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We will close the entry of flags at 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT) on Tuesday the 9th of June 2015.

We will then vote on the flags in the thread by means of a two round vote.

It is not allowed for an MP to enter two or more flags. Flags with no name of the creator in the description will be ignored.



Entries Edit


Minister of Intelligence, Rudi Schattler [NatSoc] !!hKNC4jsBKV6


Odysseus [NatSoc] !!9X6FmVuK62o


Leumas De'Burgo !Xqpe0W5jbs


Baron von Lebensraum [Indepenbantz] !!lfNPuUwgTed


Made by Boggie [Reactionary Monarchist] !OtHIcnNdNI / Cross represents tradition, the eagle represents strength, the fascis represent sovereignty, the star represents unity. White stands for purity, black for our ancestors who fought for us and red stands for blood that was spilled to defend our freedom

[[File:Pol flag beta 2.png|thumb|220x220px|Made by X, ex-1st Deputy Speaker [NatSoc] !!0/KaZpYmMG/]]


Made by Atlee !!IkPKrPR3zZj of the Cerberus Party.

Possible flag2

The world will be ours -Talos


Made by Adolf Eichmann [Libertarian] !!Ho8YFUnx18C / The white half of the flag represents the purity and goodness of the efforts of /pol in the face of censorship and bullshit on the internet; the black represents the struggle and revolution to achieve this purity; the red shield signifies the blood shed on both sides in our efforts to redpill the Internet and the world at large; the golden star represents the solidarity of /pol/ to form one single political entity to represent ourselves in the world; lastly, the green laurels represent the ultimate goodness of /pol/ and our hopes to spread our message across the Internet