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The Galactic Empire is a political party founded by Chizuru.


  • Unify the entire human race in the galaxy
  • Undesireables are not persecuted but extreme behavior is discouraged
  • Strong government under a benevolent Kaiser
  • Emphasis on building and maintaining a superior military.
  • Flat tax across all of Earth, and eventually any colonized planet
  • Religion while not encouraged isn't persecuted. No state religion.


  • Chizuru (!WTCSDibeOo) - Party Leader
  • Grand Admiral Trayvon (!!5Kkz0CSD3pw)
  • Captain James Cleverly (!!rcLUYFQ2lh0)
  • Boner Master (!!27NV2wuwodK)
  • Senator Kallumas (!!CjpE5F5bV9P)
  • General Seraphim (!!QsQo4AkWUBP)
  • Admiral Phantom (!!HJIUe4mwDba)