Constitutional Convention Transcript Day TwoEdit

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Oh, look at my typos reign supreme.Catharsis [Libertarian]10:56 AM
I hadn't realized there was a typo earlier.Catharsis [Libertarian]10:56 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:07 AMoh well...
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:07 AMwe're gonna have to live with it
Have you got the stream set up yet?Catharsis [Libertarian]11:07 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:08 AMit's like last time...i only have to start it
Well, we've got more than an hour until Go Time.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:08 AM
Have you checked in for roll call yet?Catharsis [Libertarian]11:08 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:08 AMwhere? [Libertarian]11:08 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:08 AMthanks, almost forgot :))
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:11 AMso we're going to finish that constitution
tonight ah?
I don't think so.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:12 AM
A lot more to do.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:12 AM
You'll want to delete that last post btw.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:12 AM
You forgot your ## infront of the pass.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:12 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:12 AMchanged the pass
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:13 AMit was to long anyway
That'll work too.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:13 AM
My first one was something like: ##niggasidon'tknowwhatI'mdoingCatharsis
[Libertarian]11:14 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:14 AMkek
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Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:27 AMtesting
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:27 AM1
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:27 AM2
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:27 AM3
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He does know we don't start for a half hour, right?Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:28 AM
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]11:28 AMI do
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:28 AMshut up guys, i know what i'm doing!
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I meant Bamsay.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:30 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:30 AMohhhh
Bamsay Rolton11:30 AMwhat?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:30 AMmakes sense now
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:31 AMbamsay you are hereby sentenced to death by burning
I was expressing exasperation with your impatience.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:31 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:31 AMkek
Bamsay Rolton11:31 AMah, okay
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]11:31 AMRolton, you forgot to put [The
Patriarchy] in your name
Bamsay Rolton11:31 AMalright, I'll go do that
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I'll go start a new thread with the new OP then email anyone I haven't
emailed yet.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:33 AM
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Odessos11:35 AMSalve
Odessos11:35 AMOops, the tag
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Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:35 AMlel
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Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:35 AMnow we're talking
I hope I don't delay this by being a derp.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:36 AM
[Libertarian]11:43 AM
There, emails sent.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:49 AM
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GermanicUltra11:49 AMLets do some reformin'!
Party name behind yours if you can, Germ.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:49 AM
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GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:50 AMhere we go
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Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]11:54 AMIs the anti-clusterfuck rule still
in effect? If so, does that mean the parties with less than three on the
roll call are going to be disbanded?
Eh, all that means is they have to recruit some more.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:55 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:55 AMWell, no parties will be
disbanded now I think
They'll just be listed on the parliament graphic as
Independents.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:55 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:55 AMSince this isn't an official
parliament session
We're just trying to see how many people we have.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:55 AM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]11:55 AMIt's slim pickings for recruits
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:55 AMjust an intermediary thread
with convention
It's because we're not doing much of anything.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:55 AM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]11:55 AMnot really any newcomers
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:55 AMYeah
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:56 AMWe'll have newcomers in the
actual election thread
Palmerston [RMP]11:56 AMHad a lot of people lose interest as well
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:56 AMWell, yeah that happens
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:56 AMWe're kind of the clique
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:56 AMstream is on
Noted.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:57 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:57 AMBut we'll get fresh recruits in
actual election threads, I'm sure of it
Palmerston [RMP]11:58 AMOh yeah, definitely.
And once we start doing regular sessions.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:58 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:58 AMwe need some dank publicity too
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:58 AMYeah
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]11:58 AMwe should do some sort of
initiative, though
We figured out a workable schedule (we think) yesterday.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:58 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:58 AMYeah we need someone to make
epic posters
But what we really need to do is get out of this epic freeze.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:58 AM
And to do that we have to finish the constitution.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:58 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:58 AMyup
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:58 AMYeah.
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... And the next convention isn't scheduled until Friday.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:58 AM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:58 AMyeah, let's finish that constitution today and
we'll be set
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:59 AMAre we going to vote on the
constitution put forward by Lovecraft?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]11:59 AMWhatup
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:59 AMHey illusive
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]11:59 AMayy
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]11:59 AMave
Are we going to wait on Lovecraft or elect new
Chairs/secretaries?Catharsis [Libertarian]11:59 AM
Palmerston [RMP]11:59 AMLovecraft will be here shortly
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:59 AMOk nice
We'll wait on Lovecraft then.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:59 AM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]11:59 AMSounds good
We discussed most of what he'd put on the docket last time.Catharsis
[Libertarian]11:59 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:59 AMOkay
This time is only meant ot last an hour, so.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:59 AM
We won't get as much done.Catharsis [Libertarian]11:59 AM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]11:59 AMSo how much has to be done now?
Do we have any volunteers for secretary?Catharsis [Libertarian]11:59 AM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:00 PMSchedule is most important
^Catharsis [Libertarian]12:00 PM
I think the replacement delegates is just going to be a
no-brainer.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:00 PM
Half the people here are replacements.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:00 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:00 PMTrue
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But we might as well get it out of the way as soon as possible.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:00 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:00 PMHello
Che!Catharsis [Libertarian]12:00 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:00 PMWelcome Che
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:00 PMHello
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:00 PMGlad I could make it this time
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:00 PMHave you pitched a monday parliament yet Cat?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:00 PM10$ che is going off again =)))
Lovecraft [RMP] joined is
what I've got for the agenda.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:00 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:01 PMAlso anyone who hasn't posted in the
thread yet needs to
Lovecraft [RMP]12:01 PMsorry im late
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:01 PMIll go post
Oh, I forgot to tact on the bit about rollcall.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:01 PM
Oh well.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:01 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:02 PMHey do any of you know where my
beloved part leader Zyklon is?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:02 PMI haven't a clue
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:02 PMI think the current roll call system
works and should be maintained like we have it
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:02 PMjust a tip, if you want to clean
up the left side of your screen, you can drag the box out and get rid of
the overlapping text
I meant the scheduling bit @ IllusiveCatharsis [Libertarian]12:02 PM
We start in Sunday in +12 UTC or whatever.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:02 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:03 PMOk thanks
And end in 11:59pm on the other side of that dateline there.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:03 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:03 PMBut I am on phone
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:03 PMStill trying to figure out how this works
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:03 PMbut who was phone?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:03 PMok are we ready for the start?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:03 PMYep
Who wants to volunteer as secretary?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:04 PM
And keep track of all the things?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:04 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:04 PMI'm bad at that shit, so not me
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:05 PMNot exactly the most appealing of jobs
Lovecraft [RMP]12:05 PMI can be secretary, but i warn you that i will
ask for fastidious clarification of every decision
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:05 PMNot me, can't really dictate on my phone
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:05 PMLovecraft for Secretary
I thought you were still chair Lovecraft. :oCatharsis [Libertarian]12:05 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:05 PMSecond
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:05 PMLovecraft for Secreatry
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:05 PM^
Lovecraft [RMP]12:05 PMI was vice-chair on friday
So we'll need a new chair.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:05 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:06 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:06 PMwho wants to be chair now?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:06 PMKek
Uh.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:06 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:06 PMLike that poll
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:06 PMYeah Lovecraft can be secretary
Odessos[SPQR]12:06 PMExplain the requirements of both roles so that all
of us can know if they are up to task
kek the pollCatharsis [Libertarian]12:06 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:06 PMThat^
Chair is essentially to keep us on task.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:07 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:07 PMIll do it
Secretary keeps note of everything we do so we don't have to dig through
a transcript to find it.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:07 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:07 PMi believe the role of the Chair is to organize
discussion, bring motions to a vote
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:07 PMYeah
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:07 PMI nominate Illusive Man for chair
Lovecraft [RMP]12:07 PMproposals
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:07 PM^ @ El Che
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:07 PMI'll be vice chair, I have no life
kekCatharsis [Libertarian]12:07 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:08 PMperfect
I guess I'll try to chairchair then.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:08 PM
Insted of vicechairCatharsis [Libertarian]12:08 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:08 PMNot that difficult when you put it like that.
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:08 PMChair: Catharsis
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:08 PMWho was chair before?
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:08 PMVice Chair: Illusive Man
Ted, he can't make it today.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:08 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:08 PMSecretary: Lovecraft
Lovecraft [RMP]12:08 PMany objections to Chair: Catharsis, Vice Chair:
Illusive, Secretary: Lovecraft?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:08 PMnay
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:08 PMnope
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:08 PMofc not
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:08 PMdream team right there
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:09 PMNo objections
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:09 PMnope
Odessos[SPQR]12:09 PMnone
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:09 PMCarry on with business
Alright, the first order of business is essentially a no brainer: is
everyone okay with parties selecting replacement delegates when the
original ones can't make it?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:09 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:09 PMI have an objection: That you even
thought someone might object
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:09 PMyea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:09 PMyay to law
Odessos[SPQR]12:09 PMaye
Palmerston [RMP]12:09 PMMost of us are replacements, right?
We'll go right to ayes/naysCatharsis [Libertarian]12:09 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:09 PMjust double-checking before recording in the miuntes
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:09 PMYea
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:09 PMYea
Palmerston [RMP]12:09 PMAye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:09 PMaye
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:09 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:09 PMaye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:09 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:09 PMyea
Looks like that was unanimous, so, next order of business: the
schedule.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:10 PM
We'll start with the sessions themselves.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:10 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:10 PMalrighty
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:10 PMYou have the proposal Cat?
Over the last couple days I've kept a series of straw polls running,
which you can review the results of here:
[Libertarian]12:10 PM
After reviewing the data yesterday with Illusive Man, Roughneck, and a
few others we came to a consensus as follows:Catharsis [Libertarian]12:11 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:11 PMLooks like the best European
time is between 6:00 and 10:00 pm GMT
-Sundays: Roll CallRecruitment WEST COASt/AUSTRALIA: 12:00am EST -
4:00am EST//9:00pm PST - 1:00am PST// 3:00pm AEST - 7:00pm AEST eASt
COAST: EUROPE 3:00pm EST - 7:00pm EST//8:00pm GMT - 12:00am GMT
-Mondays: West Coast North America/Australia -Tuesdays: Europe/East
Coast North America -Wednesdays: West Coast NA /Australia Thursdays:
Europe/East Coast NA Fridays: West Coast NA/ Australia Saturdays:
EuropeEast Coast NACatharsis [Libertarian]12:11 PM
And, we'll open the floor to discussion, now:Catharsis [Libertarian]12:11 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:11 PMLooks good to me
Lovecraft [RMP]12:12 PMwhat is this exactly, catharsis?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:12 PMtimes/days for weekly roll-call?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:12 PM3:00 pm EST is best for Europe
A session schedule.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:12 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:12 PMThat's in the evening
The sunday was just set aside as roll call.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:12 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:12 PMI think 8pm and 8 am GMT are the best, 12 hours
apart and satisfying for the largest amount of people.
/recessCatharsis [Libertarian]12:12 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:12 PMI have nothing to discuss since I already
agreed with it
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:12 PMWhen most people are back from
either work or study
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:12 PMYeah agreed with odessos there
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:12 PM12 hours apart
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:13 PM^
Odessos[SPQR]12:13 PMIndependant representetive Vidurfi is requesting an
e-mail to join
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:13 PMI have no objection since Talos isn't here
Since we don't have an independent in here, I guess I'll go hook him up
with an email .Catharsis [Libertarian]12:13 PM
Palmerston [RMP]12:13 PMDo we have any other independents? They need
representation too.
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:13 PMI agree with 8 and 8
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:13 PMGMT
IM would you elaborate on why we decided on that schedule?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:13 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:13 PMTalos and new guy
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:13 PMBTW, can Flämisch Nationalist
join the chat?
While I do that.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:13 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:13 PMZyklon is nowhere
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:14 PMI'll tell him to send an email
Lovecraft [RMP]12:14 PMso the suggestion is that the parliament have
bi-daily sessions at 8am and 8pm GMT?
Odessos[SPQR]12:14 PMAs long as we keep the delegates no more than 2 per
party, any are fine to be replacements.
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:14 PMyes
I'm personally against two sessions 12 hours apart.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:14 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:14 PMNoice
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:14 PMyes
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:14 PMwhy is that?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:14 PMwhy is that?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:14 PMkek
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El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:15 PMGreat minds think alike
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:15 PMWhy?
Before we voted against two daily sessions, and we did it for a
reason.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:15 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:15 PMwhat reason
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:15 PMto have bigger threads
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:15 PMBut that can be very inefficient
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:16 PMPhone is crap, good thing I'm not secretary
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:16 PMA lot of people leaving at a
certain point
Lovecraft [RMP]12:16 PMthe difficulty is in accomodating different
time-zones; if we have only one sesssion, whoever isn't awake then
misses outl
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:16 PMTo be honest
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:16 PMMeans the threads lose an
enourmous amount of intereast
Lovecraft [RMP]12:16 PMif we have two sessions, we have essentially
created two parliaments
That's why we chose alternating sessions during our last
convention.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:16 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:16 PMwhich may pass contradictory legislation
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:16 PMehh, good point
Which is what that schedule does.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:16 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:16 PMHaving two threads would pretty much
be one America and Europe thread and one Australia thread
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:17 PMwell how many aussie are here
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:17 PMcan we bring the proposal to a
vote now?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:17 PM2?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:17 PMYeah, the schedule has one session a day
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:17 PMSure
Lovecraft [RMP]12:17 PMwe could make the session longer,
MWF: WEST COAStAUSTRALIA: 12:00am EST - 4:00am EST//9:00pm PST - 1:00am
PST/ 3:00pm AEST - 7:00pm AESTCatharsis [Libertarian]12:17 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:17 PMthey were the smallest group to
answer the strawpoll
Lovecraft [RMP]12:17 PMbut people already get exhausted with 3-hour sessions
TTS: eASt COAST: EUROPE 3:00pm EST - 7:00pm EST8:00pm GMT - 12:00am
GMTCatharsis [Libertarian]12:17 PM
That would be an AmericaAustralia session and an AmericaEurope
session.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:17 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:17 PMGood plan
If you review the strawpolls you'll see that one of the favored american
times is 3pm EST.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:17 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:18 PMTo accomodate west and east coasts
While for more than half the country that's noon and too early.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:18 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:18 PMand that's also a handy
European tme
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:18 PMFlämische sent an email for pass
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:18 PMSo 8 works for yuros
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:18 PMCould you please accept him :3
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:18 PM5 PM EST is the most favored US
time zone, right?
Right, let me get on that.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:18 PM
Palmerston [RMP]12:18 PMYeah, the only group that time really
inconveniences is the Australians.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:18 PMYep 8 works
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:19 PM8 GMT you mean?
Roughneck, an Australian, said he could do that.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:19 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:19 PMBut we have the west coast schedule for that
I don't know if we have any more in here who can say whether or not the
schedule works for them.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:19 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:19 PMFor Aussies
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:19 PMI'm in LA, 5 PM EST works fine with me
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:19 PMThat's 10 pm GMT
The AUS sessions: MWF: WEST COAStAUSTRALIA: 12:00am EST - 4:00am
EST/9:00pm PST - 1:00am PST 3:00pm AEST - 7:00pm AESTCatharsis
[Libertarian]12:19 PM
Palmerston [RMP]12:19 PMI'm in New Zealand, but that puts me 2+ hours
ahead of them.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:19 PMWorks fine for continental
euros as well
So that'd be... 5pm your time?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:20 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:20 PMI'd say 10pm is a bit late for euros, but I am
speaking for myself as a +2GMT
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:20 PM+2 here too
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:20 PMWell, okay
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:21 PMI'm kind of a evening person
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:21 PMlet's bring the proposal to a
vote, we need to move on if we're to keep on schedule
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:21 PM9 GMT is that still possible
for the other Euros?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:21 PMYeah we have a suprising number of people
from the Bulgaria, Romania timezone
The Europe Sessions are: eASt COAST: EUROPE 3:00pm EST - 7:00pm
EST8:00pm GMT - 12:00am GMTCatharsis [Libertarian]12:21 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:21 PMyeah
Odessos[SPQR]12:22 PMI'd be all right with 9pm GMT
Just to make sure we're all on the same page.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:22 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:22 PMaye to 9pm GMT
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:22 PMAye to 9pm GMT
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:22 PMOkay, so any other schedule issues?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:22 PMaye to 9pm GMT
Palmerston [RMP]12:22 PMAye
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:22 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:22 PMAye
So 4pm EST - 8pm EST or 9GMT to 1am GMT?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:22 PM
Those should be the same unless I've fucked my math up.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:23 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:23 PMAye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:23 PMthat's good
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:23 PMaye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:23 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:23 PMthat's right
Lovecraft [RMP]12:23 PMquestion: under the two-session system, are MPs
permitted to participate in both sessions, if they are willing to be
awake/present for both?
Of course.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:23 PM
At least that was my thoguht.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:23 PM
Yaro joined
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:23 PMI'd hope so
What does everyone else think?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:23 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:23 PMi assumed they would be, because its impossible
to prevent them probably,
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:24 PMIt would be unconstitutional otherwise
Lovecraft [RMP]12:24 PMbut that should be explicated in the final
wording of the draft
Odessos[SPQR]12:24 PMWhen I think about it, alterating sessions+2 on
weekends might be best
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:24 PMYeah
Alright, let's confirm EAST COAST/EUROPE:Catharsis [Libertarian]12:24 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:24 PMHey yaro, did you post in the thread?
Palmerston [RMP]12:24 PMIf you could only participate in one session,
we'd effectively be creating two parliaments.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:24 PMIt's one parliament after all
TTS: eASt COAST: EUROPE 4:00pm EST - 8:00pm EST9:00pm GMT - 1:00am
GMTCatharsis [Libertarian]12:24 PM
YAY or NAY?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:24 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:24 PM"Parliament shall make no law
respecting an establishment of rare pepes, or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of feels, or of the press; or
the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
Government for a redress of grievances"
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:24 PMyay
Odessos[SPQR]12:24 PMyay
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:24 PMYEA
Lovecraft [RMP]12:24 PMyea
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:24 PMYAY!!!
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:24 PMy
Palmerston [RMP]12:24 PMYay
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:24 PMYEA
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:24 PMyea
Alright, do we need any discussion about West Coast/Australia, or should
we vote on that now?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:25 PM
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:25 PMvote
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:25 PMRoughneck?
I'l lrepost the times: WEST COAStAUSTRALIA: 12:00am EST - 4:00am
EST//9:00pm PST - 1:00am PST/ 3:00pm AEST - 7:00pm AESTCatharsis
[Libertarian]12:25 PM
Yaro12:25 PMIf you're available for the time at both timezones, I think
you should be able to participate as much as you want. The different
timezones aren't there to divide the house, it's to make sure everybody
is able to participate
That's MWFCatharsis [Libertarian]12:25 PM
Also, sorry about the delay for getting these emails out.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:25 PM
Alright, Votes on MWF: WEST COAStAUSTRALIA: 12:00am EST - 4:00am
EST//9:00pm PST - 1:00am PST/ 3:00pm AEST - 7:00pm AESTCatharsis
[Libertarian]12:26 PM
Yay /Nay?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:26 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:26 PMYeah, Flämische is still
waiting for one
Yaro12:26 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:26 PMAye for Aus time
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:26 PMabstain
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:26 PMaye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:26 PMaye
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:26 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:26 PMyea
Odessos[SPQR]12:26 PMyay
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:26 PMYea
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:26 PMAny issues we can quickly amend on Friday
Lovecraft do we need any further clarification on this part of the
schedule?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:27 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:27 PMYuppers
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:27 PMSince we have 5 days to discuss them
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:27 PMnext?
Yaro12:27 PMIs the government still frozen this week? Is Friday when we
come back?
Vidurfi [Independent] joined
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:27 PMIt shouldn't be
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:27 PMI think so yeah
Lovecraft [RMP]12:27 PMi think ive got it
We haven't gotten to that part yet, tbh.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:27 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:27 PMlet's move on
Ah you guys got Vid in here.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:27 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]12:27 PMHai. What did I miss?
Odessos[SPQR]12:27 PMWelcome Vidurfi
My email is still being a cunt.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:27 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:27 PMwelcome
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:27 PMtime zones
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:27 PMHey V
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:27 PMWelcome Vidurfi
Vidurfi [Independent]12:28 PMNP. I'M just eager as fuck.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:28 PMlet's get to the next problem
Alright, Next Order of Business: How long does Government last? Or: how
long is a term for Parliament/PM?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:28 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:28 PMV Hungary is same timezone as Bulgaria right?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:28 PM1 week
Lovecraft [RMP]12:28 PMbarring any objections, i shall record the right
of MPs to participate in both sessions as part of the motions passed
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:28 PMyeah
Odessos[SPQR]12:28 PMHungary is +1 GMT
Vidurfi [Independent]12:28 PMI think so, Illusive.
Vidurfi [Independent]12:28 PMyeah, its CEST.
I don't believe we have any objections.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:28 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:28 PMno objections
Odessos[SPQR]12:29 PMno objections
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:29 PMno objections
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:29 PMTo a week? Mo
Vidurfi [Independent]12:29 PMno objections
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:29 PMnope
Palmerston [RMP]12:29 PM1 week sounds good.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:29 PM*No
My suggestion was a month, since that's the equivalent of a four year
term in internet-time.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:29 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:29 PMNo objecterino
For government.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:29 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:29 PMhow long then illusive?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:29 PMyeah, a month sounds good
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:29 PM1 month is in orger
Vidurfi [Independent]12:29 PMA month, yeah.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:29 PMorder
Odessos[SPQR]12:29 PMI'd think 2 weeks.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:29 PMI said I have no objections
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:29 PMtwo weeks is too short
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:29 PMno a month is way to long man
Lovecraft [RMP]12:29 PMif we have roll-call weekly,
Yaro12:29 PMOne month, with the ability to recall the MP with a 2/3 vote
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:29 PMpeople would lose interest
Lovecraft [RMP]12:29 PMthis will affect the makeup of parliament every week,
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:29 PMActually
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:30 PMYeah we should at least have a
role call weekly
Yaro12:30 PMwe don't want our sessions to be primarily about campaigning
and running for PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:30 PMwhich may affect the ability of government to
maintain a majority
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:30 PMI think 2 weeks would be good
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:30 PMKeeps it fresh
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:30 PMI can settle for that
Palmerston [RMP]12:30 PMLovecraft raises a good point
Yaro12:30 PMI could see two weeks
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:30 PM2 weeks is good
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:30 PMmeet in the middle, 3 weeks?
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:30 PMIs there a term limit?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:30 PMno
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:30 PM2 weeks is fine
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:30 PM2 weeks
Lovecraft [RMP]12:30 PMi agree that 2 weeks is a good compromise, not
too short or too long
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:30 PM1 or 2 weeks is optimal to keep people
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:30 PMin parliamentary systems
there's never a term limit
Vidurfi [Independent]12:30 PM3 weeks? I'm supporting that.
Palmerston [RMP]12:30 PMRoll-call is essentially an election in itself.
Lovecraft [RMP]12:30 PM^
Well, barring a change in majority, what's our term? We'll go with
multichoice: 1: a week, 2: a fortnight, 3: three weeks, 4: four weeks,
5: otherCatharsis [Libertarian]12:30 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:30 PMAll right, it's going to be 2 or 3 weeks.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:31 PM2 weeks
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:31 PM2
Then we can discuss further from there.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:31 PM
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:31 PM2
Lovecraft [RMP]12:31 PM2
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:31 PM3
Yaro12:31 PM2 weeks works for me
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:31 PM2 weeks
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:31 PMon a friday?
Vidurfi [Independent]12:31 PM3
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:31 PM2
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:31 PMor saturday?
Odessos[SPQR]12:31 PM2
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:31 PMor a sunday?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:31 PMstfu and vote
Palmerston [RMP]12:31 PM2
That's 7 for a 2 week term.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:31 PM
Roll calls are Sunday.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:31 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:31 PM2 weeks i already voted
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:31 PMIf we go with two weeks, we should
convene twice per week
Or they're recess. Whatever you want to go with.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:31 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:31 PMoh sorry
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:32 PMsunday, nice
Lovecraft [RMP]12:32 PMdo I count 9 votes for 2, 2 votes for 3?
Barring any major changes in majority a government term will last two
weeks.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:32 PM
Yay or Nay.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:32 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:32 PMYay
Lovecraft [RMP]12:32 PMyea
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:32 PMYay
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:32 PMyae
Palmerston [RMP]12:32 PMYay
Vidurfi [Independent]12:32 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:32 PMyay
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:32 PMnay
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:32 PMYea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:32 PM1 nay 8 yay
Germ go ahead and get your boy in here, my email is being stupidly
stupid.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:33 PM
Passed then. Any other considerations we need for government terms @
Lovecraft?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:33 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:33 PMokay wait a sec
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:33 PMI motion that we have a Monday parliament
filling session
Yaro12:34 PMHave we made mention of the Supreme Court yet?
We'll do that Friday @ YaroCatharsis [Libertarian]12:34 PM
Yaro12:34 PMkk
We don't have the time to get into it today.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:34 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:34 PMnext proposal?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:34 PMwhy monday?
Let's talk rollcall scheduling before we talk elections.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:34 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:34 PMBy any measure we are way below 200 or
125 or whatever number you want the Patriarchy to be
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:34 PMTomorrow
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:34 PMSunday then
Roll Call should be VALID so long as it's Sunday in any part of the
world: Discuss.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:35 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:35 PM24 hour
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:35 PMAny objections?
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc] joined
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:35 PMnope
Lovecraft [RMP]12:35 PMthe only concerns which may arise as a result of
this motion relate to the Lower House, so for the moment I have nothing
to raise,
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:35 PMNo
Vidurfi [Independent]12:35 PMNope.
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:35 PMno
Lovecraft [RMP]12:35 PMbut we will probably have to return to this when
we being discussion of the lower hosue
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:35 PMAlright
Lovecraft [RMP]12:35 PMbegin*
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:35 PMcorrect @lovecraft
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:35 PMQuestion
Palmerston [RMP]12:35 PMno objection
Lovecraft [RMP]12:35 PMno objection
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:35 PMWe'll worry about that when it happens
Guys, can we table elections or parliament filling for now?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:35 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:35 PMyeah
Palmerston [RMP]12:35 PMConcerning elections, what day of the week do we
hold them on?
it threatens to drag up issues we don't quite have time for
today.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:35 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:36 PMsundays def
We'll talk election schedules in a bit.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:36 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:36 PMWould a person have to respond when
it's sunday their time or just sunday any time?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:36 PMSundays
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:36 PManytime in the weekend
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:36 PMsunday any time i think
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:36 PMwho does anything on a sunday
Vidurfi [Independent]12:36 PMweekend. friday or saturday.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:36 PMWell if we do nothing for a week we will
have all of 5 involved people by friday
Okay, let me repost: Roll Call should be Valid so LONG as it is SUNDAY
in ANY part of the world: discuss.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:36 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:36 PMonly poorfags who have to work
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:36 PMgo to church heathen
Vidurfi [Independent]12:36 PMsundays usually people go sleep early.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:36 PMkek
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:36 PMOkay I have no objection then
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:37 PMI vote in church for NatSoc
Vidurfi [Independent]12:37 PMthat's okay, Catharsis
Lovecraft [RMP]12:37 PMI suggest that the roll-call should be open for a
24 hour period, but begin at a set time globally,
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:37 PMYeah seconded
Palmerston [RMP]12:37 PMAgreed
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:37 PM24 hours here
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:37 PMagreed
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:37 PMAgreed
Yaro12:37 PMI think that's practical. Sounds a little better than 24
hours from one timezone.
Vidurfi [Independent]12:37 PMagreed
So, at what set time, globally, woud you suggest @ LovecraftCatharsis
[Libertarian]12:37 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:37 PMSo long as it's sunday anywhere, aye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:37 PMIn a 24 hour period everyone should be
able to jump on 4chan and shitpost in the thread once
Or are we agreeing with my proposal?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:37 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:38 PMshould the opening time be Sunday 12:00AM GMT,
close Monday 12:00 AM GMT?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:38 PMEST
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:38 PMMidnight
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:38 PMmidnight EST
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:38 PMAs long as it's sunday somewhere in
the world I think
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:38 PMright @love
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:38 PMWe are in the middle so it works best
Vidurfi [Independent]12:38 PMGMT 0 to GMT 24 maybe?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:38 PM@lovecraft I think so
Yaro12:38 PMSo if it does last for 24 hours, it'll start at midnight EST?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:38 PMyeah
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:38 PMYes
Okay: 24 hour period starting at 12:00am EST or Any Time so long as
SundayCatharsis [Libertarian]12:38 PM
1 or 2Catharsis [Libertarian]12:39 PM
Yaro12:39 PMI've got no major objections to either that or a "sunday
anywhere" policy
Palmerston [RMP]12:39 PM1
Yaro12:39 PM1
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:39 PM1
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:39 PM1
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:39 PM1
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:39 PM1
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:39 PM1
Vidurfi [Independent]12:39 PM1
Lovecraft [RMP]12:39 PM1
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:39 PM1
Odessos[SPQR]12:39 PM1
We're unanimous by the looks of things, then.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:39 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:39 PMwhat do we have next on the table?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:39 PMRevisit Deputy Prime Minster vs
Chancellor of the Exchequer
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:40 PMOr whatever that implies
We could talk elections now if you guys want to stick with scheduling
talk.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:40 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:40 PMhow the fuck is exchequer pronounced?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:40 PMEcks-checker
Odessos[SPQR]12:40 PMDon't even try
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:40 PMex che kwer
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:40 PMEx-Che-Queer
Lovecraft [RMP]12:40 PMive always pronounced t "Ex-Check-Er"
Vidurfi [Independent]12:40 PMyou won't have to say it any time in your
life, probably.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:40 PMyou're mums a queer
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:40 PMHey 20 minutes left guys lets go
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:40 PM:DDDD
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:40 PMokay
Okay, let's talk about scheduling for the rest of the
convention.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:41 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMFugg :DD and ok
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:41 PMUnless we want to extend a half hour?
Government has been frozen for a handful of days now, and we've already
seen a decline in activity.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:41 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMwe might need to
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:41 PMsupport extension
Lovecraft [RMP]12:41 PMi would be willing to extend 30 minutes
Vidurfi [Independent]12:41 PMI'm okay with it.
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMIf everyone can, 30 minutes is good
Palmerston [RMP]12:41 PMAye for extension
Yaro12:41 PMI'd like to see a vote to extend. Sunday is the best day for
doing something like this.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMaye
Yaro12:41 PMMaybe even an hour?
Odessos[SPQR]12:41 PMPM > Deputy >
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMno hour
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:41 PMaye to 30
Vote for an Extention of 30 minutes.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:41 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMwe'll see
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:41 PMaye to 30 mins
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:41 PMAye
Vidurfi [Independent]12:41 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:41 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]12:41 PMnay
Yaro12:41 PMaye 30
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:42 PMYea
Lovecraft [RMP]12:42 PMaye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:42 PMAye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:42 PMyea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:42 PMok now let's finish this shit
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:42 PMwhat were we talking about?
Alright, let's talk: when should the Convention meet next?
Discuss.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:42 PM
In order to get government back on track ASAP.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:42 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:42 PMNext friday right?
Vidurfi [Independent]12:42 PMFriday
Odessos[SPQR]12:42 PMFriday
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:42 PMFriday
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:42 PMat 15:00 EST again?
The next scheduled one is Friday @ 3:00pm/15:00 EST.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:42 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:43 PMnoice
Vidurfi [Independent]12:43 PMyes. 8pm GMT
Lovecraft [RMP]12:43 PMI think doing nothing until friday may resulting
in a dramatic loss of interest amongs the userbase
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:43 PMWe need to do something in the meantime
if it's gonna be friday
Palmerston [RMP]12:43 PMFriday is far too long
I was curious whether or not we wanted to vote for more sessions in the
interim.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:43 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:43 PMOr this will die before then
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:43 PMSure
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:43 PMWhat's on the menu before Friday
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:43 PMwensday?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:43 PMHow about Tuesday?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:43 PMNothing now
Lovecraft [RMP]12:43 PMi think at least one session between now and then
would be ideal
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:43 PMTuesday is alrgith
Vidurfi [Independent]12:43 PMWednesday is more probable for me.
Lovecraft [RMP]12:43 PMbetw now and firdayu
Odessos[SPQR]12:43 PMHey, we can assemble a government during the
weekday and just discuss the next amendments on friday
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:43 PMYeag
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:43 PMWednesday is better
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:43 PMMonday should be a new parliament
recruiting session
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:44 PMsecond odessus
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:44 PMAll in favor?
Odessos[SPQR]12:44 PMAye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:44 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:44 PMYeah wednesday might be better
for the whole lot
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:44 PMaye
The Constitutional Convention will Reconvene @ 3:00pm/15:00 EST on
Tuesday.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:44 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:44 PMAye
Vidurfi [Independent]12:44 PMaye
Yay/NayCatharsis [Libertarian]12:44 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:44 PMAye
Odessos[SPQR]12:44 PMYay
Vidurfi [Independent]12:44 PMnay
We can add more sessions to that.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:44 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:44 PMYea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:44 PMyay
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:44 PMyea
Yaro12:44 PMWell, I don't think we want to create a government that
won't have any power
Lovecraft [RMP]12:44 PMyea to parliament reconvening on tuesday
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:44 PMHow late will this session be?
Yaro12:44 PMyay to tuesday
Lovecraft [RMP]12:44 PMconst convent*
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:44 PM15:00 EST?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:44 PMAbstain
I'd plan for four hours.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:44 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:44 PMYes, 15:00 EST
Lovecraft [RMP]12:45 PMthat gives people the time to drop in and out if
scheduling requires it
so, Tuesday @ 15:00 EST and FRiday @ 15:00 ESTCatharsis
[Libertarian]12:45 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:45 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:45 PMyea
Lovecraft we're talking about the constitional convention.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:45 PM
Yaro12:45 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:45 PMyea
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:45 PMyup
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:45 PMcan it be 14 est on tuesday?
Vidurfi [Independent]12:45 PMaye then.
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:45 PMI would prefer 15 est
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:45 PMAye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:45 PMwith 4 hours of debate
Does anyone want to propose additional times/dates?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:45 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:45 PMno right now
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:46 PMFor convention?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:46 PMNo
Vidurfi [Independent]12:46 PMI would propose Wednesday instead of tuesday
Yes @ IllusiveCatharsis [Libertarian]12:46 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:46 PMI think we've covered scheduling
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:46 PM14 EST on tuesday and the same on friday
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:46 PMTuesday and Friday work
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:46 PMwe can come back to everything on
tuesday if need be
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:46 PMyea to tuesday and friday
Does anyone support moving the meeting up to 14:00 EST on Tuesday AND
Friday?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:46 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:46 PMHas someone added these times
to the wikia?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:46 PMnay
Yaro12:46 PMnay to 14:00
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:46 PMyay
I'll do it, or someone else will.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:46 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:46 PMnay
Vidurfi [Independent]12:46 PMyay to 14
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:46 PM15:00 EST should do
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:46 PM15
Vidurfi [Independent]12:47 PM14:30 as a compromise?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:47 PMAre we gonna do anything on Monday or
anything this week that involves more than just us?
Odessos[SPQR]12:47 PM15pm EST has been the main time so far and I'd be
fine with it continuing to be
Palmerston [RMP]12:47 PM15
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:47 PM15
Lovecraft [RMP]12:47 PM15
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:47 PM15:00 EST
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:47 PM15
Vidurfi [Independent]12:47 PM15
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:47 PMfine then, it remains 15 EST
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:47 PMCompromise would be 14:00 on
Tuesday (for Euros who have work on Wednesday) and 1500 on Friday
Does anyone support: 14:30 EST as a Compromise?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:47 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:47 PMyay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:47 PMAye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:47 PMnay
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:47 PMnay
Vidurfi [Independent]12:47 PMwithdrawn
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:47 PMnay
Yaro12:47 PMabstain
Odessos[SPQR]12:48 PMhow long would a convention last?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:48 PM4 hrs
We'll try to keep discssion short on Tuesday then, for our working
Europeans.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:48 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:48 PM1 hour
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:48 PMperfect
we'll try to wrap up in 2 to 3 hours.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:48 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:48 PMunless lengthed
Lovecraft [RMP]12:48 PMare we beginning a roll-call for the House of
Patricians today after this session, as I believe was tentatively
suggested at the last session?
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:48 PMOk
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:48 PMAye then for it
Odessos[SPQR]12:48 PM2 hour conventions on working days, aye
Roll call has been ongoing @ Lovecraft.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:48 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]12:48 PM2 hours should be fine, if we have two
conventions a week.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:48 PMaye to 2 hours on working day
Yaro12:49 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:49 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:49 PMyea
There's a spreadsheet here:
<>Catharsis [Libertarian]12:49 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:49 PMaye
Palmerston [RMP]12:49 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:49 PMAye
So 2 hours barring extensions on Tuesday.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:49 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:49 PMyes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:49 PMyep
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:49 PMYessir
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:49 PMyes
Vidurfi [Independent]12:49 PMyes
Lovecraft [RMP]12:49 PM2 hours on tuesday session, 4 on friday? or are
both 2 hours?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:49 PMfor the record
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:50 PM2 on Tuesday, 4 on Friday
Let's do 4 on fridayCatharsis [Libertarian]12:50 PM
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:50 PMaye to this
Vidurfi [Independent]12:50 PMfriday can be four.
Vidurfi [Independent]12:50 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:50 PMaye
And we'll talk about doing another session on Saturday and
Sunday.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:50 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:50 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:50 PMaye to fri4 and tue2
Can be our first order of business on Friday.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:50 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:50 PMOk, so what next?
Alright, next Order of business is: Determine agenda/course of action
for the next weekCatharsis [Libertarian]12:50 PM
Yaro12:50 PMI won't be able to participate in the weekday conventions,
but can be around for the weekend
The goal is to keep our parliament engaged through a government
freeze.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:51 PM
Does anyone have any ideas?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:51 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:51 PMWe need to refill rolls
Vidurfi [Independent]12:51 PMRecruitingcampaigninggetting the lower
house to engage without hostility?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:51 PMelections, right?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:51 PMso campaigning\
Odessos[SPQR]12:51 PMMost important thing is to keep the public interested.
Lovecraft [RMP]12:51 PMthe roll-call will establish a new House of
Patricians; will this new house be able to form a Government? or must
this await ratification of the constitution?
We can't elect a new Prime Minister yet, but we're free to campaign and
the like.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:51 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:51 PMyeah we need meantime elections
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:51 PMFill the Patriarchy up starting Monday
Yaro12:52 PMhave we discussed using in-thread voting for the house of
patricians and strawpol for the pleb elections?
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:52 PMI think we should have some sort of
Technically we DO have a barebones constitution ratified.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:52 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:52 PMyeah
We did it to impeach Iggy.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:52 PM
So Discuss Lovecraft's: the roll-call will establish a new House of
Patricians; will this new house be able to form a Government? or must
this await ratification of the constitution?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:52 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:52 PMform gov
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:52 PMratification firt
Vidurfi [Independent]12:52 PMform government.
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:52 PMform gov
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:52 PMthe constitution is almost done
Odessos[SPQR]12:52 PMform
Yaro12:52 PMform gov
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:53 PMsigh
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:53 PMDo we have enough of as constitution to
form government?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:53 PMokay then
We can speak with the Speakers and keep anything too big from the table
until the constitution is completed.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:53 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:53 PMform gov
Lovecraft [RMP]12:53 PMi think we have enough for a PM to form a cabinet
and a coalition,
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:53 PMform gov
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:53 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:53 PMbut not enough to pass legislation
We have a barebones constitution ratified @ Illusive; the same we used
to impeach Iggy.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:53 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:53 PMYou need a stable constitution to
form a government, work it out a bit more and form a gov?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:53 PMThen aye, lets get this shit done
Lovecraft [RMP]12:53 PMwe need a Bill of Rights, and a decision on the
Lower House before Legislation can be passed, imo
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:54 PMDon't we already have a bill of
Yaro12:54 PMI think we could start some small legislation before getting
the house of plebs up and running
Odessos[SPQR]12:54 PMHow about a temporary government, then?
If we can collaborate with our session speakers, we shouldn't have any
problems with keeping large government-breaking bills off the
table.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:54 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:54 PMYeah
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:54 PMtemp gov
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:54 PMtemporary gov aye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:54 PMtemp gov aye
Vidurfi [Independent]12:54 PMtemp gov aye
Palmerston [RMP]12:54 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:54 PMWhat happens it we do nothing for a week
lovecraft? Optimistically?
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:54 PMAye temp gov
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:54 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]12:54 PM1 week, to guide us through re-establishing a
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:55 PMwho decides the configuration of
the temp gov?
Yaro12:55 PMtemp gov aye, given that participants will be recognized as
active politicians in subsequent roll calls
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:55 PM^aye
Alright, all in favor of a temporary government:Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:55 PM
Yaro12:55 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]12:55 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:55 PMAye
Palmerston [RMP]12:55 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:55 PMaye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:55 PMabstain
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:55 PMaye
Vidurfi [Independent]12:55 PMaye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:55 PMAye
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:55 PMAye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:55 PMMr. Rolton, the makeup of Parliament after the
Roll-Call is closed will determine which parties can form governing
coalitions, party leadership will then negotiate to form a majority and
a cabinet
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:55 PM1 abs 9aye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:55 PMalso, aye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:55 PM10 aye
Alright, let's discuss logisitcs: how do we make this temporary
government work on our barebones constitution?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:55 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:56 PMPM + 3 emergency ministers or
Odessos[SPQR]12:56 PMMake this a demonstration of the electoral process.
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMnote:
Yaro12:56 PMI don't think we're aiming to see this government be super
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:56 PMHouse of patriarchy elects PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:56 PMagreed with odessos
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:56 PMno
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMit may take until tuesday for the temp gov to be
Yaro12:56 PMjust sort of trying the system out with training wheels
We just need it functioning.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:56 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:56 PMWe just need a meantime pm
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMso, we may be able to resolve more of the
constitution in the tuesday session,
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:56 PMA temp gov shouldn't have the
same powers as the normal gov
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:56 PMMaybe
Should we elect a PM from within the Convention, or should we do it as
any other election?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:56 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMallowing the temp gov to begin tenatively
suggesting legislation
Yaro12:57 PMany other election
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:57 PMconstitution
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:57 PMNo, leave it to the people
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:57 PMelection
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:57 PMelection
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:57 PMit's a temporary government
Odessos[SPQR]12:57 PMThe people must be given the torch
Vidurfi [Independent]12:57 PMconvention
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:57 PMFill the Patriarchy then vote for PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:57 PMWithin the convention seems good for
a temp gov
Vidurfi [Independent]12:57 PMpeople don't really know enough about this
thing yet, for them to decide
Palmerston [RMP]12:57 PMCould we designate someone as a neutral
arbitrator to interpret the constitution during the temporary government.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:57 PMI retract my former statement:
temp gov by convention
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:57 PMWe need to fill the patriarchy again
Lovecraft [RMP]12:57 PMwe have agreed on a Parliamentary system without
a direct election for PM, yes? parties form coalition, and a majority
negotiates who from which party gets to be PM or other cabinet
positions, yes?
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:58 PMyes
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]12:58 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:58 PMyeas
Odessos[SPQR]12:58 PMyes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:58 PMsomeone from the opposition maybe @palmerston
Vidurfi [Independent]12:58 PMaye
Ladies (are there any?) and Gentlemen we've been at this for an hour. If
we could have a recap from our secretary?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:58 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]12:58 PMabs
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:58 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:58 PMaye
That we do @ Lovecraft.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:58 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:58 PMFirst Motion: Shall parties be allowed to select
replacement delegates to the Constitutional Convention in the event that
a current delegate cannot carry out his duties during the course of a
given session Passed unanimously
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]12:58 PMaye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:58 PMAye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]12:58 PMfml wrong aye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:58 PMSecond Motion: The Parliament shall convene for a
legislative session on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, beginning at
9:00PM GMT and ending at 1:00AM GMT; all MPs of pols Parliament shall
have the right to participate in these sessions. Passed Unanimously
Lovecraft [RMP]12:59 PMThird Motion: The Parliament shall convene for a
legislative session on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, beginning at
12:00 AM EST and ending at 4:00 AM EST; all MPs of pols Parliament shall
have the right to participate in these sessions.
Lovecraft [RMP]12:59 PMpassed, but i seem not to have recorded by what vote
Lovecraft [RMP]12:59 PMFourth Motion: The Government of pol must hold a
General Election every two weeks, barring changes in majority as result
of roll-call. Motion passed, 1 AGAINST, 8 FOR
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:59 PMDoes anyone have a transcript?
I've got one still.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:59 PM
I'll put it up once we're finished here.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:59 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:59 PMFifth Motion: The Roll-Call of the MPs of the
House of Patricians shall begin on Sunday at 12:00 AM EST and end Monday
at 12:00 AM EST Passed, also missing vote
Palmerston [RMP]12:59 PMOn the wiki?
Yes @ PalmCatharsis [Libertarian]13:00 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:00 PMSixth Motion: Session of Constitutional Congress
extended by 30 minutes Passed 9 YEA to 1 NAY
Lovecraft [RMP]13:00 PMSeventh Motion: The Constitutional Convention
shall reconvene on Tuesday at 3:00 PM EST, and again on Friday at 3:00
PM EST, both sessions to last four hours. Passed by 7 YEA 0 Nay
Lovecraft [RMP]13:00 PMEighth Motion: Amend Seventh Motion to set the
length of the Tuesday session of the Constitutional Convention to two
hours, rather than four Passed Unanimously
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:00 PMwow we did a lot today
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:01 PMwe still have 30 min left
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:01 PMGood job guys
Lovecraft [RMP]13:01 PMNineth Motion: House of Patricians shall form
temporary government after the completion of the current Roll-Call
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc] left
Vidurfi [Independent]13:01 PMWho'll update the wiki?
I'll put the transcript up.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:01 PM
Unless I DC in the interim.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:01 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc] joined
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:01 PMMotion to have an in-chat party for
the remaining 30 minutes
Yaro13:01 PMnay
Nay.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:02 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]13:02 PMabstain
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:02 PMnay
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:02 PMnay
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:02 PMdarn
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:02 PMnay
Palmerston [RMP]13:02 PMyay :^)
Let's figure out how to get this temporary government working and then
we'll call it a day.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:02 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:02 PMNay
Odessos[SPQR]13:02 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:02 PMno fun allowed!
Vidurfi [Independent]13:02 PMyay for cath
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:02 PMty Palmerston and Odessos
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:02 PMYea for Carth
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:02 PMJust PM appointed by speaker
Odessos[SPQR]13:02 PMActually, recall.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:02 PMand maybe a couple of emergency
Palmerston [RMP]13:02 PMWho's the speaker?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:03 PMehhh
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:03 PMMonday we fill in the parliament
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:03 PMgood question
I know Locke was De Facto, and I think Lovecraft was in there
somewhere?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:03 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:03 PMcatharsis right?
Odessos[SPQR]13:03 PMI am currently writing a post in the thread, I want
to get the public interested.
I'm chair of the convention -- I'm not speaker for the
Parliament.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:03 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:03 PMHow is this government formed,
equal amounts from all parties?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:03 PMgood job odessus
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:03 PMThe temp one
Is anyone even watching Ivs' stream?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:03 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:03 PMWe must determine how the temp government will be
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:03 PMLocke and Lovecraft, since OP checked out
and peel was a shill
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:03 PMehh yes I hope so
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:04 PMwould exterminate party
politics for the moment
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:04 PMto get things sorted
Lovecraft [RMP]13:04 PM@ Flamische Nationalist: the roll call will
determine how many seats each party has in the House of Patricians, then
the party leaders will negotiate to form a majority
Vidurfi [Independent]13:04 PMthere were like 7 people last time i checked.
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:04 PMA temp gov should only be able to
clarify existing issues, not introduce new ones
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:04 PMParty politics are what keeps people involves
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:04 PMalt-right coalition assemble
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:04 PM48 views in total
Yaro13:04 PMagree @ flamische
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:04 PM1 MP = 1 seat
I'll second @FlamischeCatharsis [Libertarian]13:04 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]13:04 PMyay for flam.
Odessos[SPQR]13:04 PMSo, by what point will the temp government be
Lovecraft [RMP]13:04 PM1 Tripfag = 1 MP = 1 Seat
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:05 PMsecond @flamische
By the end of Monday, is our hopes.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:05 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:05 PMSecond Lovecraft
But it took more than a week to fill all 200 seats last time.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:05 PM
Yaro13:05 PMHave we formally condemned using multiple trips/identities?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:05 PMThats good
If we haven't we should.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:05 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:05 PMwe have, i believed, agreed to allow new MPs to
declare throughout the week,
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:05 PMWe definitely should
Lovecraft [RMP]13:05 PMbut they will be removed next sunday if they fail
to appear for Roll-Call
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:05 PMa formal condemnation won't do any
good, though, realistically
So, we can use this week to form a temporary government/hold interim
elections.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:05 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:05 PMBecause we still don't know whether we're
going to have 125 seats or 200
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:05 PMlet's do it now then
Yaro13:06 PMNo, but it sets ground work to remove people found to be
doing it
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:06 PMWe should cap it at 125 anyways
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:06 PMA formal condemnation would probably
just give people the idea to do it
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:06 PM^
Palmerston [RMP]13:06 PMI see no way to enforce a ban on multiple
identities, but any MP found doing so should be expelled.
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:06 PMwell maybe
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:06 PMlike goldstein
Vidurfi [Independent]13:06 PMI thought you capped it at 125 on friday
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:06 PMthat filthy kike
Lovecraft [RMP]13:06 PMi thought we voted on the size already
Let's discuss interim government house size then.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:06 PM
It seemed about even, I think someone was miscounting votes.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:06 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:06 PM125 so no one gets upset
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:06 PMaye to 125
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:06 PMWe can change it later
I've not reviewd it yet.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:06 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:07 PMok let's discuss legislasion not jews people
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:07 PMGAS THE KIKES
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:07 PMRACE WAR NOW
kekCatharsis [Libertarian]13:07 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]13:07 PMnay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:07 PMso what is the current proposal for the temp gov?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:07 PMGet a pm
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:07 PMFill ministry
I believe it's: 1. fill the house as normal, let the parties decide how
to form a majorityCatharsis [Libertarian]13:07 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:07 PMonly a couple of emergency
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:07 PMSo the internal working of the
temp gov, only existing issues.
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:08 PMI motion for the Jewish Burden
Relief Act
Gah, what was Yaro's suggestion again?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:08 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Lovecraft [RMP]13:08 PMthe roll-call will continue for the rest of the
day, it may take all of monday to negotiate a coalition, so ideally we
will flesh out the constitution more shortly after the temp gov is
formed, enabling them tentatively to begin passing legislation
We can work with that, all agreed? Yay/Nays gentlemenCatharsis
[Libertarian]13:08 PM
Yaro13:08 PMcondemning the use of multiple trips? Training wheels for
the election process?
Yaro13:09 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:09 PMyay
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:09 PMyay
Vidurfi [Independent]13:09 PMyay
Odessos[SPQR]13:09 PMyay
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:09 PMyay
Lovecraft [RMP]13:09 PMyea to condemn samefagging
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:09 PMYea
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:09 PMaye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:09 PMyay
Palmerston [RMP]13:09 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:09 PMcurrent issue is the temp gov lovecraft
Tenative training wheels temp government it is.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:09 PM
Illlusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:09 PMBack
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:09 PMhey
Let's skip Deputy pM and the exechecker for now.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:10 PM
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:10 PMSecond
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:10 PMwhat else? condemnation for samefagging?
Curent Issue: Settle no confidenceCatharsis [Libertarian]13:10 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:10 PMsecond @catharsis
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:10 PM3/4
Odessos[SPQR]13:10 PMLet's settle it
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:10 PMVote
Vidurfi [Independent]13:10 PM2/3 vote
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:10 PMVote of No Confidence drops the
government right?
Palmerston [RMP]13:10 PMRight
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:10 PMYes
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:10 PM66% against = done
For those of you who don't know: no confidence is parliament's
expression of lack of confidence in the current government.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:11 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:11 PM2/3rd.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:11 PMwhat are we voting on now? the last motion passed
as I recorded it was to permit the formation of a temporary gov after
the conclusion of the current roll call
And throws the whole lot out of office.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:11 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:11 PM2/3rd
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:11 PMyup
It's usually done by simple majority.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:11 PM
We're taling no confidence @ LovecraftCatharsis [Libertarian]13:11 PM
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:11 PMReally?
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:11 PM2/3
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:11 PMvote of no confidence shoul
call in new elections
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:11 PMImmediately
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:11 PM2/3
Odessos[SPQR]13:11 PMWe know what no confidence is now.
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:11 PMIt shouldn't be made too easy,
not 50%+1%
Vidurfi [Independent]13:11 PMsimple majority is not enough.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:11 PMI think simple majority for no confidence
triggering new elections (i.e. roll-call) and 2/3rds for impeachment of
a specific prime minister is ideal, for this reason:
Odessos[SPQR]13:12 PMOne after another: Arguments for simple majority
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:12 PM50 + 1 for impeachment, 2/3 for no
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:12 PM^ that
Can we have an argument for simple majority?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:12 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:12 PMall parties take a risk by dissolving
parliament/the government; only the ruling coalition suffers if a PM is
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:12 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:12 PMaye
Vidurfi [Independent]13:12 PMyay for illusive
Please note we already settled ImpeachementCatharsis [Libertarian]13:12 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:12 PMyea @illusive
It's a 2/3 super majorityCatharsis [Libertarian]13:12 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:12 PMokay then
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:12 PM2/3rd for no confidence
Lovecraft [RMP]13:12 PMso we are now voting on no confidence alone
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:12 PMaye to illusive then
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:12 PM2/3 seems best
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:12 PMyeah
Yes @ LovecraftCatharsis [Libertarian]13:12 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:13 PMaye
Yaro13:13 PM2/3 for both impeachment and no confidence seems fine to me
Yaro13:13 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:13 PMyea at 2/3rd for both
Vidurfi [Independent]13:13 PMnay
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:13 PMWe settled impeachment
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:13 PMnay
Lovecraft [RMP]13:13 PMnay for 2/3rds no confidence
Personally, I support a simple majority or a 60% majority for No
confidence, if only because it's a risk to vote it and it's a sign that
the majority of parliament has lost all confidence in the current
government.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:13 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:13 PMimpeachment was 50+1
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:13 PMaye for 2/3
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:13 PMyea at 2/3rd of no confidence then
Lovecraft [RMP]13:13 PMit essentially breaks elections
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:14 PMI like Cat's Idea
Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMby having 2/3rds
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:14 PMjeebus
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:14 PM2/3
Vidurfi [Independent]13:14 PMyay for 2/3 no confidence
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:14 PM2/3
Can we have an arguement for 2/3 instead of you lot just spouting
it?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:14 PM
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:14 PM60%
Palmerston [RMP]13:14 PMnay for 2/3
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:14 PMwhy @palmerston
Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMa governing coalition is formed by 51% majority,
Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMso it should be broken by 51% majority
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:15 PMit's a simulation, most don't care about
repercussions, that's why we need a super majority
Odessos[SPQR]13:15 PM^
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:15 PMShould impeachment be harder than no
confidence Lovecraft?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:15 PMagreed with ivstinianvs
Vidurfi [Independent]13:15 PMyea, but when you have 2/3 majority even
the members of the government are concerned with the running of it.
I understand your feelings; it should be a harder, or as hard to kick
out a government than it is to kick out one person.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:15 PM
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:15 PMOne is far more severe
Yaro13:15 PMIf there's a lot of volatility with who's represented at
what hours, then 51% could be unintentionally easy to achieve with quorum
But Impeachment is meant for grave misconduct.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:15 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:15 PMi believe it should Illusive, but let me quickly
suggest a compromise
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:16 PMBTW, guys we only have 14 mins left
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:16 PMFormation and breaking are
different things, I rather have a government form a bit easier so we
don't end up with a freeze all the time, and breaking it at 66% or else
we'll be in elections forever.
tfw I thought no confidence would be a simple issue instead of a
debateCatharsis [Libertarian]13:16 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:16 PMare we going to extend?
Palmerston [RMP]13:16 PMActually, that's a good point. The our numbers
are pretty volatile for a simple 51%
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:16 PMYeah
Lovecraft [RMP]13:16 PMalright, actually, as long as we require
elections every two weeks,
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:16 PMDoubt it Germanic
And we've established quoroms (but not the exact size, yet) during the
last convention.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:16 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:16 PMdidn't consider that
Lovecraft [RMP]13:16 PMthe effect of 2/3rds no conf shouldnt be too bad
Odessos[SPQR]13:17 PMSo it is decided, then.
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:17 PMcan i change vote to yea for 2/3?
All in favor of 2/3 no confidence?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:17 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:17 PMyea
Yaro13:17 PMand we can always revisit this
Yaro13:17 PMyay
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:17 PMAye
Odessos[SPQR]13:17 PMAye
Vidurfi [Independent]13:17 PMyay
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:17 PMeya
Lovecraft [RMP]13:17 PMbut really, a governing coalition's support
dropping below 51% should end the coalition
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:17 PMyea
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:17 PMyea*
Lovecraft [RMP]13:17 PMyea
Palmerston [RMP]13:17 PMaye
If worse comes to worse they can just block all legislation @
LovecraftCatharsis [Libertarian]13:17 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:17 PMtrue
Alright... Next on the agenda is: Settle inactive listCatharsis
[Libertarian]13:18 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:18 PMFellows, before I post in the thread:
Odessos[SPQR]13:18 PMNews from the Constitutional Convention: Monday and
Tuesday will be important days - the first new government will be
established. On Monday campaigning and negotiations between parties will
be in full swing - the balance of powers will surely change, fresh blood
will join and new alliances will be formed. The roll call will determine
how many seats each party has in the House of Patricians, then the party
leaders will negotiate to form a majority. By Tuesday the Temporary
Government shall be assembled. We will have a "bare-bones" Constitution
by then and after that, on Tuesday and Friday we will continue shaping
up the finer details.
Odessos[SPQR]13:18 PMFactologicaly correct?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:18 PMyup
Last time we discussed inactive or absentee MPs being moved to an
"inactive" list after failing to show for roll call.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:18 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:18 PMsounds right to me, and nice newspaper writing style
The exact workings of the inactive list weren't determined.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:18 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:18 PMThank you, Lovecraft.
Odessos[SPQR]13:19 PMThen I'll post once I find an eye-catchy picture
Yaro13:19 PMThere could be a wiki page for every roll call, and an
"inactive" page that details who has been gone, and how many weeks it
has been since they've attended roll call. People on the inactive list
for X weeks straight are removed.
The suggestions were as follows: 1. indefinate, 2. one month and then
off inactive list, 3. allow the record keepers in charge of it to
determine how long inactive MPs remained on the list.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:19 PM
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:19 PMInactive list should be maintained until
new congress
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:19 PM2 weeks
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:19 PMaye for two weeks
Note: the inactive list should make it easier for MPs to return to their
posts, etc.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:19 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:19 PMaye
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:19 PMOr until next roll call
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:19 PMaye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:19 PMaye
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:19 PMaye
Can we have a discussion?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:19 PM
Palmerston [RMP]13:20 PMaye
Think about the person in charge of maintaining such a list.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:20 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:20 PMhold up niggaz
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:20 PMSecond Cat
Lovecraft [RMP]13:20 PMyes, technically the chair should state "we are
shall now hold a vote" before "yeas" and "nays" begin flying
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:20 PMthere should be some exemption
process (if you're on vacation, etc.)
Not only the inactive list bur an active one as well.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:20 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:20 PM^
Vidurfi [Independent]13:20 PMwell, you probably signal in advance that
you'll be absent.
^Catharsis [Libertarian]13:20 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:20 PMI agree with Bamsay Rolton
Lovecraft [RMP]13:20 PMpersonally, i think we lose nothing by
maintaining a list indefinitely, and gain nothing by erecting another
barrier to re-participation
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:21 PMI'm gonna be going on vacation soon
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:21 PMme too
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:21 PMI'd like to have that sort of protection
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:21 PMIf you gave due notice you should be
waived from inactive list
Think about the people in charge of these lists. I think it should be a
personal decision for the individuals in charge of the list.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:21 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:21 PMCan the person who is leaving
appoint a temp replacement from his/her party for the time being,
Vidurfi [Independent]13:21 PMhave an active an inactive and a vacation list?
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:21 PMBecause they can't be partisan
Yaro13:21 PMWe could just have a monolithic archive of everybody who's
ever called roll, and keep track of how long it's been since they've
called roll
Yaro13:21 PMshould be an easy format to maintain
Lovecraft [RMP]13:21 PMwe could simply organize the list by month in
which the MP went inactive, which would make it easier to check through
and manage
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:22 PMSecond Lovecraft
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:22 PMsecond lovecraft
Both Yaro and Lovecraft's ideas sound good.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:22 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]13:22 PM^
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:22 PMand second yaro
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:22 PMseconded ^
Illlusive Man [Cerberus]13:22 PMCombine them then
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:22 PM^
All in favor of a monolithic archive organized by the month?Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:22 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:22 PMWe can make handy use of the
archives for this
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:22 PMaye
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:22 PMAye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:23 PMaye
Palmerston [RMP]13:23 PMAye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:23 PMyea
Yaro13:23 PMaye
Vidurfi [Independent]13:23 PMaye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:23 PMyea
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:23 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:23 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]13:23 PMAYE
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:23 PMholy shit
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:23 PMthat was fast
Vidurfi [Independent]13:23 PMwe're getting more efficient every minute!
Illlusive Man [Cerberus] left
One last issue on our agenda for today, ladies (?) and
gentlemenCatharsis [Libertarian]13:23 PM
Revisit Deputy Prime Minster vs Chancellor of the ExchequerCatharsis
[Libertarian]13:23 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:23 PMyessss
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:23 PMok let's hear them proposals
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:23 PMcan you explain the proposal? I'm
fairly new here
Odessos[SPQR]13:23 PMSo, establish the chain of command?
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:23 PMAbout the vacation list: there should
be somewhere where you can write your name and how long you will be gone
for. If that time ends, then you can be put on the inactive list. Does
that sound reasonable?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:23 PMIn UK politics there isn't
always a deputy pm
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:24 PMbut there's always a chancellor
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:24 PMok
Palmerston [RMP]13:24 PMThe position of Deputy Prime Minister typically
has now power, it's merely a rank denoting seniority.
Yaro13:24 PMI'm under the impression that this position should be the
assistant to the PM, who acts on their behalf should the PM be absent.
Which term does this more closely describe?
Palmerston [RMP]13:24 PM*no power
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:24 PMyeah
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
I believe the concern here is that we have so many amerifats that the
idea of the PM not having an obvious VP equivalent is...
disconcerting.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:24 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:24 PMand, as there is no "budget", the exchequer has
few duties,
Lovecraft [RMP]13:24 PMso giving him the duties of Deputy PM is not a
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:24 PMagreed with lovecraft there
Odessos[SPQR]13:24 PMAh, but we are still simulating
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:24 PMChancellor should be second in
line if there's not deputy
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:24 PMFor now, soon we take over the
world, yes
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:24 PMI agree with Lovecraft
Honestly, I've only added it to the agenda because people expressed
concern about it in the thread.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:25 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:25 PMWe aren't really educating a nation or determining
it's economy
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:25 PMbut there can be a deputy if
the PM wished so
Vidurfi [Independent]13:25 PMagreed with lovecraft.
Odessos[SPQR]13:25 PMI believe seperate positions are in order.
So, would our Prime Ministers have running mates? And if so would that
just be the excheckerdude?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:25 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:25 PModessos is right
Lovecraft [RMP]13:25 PMthe issue with allowing the PM to create the post
of Deputy is it messes with the line of succession
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:25 PMnooooo
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:25 PMDeputy can exist, but not be in line of
succession, just an assistant
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:25 PMrunning mates are presidential
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:25 PMPM's don't 'run'
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:25 PMthe walk?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:26 PMthey
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMPM's win elections of the party
They're just leaders of the party, aren't they?Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:26 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:26 PMthey gallop man
Lovecraft [RMP]13:26 PMyeah, there were issues with the mix-and-match
system under which we ran previous elections,
Yaro13:26 PMI would be alright with the deputy acting as an assistant
and not being part of succession
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMyeah
Lovecraft [RMP]13:26 PMa mash-up of Westminster and Washington
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMPM's are leaders of the party
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMno mash up
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMWell
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMthat's confursing
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:26 PMi think we should elect them like
presidents in america
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:26 PMdon't parties have Vice Presidents
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:26 PMso deputy as assistant, not as part of the
succesion line
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:26 PMbecause pretty much only party
members will be voting
It does give the people more things to do.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:26 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:26 PMMPs*
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:26 PM^
Lovecraft [RMP]13:26 PMwe cant think of a way to have a fair popular
vote, Che
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:26 PMSounds good Lovecraft since thats what
we've been doing
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:26 PMI second Flamische Nationalist
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:27 PMIn the thread
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:27 PM?
@ Flam it depends on the party, afaik.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:27 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:27 PMi mean only MPs
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:27 PMIf you want a mix from
Westminster and Washington, the running mate can be the vice leader of
the party (who is delivering the PM)
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:27 PMehh maybe @flamische
That might be the easiest way to do it.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:27 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:27 PMi argue against a systemic mix of West and Wash,
because it becomes very muddled
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:27 PMsounds good
Vidurfi [Independent]13:27 PMseparate vote for PM and the MPs? although
thats a bit much..
And make it familiar enough for us Amerifats.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:27 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:27 PMSecond Flamishe
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:27 PMno
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMNO mix up
Lovecraft [RMP]13:28 PMdue to the inability of holding fair popular
elections, we mostly agreed in the previous session primarily to stick
with West
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMPM's don't get voted in
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:28 PMSo PMs won't be elected?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMParties get voted in
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMno
That's not what we're talking about.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:28 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:28 PMYeah but I mean
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMA PM gets delivered by the
winning party (coalition)
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMi know
Vidurfi [Independent]13:28 PMPM appointed by government?
Palmerston [RMP]13:28 PMThe PM is the leader of the largest party (or
largest party in a coalition).
We're talking about the party leaders running with their deputy lead and
getting PM once their party gets majorityCatharsis [Libertarian]13:28 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMbut we digressed anyway
Or is part of the ruling majority.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:28 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMyeah
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMsure
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:28 PMoh ffs...
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:28 PMI can sttle for that
And that deputy could take ex-checkerCatharsis [Libertarian]13:29 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:29 PMGovernment appoints PM, PM appoints ministers.
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMAlright, time to get back on
track or the secretary can't follow
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMno
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMwait
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMonce we determine a method of holding fair
popular elections, if such a method exists, we can discuss the
possibility of a directly elected executivwe
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMThe deputy doesn't HAVE to be
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:29 PMeven i lost what we were discussing
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMthey can be seperate
Okay, we're getting muddled.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:29 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:29 PMlet alone the secretary
Are we mixing systems or aren't we?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:29 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMi hope not
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMwe're supposed to be discussing whether to give
the PM a Deputy so that Americans can understand the system more clearly,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:29 PMaye to mixing them
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:29 PMnay to mixing
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMi personally do not feel that is necessary,
Palmerston [RMP]13:29 PMnay to mixing
It'll make it harder on us to mix them.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:30 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:30 PMand any mixing will require repealing earlier
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:30 PMPM shoudl get a deputy
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:30 PMand the deputy CAN be chancellor
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:30 PMbut doesn't have to be
Lovecraft [RMP]13:30 PMbut does the deputy head a Ministry? Is he a
member of the Cabinet?
Vidurfi [Independent]13:30 PMstop with the voting already.. there were
no calls for it.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:30 PMwhat powers does he have, if any?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:30 PMhe's member of the cabinet
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:30 PMNay to mixing since so many are fiercely
opposed to the idea
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:30 PMbut not head of a ministry
The PM could acknowledge one, but it won't part of line of succession
unless he takes one of the succession-seats.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:30 PM
Yaro13:30 PMI'm all for removing positions that aren't strictly necessary
Lovecraft [RMP]13:30 PMsuggestion:
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:30 PMshot
Odessos[SPQR]13:31 PMHow about we relegate the Deputy for later?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:31 PMbut deputies can be handy
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:31 PMWhat about an optional deputy that
the PM can appoint in case he isn't there?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:31 PMFor when the PM is absent
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:31 PMNot necessary but useful to ahve
Lovecraft [RMP]13:31 PMa deputy which is not the head of a ministry but
which is nominated to act in the PM's absence might be a fair compromise
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:31 PMexactly @ el che
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:31 PMsecond el che
Palmerston [RMP]13:31 PMThat's typically the role of the Deputy
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:31 PMFor instance, a European PM can
appoint an Australian IF HE WANTS
Lovecraft [RMP]13:31 PMbut we would have to determine if he is or is not
in line of succession
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:31 PMnot required
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:31 PMSecond Lovecraft
@Lovecraft I'd second that.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:31 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:31 PMsecond lovecraft
Vidurfi [Independent]13:31 PMSo the VP is a minister without a ministry
dedicated to representing and assisting the PM when he is absent?
Let's do quick line of succession before we get out of here.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:31 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:31 PMDeputies should def be in line
of succesion
Yaro13:31 PMThe PM can delegate responsibilities to somebody of their
choosing should they be unable to attend a session that they are to
preside over.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:31 PMi say he souldn't be in the line of succesion
Lovecraft [RMP]13:31 PMwe could just declare that
If someone could post the current line of succession?Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:32 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:32 PMthe Exchequer is acting Deputy PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:32 PMHe should be the acting PM when the
PM isn't there
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:32 PMI think
Oh, I forgot we should vote on this.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:32 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:32 PMsecond lovecraft
All in favor: a deputy which is not the head of a ministry but which is
nominated to act in the PM's absence might be a fair compromiseCatharsis
[Libertarian]13:32 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:32 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:32 PMyea
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:32 PMAye
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:32 PMaye
Yaro13:32 PMaye
Palmerston [RMP]13:32 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:32 PMHe should be in succession as long as the
PM isn't impeached
Vidurfi [Independent]13:32 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:32 PMAye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:32 PMsecond illusive man
Odessos[SPQR]13:32 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:33 PMit's settled then
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:33 PMguys are we going to extend time?
Vidurfi [Independent]13:33 PMplease don't
Alright, how would succession work? I believe it's Pm to Exchecker to...
Minister of Defense to... Foreign Affairs?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:33 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:33 PMI don't want to extend time
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:33 PMnay
Lovecraft [RMP]13:33 PMthats correct catharsis
Just one last vote and we'll get out of here.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:33 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:33 PMno the rest of the succesion
doesn't matter
Where would the deputy fit in?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:33 PM
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:33 PMwhat if the PM choses the order of
succession when appointing people?
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:34 PMat his own discretion
We need to set this in stone @ CheCatharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:34 PMNo
Lovecraft [RMP]13:34 PMi think its better to be hard-wired in, as we
already resolved
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:34 PMdeputy shouldn't be in the line of succesion
Yaro13:34 PMdeputy is not part of succession, unless somebody who holds
a succession seat is also appointed deputy
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:34 PMDEPUTY SHOULD BE IN LINE
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:34 PMnyet
Palmerston [RMP]13:34 PMShouldn't the decision be up to each party?
Illusive suggested that he should be so long as the PM isn't
impeached.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:34 PMTHE REST OF THE SUCCESION
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:34 PMI agree that Deputy should be in line
Vidurfi [Independent]13:34 PMdeputy should be in line, otherwise there's
no point to it.
All in favor of that?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:34 PMAYE
Vidurfi [Independent]13:34 PMaye
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:34 PMI agree with Illusive
Yaro13:34 PMabstain
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:34 PMAye
Odessos[SPQR]13:34 PMIn favor of Illusive's proposal
Lovecraft [RMP]13:34 PMinstead of creating a new office, the PM appoints
a member of cabinet his Deputy, to act in his absence
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:34 PMnay
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMsecond lovecraft
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMthat's fair
Yaro13:35 PMthird lovecraft
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:35 PMthat was settled already
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMAnd this member is second in line?
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMyes
That could work.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:35 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:35 PMwe're talking if he is part of the succesion line
Odessos[SPQR]13:35 PMYes, yes, let's get it done with already
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMthat's the point of a deputy
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMyes
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMthe rest of the succesion is
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:35 PMwich he clearly shouldn't be
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:35 PMsince the PM nominates a deputy
Lovecraft [RMP]13:35 PMthe Chancellor is second in line, so in most
cases he would be appointed deputy, but the PM could choose any cabinet
member, without upsetting order of succession
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:35 PMI agree with GermanicUltranationalist
Lovecraft [RMP]13:36 PMits not so much a VP as equivalent to deputy speaker
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMand when the PM leaves office,
and deputy become pm
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMthe new pm nominates a new deputy
Vidurfi [Independent]13:36 PM^
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMTHATS IT'
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:36 PMwe should vote for or against the deputy in
succesion line
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:36 PMAnd if he's impeached, a new one is
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMSIMPLE
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMCLEAR
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMYES
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:36 PMI really need to answer these
AsianDate mails guys
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:36 PMI AGREE
Vidurfi [Independent]13:36 PMplease stop with caps and anger
Oh lawd.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:37 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMok let's vote
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMcat?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:37 PMwe already agreed upon an order of succession
TBH I'm not even sure what the vote is about.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:37 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:37 PMyes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMf the deputy is part of the succesion or not
Odessos[SPQR]13:37 PMChairman, call a vote to settle it.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMif
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:37 PMPM ELECTS DEPUTY TO SUCCEED HIM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:37 PMTHATS IT
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:37 PMyea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMNO
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:37 PMWHY NOT
Uh.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:37 PM
Vidurfi [Independent]13:37 PMcall for a vote please.
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:38 PMcall a vote cath
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:38 PMdeputy is pm only when pm isn't there
Lovecraft [RMP]13:38 PMmy suggestion: 1) A member of Cabinet is
appointed Deputy PM by the Prime Minister, to act in his absence; 2) The
line of succession is unchanged; 3) The Deputy PM may be any Cabinet
Member independent of place in succession
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:38 PM^^^^^^^^^
Yaro13:38 PMSecond lovecraft
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:38 PMthis
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:38 PMsecond lovecraft
Odessos[SPQR]13:38 PMAgreed
Okay, all in favor of Lovecraft's: 1) A member of Cabinet is appointed
Deputy PM by the Prime Minister, to act in his absence; 2) The line of
succession is unchanged; 3) The Deputy PM may be any Cabinet Member
independent of place in succession Ivstinianvs[SPQR]^^^^^^^^^Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:38 PM
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:38 PMsecond lovecraft
Yaro13:38 PMaye
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:38 PMyea
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:38 PMAye
Vidurfi [Independent]13:38 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:38 PMyea
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:38 PMaye
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:38 PMAYE
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:38 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:38 PMAye
Palmerston [RMP]13:38 PMabstain
Odessos[SPQR]13:39 PMaye
ThePurifier [The Patriarchy]13:39 PMaye
Okay, that is IT for today, Ladies (???) and Gentlemen. If we could have
a recap (either here or in thread) I think we can rap the gavel on this
meetingCatharsis [Libertarian]13:39 PM
We're... only 9 minutes over.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:39 PM
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:39 PMAll in favor of me answering to
HotTokyoDoll1991 ?
And we got a lot done today.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:39 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:39 PMnot that bad
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:39 PMPARTY TIME
Yaro13:39 PMaye @ flam
Pat yourselves on the back.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:39 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:39 PMaye
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:39 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:39 PMAYE
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:39 PMWEW
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:39 PMAYE
Lovecraft [RMP]13:39 PMsince my recap is wordy, i will post it in thread
Vidurfi [Independent]13:39 PMaye
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:39 PMaye
Yaro13:39 PMaye lad
El Che [Socialist Alliance]13:39 PMpost screens here
Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:39 PMnow we just wait for roll call to
end and form governments
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:39 PMT-t-t-thanks guys
If you want something to live on in the transcript now is the time to
say it.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:40 PM
Palmerston [RMP]13:40 PMGod Save the Queen
GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]13:40 PMSIEG HEIL
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:40 PMGood Work Gents
Flämische Nationalist [NatSoc]13:40 PMPlease shave her too, God
Lovecraft [RMP]13:40 PMMit Gott, fr König und Vaterland!