Policies

  • We are against the continuation of the two-party system in American politics