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11:50 AM Catharsis [Libertarian]: Hello Gents.
11:50 AM Roughneck [TEN Federation]: gday
11:50 AM FatherTed: Gonna rename
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11:54 AM Castor [Libertarian]: Greetings
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11:55 AM Catharsis[Libertarian]: Hello, Hello.
11:55 AM Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]: h
11:55 AM Julius Kaczsinki [TEN] my fellow rep isn't here
11:55 AM FatherTed [NatSoc] Hi
11:56 AM Catharsis [Libertarian]: Well, we've got approximately five minutes or so until this was
scheduled to begin. Unless I've got my timezones completely fucked up.
11:56 AM Roughneck [TEN Federation]: 4:56 am here
11:56 AM Castor [Libertarian]: you're corect, it's 2 56 right now where I am
11:57 AM Castor [Libertarian]: Im on Eastern Standard time so
11:57 AM FatherTed [NatSoc]: No sign of OP?
11:57 AM Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]: alex of the natsocs didnt get a mail
11:57 AM Catharsis[Libertarian]: Nope. We'll just have to operate on good faith.
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11:58 AM FatherTed [NatSoc]: Alex isn't on the delegation Julius
11:59 AM Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]: I see
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11:59 AM Catharsis[Libertarian] It's Ted and Sir Zyklon for Nat Soc
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11:59 AM Catharsis [Libertarian]: Can't Dodge the Rodge.
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12:00 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] gday El che
12:00 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Che, I never got an email for Trotsky.
12:00 PM El Che [SA] Hello all
12:00 PM ThePurifier [AutSoc] hello
El Che [SA]12:00 PMI'm sorry I thought he would have emailed you this
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:00 PMgday Elliot Rodger
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:01 PMtips fedora
Castor [Libertarian]12:01 PMhey El
El Che [SA]12:01 PMI'm sorry but I can't stick around
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:01 PMgerman salute to you, too
Castor [Libertarian]12:01 PMwell that's a downer
El Che [SA]12:02 PMI was hoping Trotsky would
El Che [SA]12:02 PMIt's a shame
Retarded Station IS RMP, right?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:02 PM
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Castor [Libertarian]12:02 PMAre you we going to wait on some more or
just begin?
Sir Zyklon12:02 PMI have arrived
El Che [SA]12:02 PMI'll be back if this goes late
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:02 PMNatSoc represent
El Che [SA]12:02 PMSo I'll see you guys later tonight, at least on the
We'll probably begin as soon as people are ready to start adding their
proposals around the original text.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:03 PM
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Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:03 PMi have already made an amendment to
the "Jews did 9/11" amendment stating the Klendathu bugs did RIO
kekCatharsis [Libertarian]12:03 PM
Sir Zyklon12:04 PMthat takes blame away from jewelry
Sir Zyklon12:04 PMnay
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:04 PMwill we go through the constitution article by
article and ask for amendments
Illusive Man12:04 PMAdd Turians Did Shanxi please
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:04 PMI'm from Berlin and I say let's kill the
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:04 PMzyklon, come back on the NatSoc chat incase we
need to discuss privately
That will probably be the most organized way to do it.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:04 PM
Leave it up to the Nazis to be efficient about it.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:04 PM
Sir Zyklon12:04 PMokay
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:05 PMHaha OCD Nazi
Illusive Man12:05 PMSo who's doing the actual edit?
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:06 PMWhoever is typing stuff in the google doc pls
use a different colour so we know what is new
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We can all add to it.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:06 PM
And yes, please use your Party Colors and initials so we know who is
doing what.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:06 PM
Illusive Man12:07 PMI am on a phone, can I edit Docs?
If you've already drawn up additions add them (in your party color) so
we can discuss them AS we get to the article/section in
question.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:07 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:07 PMNational Socialists : FF0000 Libertarians :
FFF600 SPQR: 5B0000 Socialist Bloc: FF9001 Politically Incorrect
Independence Party : 6000FF TEN New Spartiates: C46210 (named "Alloy
Orange" in wikipedia) /pol Renaissance Party: 66023c (Tyrian Purple)
Reactionary Monarchist Party: 2956B2 (Cerulean Blue) Cabal Of Machine
Supremacy: 313131 Terran Federation: 66ffff
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:08 PMuse your hex codes if you wish
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Sir Zyklon12:08 PMI'm on my phone Ted so I don't know how much editing I
can do
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ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:08 PMWhat shall I use?
We can copy them into chat as we go, too.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:08 PM
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What's your party color?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:08 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:08 PMi'll edit, you can just be here for representation
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:09 PMdont really have one
Well, pick something sufficiently Autistic.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:09 PM
Sir Zyklon12:09 PMI can watch and type text but the other options are hidden
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:09 PMmine was a very light blue
Lovecraft [RMP]12:09 PMwhat are we discussing party colours for? i
showed up a bit late
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:09 PMi think blue is an autistic color.
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:10 PMif you propose edits here i'll write them in
our party colour in the doc
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:10 PMwhat was the TEN colour?
Illusive Man12:10 PMCerberus is Tyrian Purple, reddish purple
Lovecraft [RMP]12:10 PMoh for signing the doc
It's so we know who did what additions/proposals.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:10 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:10 PMwhat colour is rmp?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:11 PMthis light blue colour that our posts are showing
up in
Lovecraft [RMP]12:11 PM"Cerulean Blue"
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:11 PMC46210 alloy orange, roughneck
Ted posted the hex codes earlier.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:11 PM
National Socialists : FF0000 Libertarians : FFF600 SPQR: 5B0000
Socialist Bloc: FF9001 Politically Incorrect Independence Party : 6000FF
TEN New Spartiates: C46210 (named "Alloy Orange" in wikipedia) /pol
Renaissance Party: 66023c (Tyrian Purple) Reactionary Monarchist Party:
2956B2 (Cerulean Blue) Cabal Of Machine Supremacy: 313131 Terran
Federation: 66ffffCatharsis [Libertarian]12:11 PM
Castor [Libertarian]12:12 PMblue is the color that often is most calming
to people lol
Lovecraft [RMP]12:12 PMi have drafted an extensive suggestion for an
essentially completely alternate form of parliament, rather than a small
alteration, which i very recently posted to the wiki;
Lovecraft [RMP]12:12 PMshould i just link that page here for
consideration instead of putting it in the googledoc?
Cas, we'll do black text with yellow highlight. Otherwise it's
unreadable.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:12 PM
Mm. Whichever you think will be easier for everyone.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:13 PM
Castor [Libertarian]12:13 PMoh I was responding to Julius saying it was
an autistic color
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:13 PMyes, then we can take out bits that everyone
likes and add it to our constitution
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I figured, I j ust wanted to let you know.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:13 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:13 PMSPQR have representation haha
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:13 PMthe SPQR joins us
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:13 PMof course my barbaric friends
Sir Zyklon12:13 PM[revising intensifies]
They had two reps actually give me contact dets for them.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:13 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:14 PMyep
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:14 PMwhoop
Illusive Man12:14 PMWelcome Romans
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:14 PMAve Ivstinianvs
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:14 PMSalvete
I find it funny the socialist alliance didn't manage any representation
in here.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:14 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:14 PM#rekt
Lovecraft [RMP]12:14 PMprobly for the best
Castor [Libertarian]12:14 PMouch
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:14 PMgod damn commies
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:14 PMcommies
Sir Zyklon12:15 PMLet the grown ups represent
Lovecraft [RMP]12:15 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:15 PMsocialists are confirmed jew sympathizers
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:15 PMhear hear
Lovecraft [RMP]12:15 PMif you scroll down, i suggested a way to have a
larger/popular lower house,
Lovecraft [RMP]12:15 PMand a smaller, unelected upper house
Lovecraft [RMP]12:15 PMessentially, the lower house would operate the
way the upper does now, 1 poster = 1mp, and 9/10 of them are inactive,
Lovecraft [RMP]12:15 PMevery two weeks we clear out inactives for new people
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:16 PMshall we take lovecrafts document and go
through it as a group first?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:16 PMsmaller house of lords requires every peer to be
present every day
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:16 PMlets go over the house of plebs portion?
Sir Zyklon12:16 PMUpper house should remain as is for now
Lets start with Lovecraft's, yeah.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:16 PM
Sir Zyklon12:17 PMlet's do it
Illusive Man12:17 PMThe names should remain Patriarchy and House of
Plebes to keep that 4chan flair
Copy pasta for the folks on their phones: Article 1: Composition of
Parliament Section 1: Chambers of Parliament I. The Parliament of pol
shall be bicameral. II. The Upper House of Parliament shall be named the
House of Lords. III. The Lower House of Parliament shall be named the
House of Commons.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:17 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:17 PMokay, so Lovecraft is proposing the renaming
to the House of Lords and the House of Commons. We had a vote on this
after I proposed a similar amendment and it was quite evenly
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:18 PMwe kept patricians and plebes
Lovecraft [RMP]12:18 PMnot the hugest issue
We could compromise.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:18 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:18 PMi didn't remember which way the vote went tbh
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:18 PMit might compromise our ability to pass it
through the thread later
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:18 PMwe lost by a vote
True.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:18 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:18 PMcan you vote in both houses?
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:18 PMbut it required 2/3rds anyway
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:18 PM rouchneck, the
TEN chat
Castor [Libertarian]12:18 PMWhat was the name change proposal?
Article 1: Composition of Parliament Section 1: Chambers of Parliament
I. The Parliament of pol shall be bicameral. II. The Upper House of
Parliament shall be named the House of Lords. III. The Lower House of
Parliament shall be named the House of Commons.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:19 PM
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Castor [Libertarian]12:19 PMah
Sir Zyklon12:19 PMI like house of Lords
Cerberus represent?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:19 PM
SlyMinx12:19 PMHere, sorry I'm late
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:19 PMCerberus, what?
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:19 PMI oppose the upper house name change
Illusive Man12:19 PMI Like Plebes and Patriarchy
Lovecraft [RMP]12:19 PMif consensus is "House of Patriarchs/House of
Plebes" i dont have any strong opposition to that
Well, what's the consensus of everyone HERE?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:20 PM
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Lovecraft [RMP]12:20 PMI just felt that it would be less confusing if we
base its function, names, and titles all on british Parliament,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:20 PMSPQR opposes the name change
I like House of Patriarchs/House of PlebesCatharsis [Libertarian]12:20 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:20 PMinstead of mixing different systems
Illusive Man12:20 PMAnti change
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:20 PMWe should retain the names
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:20 PMI like House of Patriarchs/House of Plebes
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:20 PMI second catharsis
Sir Zyklon12:20 PMkeep the names. even though I always wanted to be a lord
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:20 PMThe bigger issue here is should we have two
chambers, discuss
Illusive Man12:21 PMYes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:21 PMyes
Illusive Man12:21 PMWe should
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:21 PMI agree
Castor [Libertarian]12:21 PMI think the name better suits pol, the way
it is, rater than making everything identical to British Parliament.
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retardation station [RMP]12:21 PMtwo chamber gives the plebs some amount
of voice
The biggest issue with two houses is how do we make it work? I have
nothing against the idea of two houses, but it's the logistics that are
frustrating.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:21 PM
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FatherTed [NatSoc]12:21 PMBut we should put a caveat in the bicameral
aspect, that we only establish it once we find a suitable mechanism for
retardation station [RMP]12:21 PMif the upper house is small enough it
would be easy
Sir Zyklon12:21 PMI think the problem Is not the house of plebz but the
voting system
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Illusive Man12:22 PMSee The Pleb Representation Act for my proposal
Illusive Man12:22 PMOn how it should work
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:22 PMtwo threads, for each house>?
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:22 PM'The Pleb Representation Act - The lower
house, or House of Plebes, shall be maintained, and its composition
shall be determined by vote of anons from other threads. The House of
Plebes will vote on constitutional amendments and Prime Minister
elections but their total votes only count for 20% of the total, while
the Patriarchy voted count for 80% of the total. Bills that don't ammend
the Constitution can be passed by the Patriarchy without House of Plebes
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Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:22 PMPh hello Evola, big surprise
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:22 PMat different hours?
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:22 PMWe have 8MPs now
Illusive Man12:22 PMThe lower house, or House of Plebes, shall be
maintained, and its composition shall be determined by vote of anons
from other threads. The House of Plebes will vote on constitutional
amendments and Prime Minister elections but their total votes only count
for 20% of the total, while the Patriarchy voted count for 80% of the
total. Bills that don't ammend the Constitution can be passed by the
Patriarchy without House of Plebes approval.
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:22 PMwe'll get to that SPQR
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:23 PMok
Julius Evola [TEN]12:23 PMFeels good, Kaczsinski. Well done
Lovecraft [RMP]12:23 PMi agree that one weakness in my proposal is that
it adds in several steps,
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:23 PMit adds complications indeed
Lovecraft [RMP]12:23 PMbut i couldnt really think of a more streamlined
way for both houses to have much of a say in anything
Mm. I don't like the idea of potentially derailing other threads. This
sounds like we'll be posting in other threads to get Anon
consensus.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:23 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:23 PM join Julius
And since this is the internet we'll want to keep it simple.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:23 PM
Sir Zyklon12:24 PMWhat about stealthily injection straw pols
Castor [Libertarian]12:24 PMhow would we manage that
Sir Zyklon12:24 PMjust a blank post with the link in random threads
Illusive Man12:24 PMTrue, we could strike that and just have it be
strawpoll in our thread
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:24 PMwhat if the plebes rejects to vote?
Castor [Libertarian]12:24 PMwhose to say Iggy or Go9ldstein who very
well may be the same person won't stuff the ballot box.
Personally, I think we should have something in the OP for Plebs who
want to participate but don't want to be a tripfag. This way they can
come/go vote however they wish for whichever party they wish.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:24 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:24 PMother polacks may become wary of us invading
their threads
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:24 PMsupport ilusiveman idea
retardation station [RMP]12:24 PMscrew them if they don't vote
We don't have to clearly define the House f Plebs to every party, but
eh.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:24 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:25 PMbasically the idea is, since most MPs are
inactive, they are essentially just voting by claiming a seat,
Lovecraft [RMP]12:25 PMso allow blocs of inactive MPs in lower house,
Lovecraft [RMP]12:25 PMbut smaller upper house has to be present every day
Everyone thinks that, in order to participate in Parliament, they have
to Tripfag and with the House of Plebs that isn't essentially
true.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:25 PM
Illusive Man12:25 PMThat's why its House of Plebes, they don't know shit
and don't participate
Castor [Libertarian]12:26 PMhow often will we have voting, are we going
to chedule that, and also allow two time slots of voting for our aussie
Lovecraft [RMP]12:26 PMthe smaller house is supposed to be more mature,
and be a check on 1 meme parties, 2 tyrants (iggy) 3 general immaturity
and shenanigans
Castor [Libertarian]12:26 PMschedule
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:26 PMThe House of Plebs does give us legitimacy
when very few MPs are present
Illusive Man12:26 PMBut this gives them representation
We'll get to a schedule later. Currently going thorugh Lovecraft's
proposal.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:26 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:26 PMwe should put strawpools in the OP and let the
anons vote
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:27 PMif they stuff the ballot, then so be it
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:27 PMtheir opinion on the matter is not extremely
Lovecraft [RMP]12:27 PMthat would be the alternate system, lower house
is chaotic and open to ballot stuffing, upper is determiend by tripfags,
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:27 PMcould we weigh the vote in favour of the
patricians, like IM proposed
Castor [Libertarian]12:27 PMso you want Iggy to just keep proxy voting
and trying to screw everything up again?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:27 PMbut we've seen the problems
Illusive Man12:27 PMThat's why it only counts for 20% in my proposal
So, my proposal is essentially: Anon's vote the way we do -- Yae, Nay,
Abstained in the thread and in response to the bill... We just be
clearer about how participation works with a new OP copypasta.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:27 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:27 PM20% for plebs is a great safety feature
retardation station [RMP]12:27 PMwe could have an upper house voting in
a separate chat
Sir Zyklon12:28 PMCatharsis that has potential
Illusive Man12:28 PMFor the new people: The lower house, or House of
Plebes, shall be maintained, and its composition shall be determined by
vote of anons from other threads. The House of Plebes will vote on
constitutional amendments and Prime Minister elections but their total
votes only count for 20% of the total, while the Patriarchy voted count
for 80% of the total. Bills that don't ammend the Constitution can be
passed by the Patriarchy without House of Plebes approval.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:28 PMi support illusivemans idea
SlyMinx [Cerberus]12:28 PMWorks for me
retardation station [RMP]12:29 PMsounds god
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:29 PMIllusive do you want a strawpoll for the 20%
Lovecraft [RMP]12:29 PMcatharsis, while that is open to some
manipulation, i think it is less so than strawpolls
So, Anons vote the way we do and their votes count for the same. Or we
let Anons vote through Strawpoll with 20% account?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:29 PM
Illusive Man12:29 PMYes
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:29 PMthe thread might be better
I meant -- which option sounds better?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:29 PM
Remember, we have to keep this simple.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:29 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:29 PMwe let Anons vote through Strawpoll with 20%
retardation station [RMP]12:29 PMthe second one
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:30 PMand the smaller patrcians could vote in
something like this? Password protected
retardation station [RMP]12:30 PMyes
Sir Zyklon12:30 PMStrawpoll with 20 per cent rep. sounds good.
Illusive Man12:30 PMAdd FaterTed's thing
Castor [Libertarian]12:30 PMwhat about individuals who have dynamic ip's
and who can just unplug their router, get a different IP, and just vote
That's why 20%, afaik.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:30 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:30 PMthats an issue castor, but it should be harder
than spamming a strawpoll right?
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So manipulation doesn't matter so much.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:31 PM
Illusive Man12:31 PMFuck them, they only count 20%
Odessos[SPQR]12:31 PMAve, reporting in as replacement representative of SPQR
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:31 PM20% is not that bad
But that strikes as not-quite-so-proper representation.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:31 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:31 PMAve frater
Sir Zyklon12:31 PM20 percent rep. is penalty for being lazy and being
susceptible to cheating
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:31 PMwait, thread plebs or strawpoll plebs?
I believe the consensus is strawpoll plebs.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:31 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:32 PMit's easier
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:32 PMFor any newcomers we are discussing this:
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:32 PMFor the new people: The lower house, or House
of Plebes, shall be maintained, and its composition shall be determined
by vote of anons from other threads. The House of Plebes will vote on
constitutional amendments and Prime Minister elections but their total
votes only count for 20% of the total, while the Patriarchy voted count
for 80% of the total. Bills that don't ammend the Constitution can be
passed by the Patriarchy without House of Plebes approval.
They don't seem to be digging the in-thread plebs.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:32 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:32 PMand it only counts for 20%
Castor [Libertarian]12:32 PMIsn't it about the same difficulty because
the strawpoll just like the thread would allow you to appear as someone
else, I'm not saying I have a solution to the problem, I just worry of
random anons skewing votes via their routers
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:32 PMlet's vote for it
Lovecraft [RMP]12:32 PMso, each party leader controls his party's voting
bloc in the lower house, since nobody actually sits there?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:32 PMit's only 20%
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:33 PMwe can outvote them in the house of patricians
or whatever it's called now
I don't see why we have to assign the lower house parties at
all.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:33 PM
Illusive Man12:33 PMBecause its fun
We can just split it evenly between active parties.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:33 PM
Sir Zyklon12:33 PMLurkers vote for the party they like
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:33 PMi stand with catharsis on this matter
Odessos[SPQR]12:33 PMWhat purpose would the lower house fullfil without
good voter turnout?
We don't have to create more work for ourselves than we have
to.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:33 PM
So, 20% Strawpoll IN THREAD Pleb house?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:34 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:34 PMmy understanding was: anons vote for LH on
strawpoll>generating seats with no players in them, imaginary
seats, empty votes>controlled by parties in the upper house
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:34 PMit will give a notion of civic duty to pol citizens
As in no more of this other thread shit.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:34 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:34 PMyay
Lovecraft [RMP]12:34 PMif nobody controls the votes of the lower house,
then how does the lower house vote?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:34 PMstrawpool in the OP
Sir Zyklon12:34 PMheave pleb vote on OP post with clear direction
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:35 PMthe house of plebs will just consist of
whatever anons wish to vote at the time
Sir Zyklon12:35 PMyes^
We'll have to draft a clearer OP post -- unless we're sticking it in the
Constitution somewhere -- another time.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:35 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:35 PMyep
But we've alread come to a consensus that we need one.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:35 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:35 PMso then there's no election to the house of plebs
at all
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:35 PM^
Sir Zyklon12:35 PMno Lovecraft
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:35 PMcorrect
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:35 PMno, we should make it as accessible to pol as
Sir Zyklon12:36 PMit is in line with our right to be anonymous
Odessos[SPQR]12:36 PMThe problem is that if we vest the plebes powers in
the leader of the party they represent, we might have cases like the
former PM mishandling the power invested in him
Exactly. We'll just assign the seats evenly to the active parties (for
graphics purposes), but in reality the lower house is made up of
whatever Anons with whatever party affiliations.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:36 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:36 PMmy concern is that if we just allow faceless
anons to vote on legislation, that pretty much only riggers will care
enough to vote
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:36 PMit gives us a direct link to the board as a whole
Lovecraft [RMP]12:36 PMits essentially "direct democracy"
Lovecraft [RMP]12:36 PMrather than representation
Odessos[SPQR]12:36 PMWe can not have an accurate direct democracy on 4chan
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Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:36 PMI fear the plebes don't want to be
bothered at all with our frequent polls
Sir Zyklon12:36 PMthat's why they only have 20 percent
Odessos[SPQR]12:36 PMI think representation would be best
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:37 PMbut we weigh the vote heavily against the plebs
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:37 PMno, thats why plebian votes count for less
The rigging is why the votes only account for 20% of the total.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:37 PM
Illusive Man left
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:37 PMBecause the plebs are anon and can be
riggers, patricians are voting with ID
retardation station [RMP]12:37 PMthe only house that really matters is
the patriarchy
Sir Zyklon12:37 PMDan straight
But let's get this lower house out of the way so we can STOP TALKING
ABOUT IT.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:37 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:37 PMand we have trips and id's
Talos[Ind]12:37 PMWe don't need two houses
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:37 PM^
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:37 PMfffs
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:37 PMagreed, retardation
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:37 PMlet's ote for it
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:38 PMvote
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:38 PMI am considering repealing the house of
plebes fully
retardation station [RMP]12:38 PMthe plebs only need enough power to
stay active
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:38 PMthe 20% is an anomaly, it's more of a gesture
to pol that we care, not that we are giving them any power
Odessos[SPQR]12:38 PMLet's vote for having a lower house in the first place.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:38 PM^
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:38 PMrepeal plebes
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:38 PMRepeal plebes
retardation station [RMP]12:38 PMwhat if the plebian vote didn't
actually count?
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:38 PMEnd the plebian house. They are not autistic
Sir Zyklon12:38 PMall in favor of house of plebs?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:38 PMyay
Odessos[SPQR]12:38 PMI support the plebes
Sir Zyklon12:38 PMaye
retardation station [RMP]12:38 PMwe need to keep plebs engaged
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:38 PMAye
Julius Evola [TEN]12:38 PMno house of plebes, just a straw poll to get a
sense of the general opinion
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:38 PMEstablish plebs with 20% voting power
Lovecraft [RMP]12:39 PMwell hang on, here's my concern,
As far as I'm concerned: 1. In graphics we assign the lower house evenly
to ALL active parties 2. In reality the "lower house" is made up of
Anons whose affiliations we don't know 3. The upper house and parties
have no real influence on the lower house decisions.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:39 PM
Julius Evola [TEN]12:39 PMNaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:39 PMabstaining
I'm up for a second house -- If we can get it working.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:39 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:39 PMnay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:39 PM2 nay
Lovecraft [RMP]12:39 PMmaking a nice picture with parties on it that
people can vote on every other week with strawpolls might get people
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:39 PMplebes didn't earn citizenship and have no
right to vote
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:39 PM1 abs
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:39 PMnay
SlyMinx [Cerberus]12:39 PMAye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:39 PM3 nay
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:39 PMlovecraft is on to something
retardation station [RMP]12:39 PMgive the plebs advisor power
Talos[Ind]12:39 PMNay, at least for now
Odessos[SPQR]12:39 PMI would support Catharsis'idea of vesting the
plebe's power into the active MPs
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:40 PMAdvisor power works too
Sir Zyklon12:40 PMI have a solution
retardation station [RMP]12:40 PMthey vote, patriarchs consider the
opinion, then vote
Lovecraft [RMP]12:40 PMi don't think people will be interested in voting
on strawpolls for every little piece of legislation,
That could be an interesting thing, but perhaps we should bench this
discussin for now?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:40 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:40 PMgood idea from the RMP
Lovecraft [RMP]12:40 PMso we could just make the lower house symbolic
Sir Zyklon12:40 PMwe elect a king of plebes
Lovecraft [RMP]12:40 PMthat way it doesnt matter if its rigged
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:40 PMmoot
Julius Evola [TEN]12:40 PMin agreement w/ retard station
Lovecraft [RMP]12:40 PMmoot is the King of Cucks
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:40 PMmoot left 4chan
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:40 PMThats why they'd only vote on amendments
and PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:40 PMman, i always wondered why the parliament talks
all day and does actually <> i fully
understand =))))))
Odessos[SPQR]12:40 PMI think we should have a lower house, but leave
deciding the details for later.
retardation station [RMP]12:40 PMplebes can't handle real power
Talos[Ind]12:41 PMI'd suspect he's still around
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:41 PMyes I am also siding with retard
Lovecraft [RMP]12:41 PMexactly ivstinianvs
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:41 PMactually why not go the full way
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:41 PMrepeal Plebes
retardation station [RMP]12:41 PMplebes must remain interested
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:41 PMI have a solution. Can we add in a provision
for a House of Plebs, pending further debate at a later time???
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:41 PMplebes didn't earn citizenship and all
they do is enter threads to shitpost
Lovecraft [RMP]12:41 PMa unicameral house can work, but there are two
related issues,
Let's hear it @ TedCatharsis [Libertarian]12:41 PM
Talos[Ind]12:41 PMLet's agree to have it later.
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:41 PMjust so we can move on and clear up easier areas
Lovecraft [RMP]12:42 PM1 inactive members, 2 shortage of seats for new
Castor [Libertarian]12:42 PMAye
Odessos[SPQR]12:42 PMI second Ted
Lovecraft [RMP]12:42 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]12:42 PMsorry had to run to the bathroom
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:42 PMaye
retardation station [RMP]12:42 PMaye
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:42 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:42 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:42 PMnay
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:42 PMaye
Sir Zyklon12:42 PMaye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]12:42 PMAye
Julius Evola [TEN]12:42 PMaye
Talos[Ind]12:42 PMSo what next then?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:42 PM11 to 1
Lovecraft [RMP]12:42 PMhow about determining the powers of the PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:42 PMcatharsis, what's next on lovecraft's document?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:42 PMand related details
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:43 PMlet's get to the next things
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:43 PMAye I guess, couldn't read it and page
keeps bumping me down
This:Catharsis [Libertarian]12:43 PM
Section 2: General Protocols of Parliamentary Procedure I. A Quorum of
the House of Commons shall consist of a minimum of 20 MPs or 10% of
sitting MPs, whichever is the higher number. II. A Quorum of the House
of Lords shall be a minimum of 10 Peers, or 25% of Peers, whichever is
the higher number. III. No act of either chamber of Parliament shall
pass a vote without a Quorum of members of that chamber voting upon it.
IV. Any bill, motion, or resolution of either chamber of Parliament
which requires a simple majority to pass shall remain open for voting
for not less than 30 minutes. V. Any bill, motion, or resolution in
either chamber of Parliament which requires a two-thirds majority to
pass shall remain open for voting for not less than 60 minutes.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:43 PM
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:43 PM42 minutes in.. got nothing done. I'm
thinking we might for once resemble a real parliament
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:43 PM30 mins for voting time
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:43 PMdamn right purifier
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:43 PMwe got the names done lol
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:43 PM:))
For two thirds majority?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:43 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:43 PMthose specific numbers depend on the upper/lower
house problem
For big bills/amendments like that I'd say leave it at 60.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:44 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:44 PMthats fine by me
Lovecraft [RMP]12:44 PM60%
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:44 PMonly for constitutional mods
Lovecraft [RMP]12:44 PMiggy was manipulating the 2/3rds impeachment heavily
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:44 PMfor normal laws i say 30
Lovecraft [RMP]12:44 PMto remain in power
I'd also like to propose at least 30 minutes of dicussion between the
point the speaker proposes the bill and when we begin voting.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:44 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:44 PMWe should design the law so as to not have another iggy
Lovecraft [RMP]12:45 PMyes
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:45 PMOr Kikestein
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:45 PMyes catharsis
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:45 PMfucking kikes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:45 PMthat's what we're trying to do odessos
Odessos[SPQR]12:45 PM30 minutes of discussion between proposition and
voting: yay or nay?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:45 PMyay
Yay.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:45 PM
SlyMinx [Cerberus]12:45 PMYay
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:45 PMyay
Talos[Ind]12:45 PMYay
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:45 PMY
retardation station [RMP]12:45 PMysy
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:45 PMDeport Jews
Sir Zyklon12:45 PMAbstaining
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:45 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]12:45 PMyay
Lovecraft [RMP]12:45 PMy
Odessos[SPQR]12:45 PMyay
Julius Evola [TEN]12:45 PMayyyyyy
Julius Evola [TEN]12:46 PMlmao
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:46 PMlmao
Sir Zyklon12:46 PMseems hard to enforce
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:46 PM12 votes aye
Lovecraft [RMP]12:46 PMactually
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:46 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:46 PM13
Lovecraft [RMP]12:46 PMtechnically this section says it remain open for
a vote for 30 minutes,
Lovecraft [RMP]12:46 PMthere's a later section regulating debate
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:46 PMfuck
Odessos[SPQR]12:46 PMWell, regardless, we need time for debate.
Talos[Ind]12:46 PM30min discussion after proposal
Oh, so we're jumping the gun a bit?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:46 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:46 PMthe reason for this was that original OP, as
speaker, was kind of rushing through votes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:46 PMlike always
Talos[Ind]12:46 PMThen OP opens voting for 30 mins
Lovecraft [RMP]12:46 PMwhen the thread moves fast, ten minutes is not
enough time to organize a party and consider a piece of legislation
It's up to the Speaker(s). OP seems to have checked out a bit.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:47 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:47 PMwe can consider that an endorsement for 30 min
discussion, move on
Odessos[SPQR]12:47 PMI think 30 minutes of debate and 15 minutes of
voting would be reasonable.
Talos[Ind]12:47 PMTrue
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:47 PMAgreed
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:47 PMsupport odessos prop
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:47 PMAye
retardation station [RMP]12:47 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:47 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:47 PMabstain
Talos[Ind]12:47 PMAye.
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:47 PMaye
I'll abstain from that one.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:47 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:48 PMman this is like only 2 proposals a day.
but this is deliberate democracy, I guess
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:48 PMayde
Lovecraft [RMP]12:48 PMthat sounds fair odessos, ill vote aye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:48 PMaye
Sir Zyklon12:48 PMabstain
Lovecraft [RMP]12:48 PMif a leg session is 3 hours, we could get a few
things passed julus
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:48 PM11 aye 3 abs
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:48 PMpassed
Odessos[SPQR]12:48 PMNext on the agenda?
Talos[Ind]12:48 PMWe're looking at three-four law days
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:48 PMthe quorum?
Sir Zyklon12:48 PM^
Section 3: Acts of Parliament I. A draft piece of legislation is called
a bill; when this is passed by Parliament it becomes an Act. II. Any MP
in the House of Commons may submit a bill to the floor for debate; if
the bill is seconded, the Speaker shall put the bill before the House
for debate and suggested amendments, for a period not less than 10
minutes. III. The original drafter decides whether to modify the bill
according to suggested amendments, then must submit the final bill to
the Speaker to be tabled for a vote, provided his fnal bill is Seconded
by another MP. IV. If the bill passes a vote in the House of Commons, it
is sent to the House of Lords for review. V. Any Peer in the House of
Lords may suggest an amendment, which will be put to a vote if his
proposal is Seconded by another Peer. VI. Any amendment ratified by the
House of Lords shall be attached to the bill, and after a period of
debate and amendment not less than 30 minutes, the bill shall be sent
back to the House of Commons. VII. The final bill with suggested
amendments by the House of Lords shall then be confirmed or rejected by
the House of Commons.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:48 PM
oh, I thought --/Catharsis [Libertarian]12:48 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:49 PMsomeone post the quorum again
On it.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:49 PM
I. A Quorum of the House of Commons shall consist of a minimum of 20 MPs
or 10% of sitting MPs, whichever is the higher number. II. A Quorum of
the House of Lords shall be a minimum of 10 Peers, or 25% of Peers,
whichever is the higher number. III. No act of either chamber of
Parliament shall pass a vote without a Quorum of members of that chamber
voting upon it.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:49 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:49 PMignore the house of commons bit
We'll have to bench I. until later.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:49 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMthis was based on how i outline the HoL/HoC
retardation station [RMP]12:50 PMthe numbers will always be arbitrary
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:50 PMdo we get 20 MPs together?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMthe size of a quorum should be based on however
big we decide each house should be
retardation station [RMP]12:50 PMthere's not much point in arguing about it
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:50 PMwe arent even 20 now
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMtrue
Talos[Ind]12:50 PMSpeaking of which
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:50 PMwe should pick a percentage, because the
number of MPs is yet to be decided
And we'll have to talk scheduling later.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:50 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMbut iggy was "passing" laws with a "majority" out
of six voters
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMso like
Odessos[SPQR]12:50 PMThat was my major point against him
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMfour people passing laws in the middle of the
night during an "emergency session"
Lovecraft [RMP]12:50 PMaka nonsense
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:51 PMI thought we kept the patriarchy/plebian names
retardation station [RMP]12:51 PMno more emergency sessions
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:51 PMemergency sessions should be repealed, as
this is a simulation with no real emergencies
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:51 PMrepeal emergency sessions
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:51 PMi have one thing to say about
emergency sessions
So we should figure out how many sessions we have per day and whether or
not quorom size is effected by the frequency of parliament
meetings.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:51 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:51 PMpurifier we're still copying from the
original doc
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:51 PMThe Straya Remembrance Act - 1.There
shall be two daily sessions, one that matches up with Australo-Pacific
time and one that works for North American and European schedules. 2.
The next 6 sessions will be scheduled in advance at all times on the wiki.
Sir Zyklon12:51 PMEmergency sessions only when sufficient MP are
present. if not present it doesn't matter
Lovecraft [RMP]12:51 PMyes purifier, sorry, i kind of wrote a unified
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:52 PMtwo sessions a day seems a bit much
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:52 PMSee my comment, my proposal on sessions
There's no reason for an emergency session. Not on a parliament like
this without real world impact.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:52 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:52 PMSir Zyklon, MPs might stay away on purpose
to prevent emergency sessions
Lovecraft [RMP]12:52 PMstill, what should be the minimum number of MP's
for a legitimate vote?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:52 PM10? 15?
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:52 PMemergency sessions should only be used
when zimmerman shoots a nigger
So, Happenings?Catharsis [Libertarian]12:52 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:52 PMin an emergency session, MPs will
probably want to help a vote
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:52 PMdefine happenings
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:52 PMyes
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:52 PMeveryone loves a chimpout
Castor [Libertarian]12:52 PMmaybe we could establish quorum from how
active and engaged people are, and have a quorum of those who are
engaged... like wait and see how active people are and establish quorum then
Talos[Ind]12:52 PMIt's always happening
Lovecraft [RMP]12:52 PMmaybe we should give the Speaker the option to
keep a bill open for additional time, while bringing another bill up for
debate, until a quorum can be reached
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:53 PMa major shitstorm when 60+% MPs are likely to
be present, we could have a roll call
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:53 PMAre we voting on mine or another one?
That could work. I'd say at least 10. At the VERY least.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:53 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:53 PMthis is kind of the idea behind making the upper
house a small body of daily participants,
Lovecraft [RMP]12:53 PMwhilst the lower is disengaged blocs of mostly
absentee MPs
Talos[Ind]12:53 PMSo Upper House should drop in seat count?
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:53 PMproposal: 10 MPs, but every major party
must have an MP present
Did we want to put how long a Parliament stays together between
elections at this point, or later in the document?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:54 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:54 PMIt would be nice if we could have, say, 30+ active
MPs in a session though.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:54 PMNay, Upper should have 270
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:54 PMwe have to chose the size of the house first
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:54 PMReduce upper house to 50 seats, see
Deliberate parliament Act
We're currently at 200 seats.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:54 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:54 PMmind you, i only support reduction of seats as
part of the whole system i proposed,
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:54 PMThe Parliamentary Size Act - The
Patriarchy shall be fixed at 270 seats. The House of Plebes will be
fixed at 435 seats.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:54 PM150?
Talos[Ind]12:54 PMBut most aren't used
Lovecraft [RMP]12:54 PMif we are only allowing participation in the
upper house, then we cant make it smaller
@Kaczsinki suggests 150. I've seen 270-300 alternatives.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:54 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:55 PMa small upper house doesn't accurately
represent party size
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:55 PM270 are too many
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:55 PMThe Parliamentary Deliberate Democracy Act
- The Patriarchy shall reduce it's seats to 50 to allow for a more
deliberate discussion and policy making
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:55 PMThe Parliamentary Size Act - The
Patriarchy shall be fixed at 270 seats. The House of Plebes will be
fixed at 435 seats.
50 is too few.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:55 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:55 PMagreed
And 270 is too many for what we want.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:55 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:55 PM150 sounds best
Talos[Ind]12:55 PMBecause most members are hardly around. 50 is too few
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:55 PMWe are less than 20 here right now
Sir Zyklon12:55 PM200 is a good number right now
This is a round the clock affair.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:55 PM
SlyMinx [Cerberus]12:55 PMWhy not 125?
Castor [Libertarian]12:55 PMhow about 125?
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:55 PMwe need to make it realistic guys
Castor [Libertarian]12:55 PMhaha
Lovecraft [RMP]12:55 PMif the upper house is the only one with actual
MPs (tripfags who can vote) then we either need to have a periodical
removal of inactive members, or constantly increasing seats
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:55 PMWhy not 250?
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:55 PM125 aye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]12:56 PMAyyyyyy
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:56 PMhow many active MPs are we gonna have at best
on one night?
retardation station [RMP]12:56 PMhow about weekly rollcall
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:56 PMwe won't have 250 members
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMbecause it is not logical or fair to have new
members kept out to allow inactives to remain seated
Odessos[SPQR]12:56 PMWe must remember that we are not professional
politicians and we can not expect people to be active at all times.
retardation station [RMP]12:56 PMremove inactives
Lovecraft is right. We're going to have to figure out a way to make sure
there's only active people occupyng those seats.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:56 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:56 PMsupport rollcall
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:56 PMI am against any reduction
Castor [Libertarian]12:56 PM75 maybe in one night at beat
ThePurifier [AutSoc]12:56 PMWhy dont we do a roll-call that lasts a few
days to determine who is active and start from there. Right now we are
only debating arbitrary numbers
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:56 PMBut for rollcall
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMi suggested a rollcall every two weeks
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:56 PMcerberus just got reduced, kek
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:56 PMsupporting rollcall
retardation station [RMP]12:56 PMscheduled weekly rollcall
Lovecraft [RMP]12:56 PMin my proposal
Talos[Ind]12:56 PMWe already have that
Talos[Ind]12:56 PMUpper House Designation Act - All new members of Upper
House must spend one day as Independent before registering with a
party.&nbsp; This will eliminate the amount of members around for
1-2 threads, and will make updating seat/party count easier.&nbsp;
The elimination of the members with no long lasting interest will
benefit the reliability of the votes and their quality. You will list as
[Independent] upon joining, and the next day will be able to choose your
party. I, Talos [Independent], will take charge(explain rules) of these
independents during the 24 hours as it is my bill until they align with
their party of choice.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:57 PMAye to talos
Lovecraft [RMP]12:57 PMdo these provisional independents still sit?
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:57 PMwe need a roll call after that clusterfuck
Lovecraft [RMP]12:57 PMare they represented on the image?
Lovecraft [RMP]12:57 PMi agree ted
retardation station [RMP]12:57 PMas do i
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:57 PMand give MPs 2-3 days to confirm their existence
Odessos[SPQR]12:57 PMI would support a rollcall in principal.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:57 PMAye Ted
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:57 PMas do TEN FED
Sir Zyklon12:57 PMaye Ted
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:57 PMaye to rollcall
retardation station [RMP]12:58 PMok
An Officer in charge of every session (can be delegated) who reports to
the Prime Minister (who can officially allow these seats to be filled by
new MPs) who notes down, not only the decisions made and who voted in
which way.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:58 PM
But who attended/commented.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:58 PM
So, rollcall that we can AUDIT every fortnight.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:58 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:58 PMif you don't confirm your attendance
during the weekend
retardation station [RMP]12:58 PMyou're out
Lovecraft [RMP]12:58 PMdo the provisional independents vote? are they
differentiated from long-term independents, who are trying to start new
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:58 PMWe need a dedicated scheduler to decide
roll calls and sessions
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:58 PMrollcall once per week. most ahve real lifes
retardation station [RMP]12:58 PMmost people have more spare time on the
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:58 PMon sundays, please
We do need a dedicated schedule.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:58 PM
Odessos[SPQR]12:58 PMI'd support sunday roll call.
FatherTed [NatSoc]12:58 PMif you don't confirm, you are put on an
inactive list (out of the parliament), but can join again within a
rreasonable period of time
And I beleive it was Ted who said two sessions on weekends?Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:58 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:58 PMI proposed one Cath
Lovecraft [RMP]12:58 PMsunday roll call sounds fair
Castor [Libertarian]12:58 PMwhy sunday?
retardation station [RMP]12:58 PMsaturday and sunday pls
Talos[Ind]12:59 PMThey're just Independent. It's meant to keep from
illegitimate party numbers
Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:59 PMSunday Aye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:59 PMbecause you are shitfaced from alcohol on
saturdays, m8
Castor [Libertarian]12:59 PMlol
kek.Catharsis [Libertarian]12:59 PM
retardation station [RMP]12:59 PMpersonally i work sundays tho
Roughneck [TEN Federation]12:59 PMAYE!
Sir Zyklon12:59 PMI say inactives get 3 days before a seet is losts
Julius Evola [TEN]12:59 PMare
Odessos[SPQR]12:59 PM@Ted's idea of leaving a period to recover is
Julius Evola [TEN]12:59 PMaye*
retardation station [RMP]12:59 PMa 2 day rollcall sounds better
Okay, so we've determined the need for a rollcall.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:59 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:59 PMsunday at 14:00 and saturday at 20:00
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]12:59 PMaye to Ted
retardation station [RMP]12:59 PMok
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]12:59 PMto get everyone
But we need a way to make it fair to everyone.Catharsis
[Libertarian]12:59 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]12:59 PMwell, they don't lose them permanently zyklon,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:00 PMfrom ausies to brits
Lovecraft [RMP]13:00 PMif they come back, they can become prov inds again,
Lovecraft [RMP]13:00 PMand regain their seat
And not put too much responsibility on one person.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:00 PM
Castor [Libertarian]13:00 PMI agree with retard
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:00 PMWe still have the problem of the Aussies
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:00 PMand a grace period for long term members
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:00 PMyes
Lovecraft [RMP]13:00 PMhang on, i wrote a roll-call draft in my doc
lemme find it
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:00 PMDON'T FORGET THE AUSSIES!!!
retardation station [RMP]13:00 PMif rollcall lasts 2 days, aussies can
call in
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:00 PMyes, us roofuckers have need sleep too
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:00 PMokay i'm going to word the rollcall thing in a
paragraph and everyone can vote on it
We need to schedule this properly if we're going to rollcall.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:00 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:00 PMit wouldn't be affected by timezones
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:01 PMSecond
Lovecraft [RMP]13:01 PMII. The House of Commons shall hold an "election"
every two weeks. During this election, a roll-call will be carried out
instead of a normal legislative session. Any MP who fails to declare
himself "present" during this calling of the rolls shall be removed from
the House of Commons (he may return at a later date, by declaring name,
party, trip, and inention to stand, as in clause I)
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:01 PMAye twice a day
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:01 PMaye, catharsis
Lovecraft [RMP]13:01 PMobviously, we want it weekly, but still
Talos[Ind]13:01 PMAye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:01 PMAye, twice a day.
retardation station [RMP]13:01 PMaye catharsis
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:01 PMAye!
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:01 PMAue
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:01 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]13:01 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:01 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:01 PMabstain
I have no idea what we're aying -- alternating times?Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:01 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:01 PMits fucking 6 am here.
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:01 PMthem natsocs
Lovecraft [RMP]13:01 PMlegislative sessions twice a day, catharsis,
Lovecraft [RMP]13:01 PMinstead of once
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:01 PMwait, let's vote one thing at a time here
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:02 PMnay to two sessions a day
Lovecraft [RMP]13:02 PMi will say this, bi-daily sessions puts more
duties on the Speaker
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:02 PMSecond tes
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:02 PM*ted
Let's make it easy, I'll give you 4 options give me a number.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:02 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:02 PMIncrease amount of speakers?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:02 PMhe will need to keep track of what was passed in
the earlier session
Lovecraft [RMP]13:02 PMfastidiously
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:02 PMHave multiple speakers then
retardation station [RMP]13:02 PMuse the wiki
Lovecraft [RMP]13:02 PMand it makes quorums more important
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:02 PMAnd have a separate scheduler
retardation station [RMP]13:02 PMhave an aus speaker and a NA/eu speaker
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:02 PMwait, can we appoint a chairman for this so we
can give each person a turn to talk and we can vote more clearly
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:03 PMthis gets serious. Henceforth we should
consider the Parliament Building Relocation Act next
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:03 PMUse the wiki to post sessions 4 in advance
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:03 PMNay Julius
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:03 PMWhy don't we just include it in the OP?
retardation station [RMP]13:03 PMdo both
Sir Zyklon13:03 PMI it has anything to do with leaving pol then
absolutely not
Talos[Ind]13:03 PMWe do need these more planned out beforehand
1. Twice a Day 2. Alternating Sessions (one day Aussie friendly, one day
Euro friendly, one day Murikan friendly) 3. Once a day sessions + two
sessions weekends 4. Alternating + 2 weekendsCatharsis [Libertarian]13:03 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:04 PMwe should appoint a chairman today to organize
how we do this, i think
Lovecraft [RMP]13:04 PMif thats what you meant ted
retardation station [RMP]13:04 PM4
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:04 PMSecond
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:04 PMCan we appoint a chairman to direct these
proceedings yes
retardation station [RMP]13:04 PMi agree lovecraft
Sir Zyklon13:04 PM3
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:04 PM2
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:04 PM2
Lovecraft [RMP]13:05 PMwhats with the numbers
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:05 PMIm Australian, and just to have a
sesson with you guys, i have t stay up till bloody 4
1. Twice a Day 2. Alternating Sessions (one day Aussie friendly, one day
Euro friendly, one day Murikan friendly) 3. Once a day sessions + two
sessions weekends 4. Alternating + 2 weekendsCatharsis [Libertarian]13:05 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:05 PM1
Talos[Ind]13:05 PM2.
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:05 PMSecond catharsis
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:05 PM2
Talos[Ind]13:05 PMWait
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:05 PM2
Castor [Libertarian]13:05 PM2
Talos[Ind]13:05 PMYea ok
@ Puri is that a 2?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:05 PM
Sir Zyklon13:05 PMI change to 2
Castor [Libertarian]13:05 PMno sorry 1
Odessos[SPQR]13:05 PMabstain
Lovecraft [RMP]13:06 PMshould we maybe divorce the speaker from the PM,
since we now need speakers to be A) impartial and B) from two different
time zones to work two different shifts
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:06 PMwe need 2 sessions.
Sir Zyklon13:06 PMSeconded
Odessos[SPQR]13:06 PMSpeakers must be independant and unbiased.
Sir Zyklon13:06 PMWait
Lovecraft [RMP]13:06 PMas is, i blieve the PM appoints the speaker
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:06 PMWe could just have two speakers.
So we'll want to nominate a speaker for every time zone. Alternating
sessions for different time zones seemed to be the consensus.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:06 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:06 PMIs anyone writing anything down that we
have decided yet?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:06 PMand two deputies probably
retardation station [RMP]13:06 PMhave a lottery for speaker among
actives of each time zone
Lovecraft [RMP]13:06 PMi dont think so illusive man lol
Talos[Ind]13:06 PMoh
Sir Zyklon13:06 PMPM chooses a speaker, Opposition leader chooses a
speaker. both with deputies
Lovecraft [RMP]13:07 PMi move that we nominate a chariman and secretary
of the minutes,
Seconded.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:07 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:07 PMSecond lovecraft
Lovecraft [RMP]13:07 PMthe chairman shall set the agenda, the secretqary
shall record votes and decisions
retardation station [RMP]13:07 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]13:07 PMjust copy and paste the chat into a word
Talos[Ind]13:07 PMAye
Odessos[SPQR]13:07 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:07 PMAye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:07 PMaye m8
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:07 PMAYE
I nominate Castor as Secretary.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:07 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:07 PMokay so alternating sessions seems to be the
consensus, move on?
He's got it figured out already.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:07 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:07 PMsecond, catharsis
retardation station [RMP]13:07 PMaye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:08 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]13:08 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:08 PMyou can download the transcript anyway
Talos[Ind]13:08 PMAye.
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:08 PMAye.
Odessos[SPQR]13:08 PMaye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:08 PMhow to download transcript?
And chairman? Anyone have any nominations there?Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:08 PM
SettingsCatharsis [Libertarian]13:08 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:08 PMsettings
retardation station [RMP]13:08 PMi nominate lovecraft as chairman
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:08 PMvote for a chairman
retardation station [RMP]13:08 PMit was his draft
Ted's the one keeping us on topic more or less. I vote him.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:08 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:08 PMand vice chair
Castor [Libertarian]13:08 PMI was aye-ing to Lovecrafts proposal
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:09 PMbeautiful. and I copy pasted manually
before. how quaint
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:09 PMTed for chairman.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:09 PMim willing to sit as chair, or back ted; i would
prefer Locke to either of us, but he is sadly absent
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:09 PMback
He won't be here for a few days.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:09 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:09 PMLocke seemed like a very competent person, but it
seems he's absent.
Sir Zyklon13:09 PMsomeone reliable needs it
He had work shit.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:09 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:09 PMWe need backups
Talos[Ind]13:09 PMCan you assure you will be present?
Sir Zyklon13:09 PMI would vote Locke
Odessos[SPQR]13:10 PMWe need backups, aye.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:10 PMwe're voting on a chair of the convention right?
Castor [Libertarian]13:10 PMsame here
Lovecraft [RMP]13:10 PMand i guess vice chair?
I would too, but he's away for the next few days.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:10 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:10 PMif you guys want me, I can appoint a vice
chair from a different party
Lovecraft [RMP]13:10 PMthis office wouldnt really last beyond today,
unless we need to have another convention session
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:10 PMSecond Ted
So, who wants Ted as Chair?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:10 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:10 PMthird ted
Sir Zyklon13:10 PMI nominate Ted
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:10 PMAye
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:10 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:10 PMAye for Ted
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:10 PMAye
Castor [Libertarian]13:10 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:10 PMaye
retardation station [RMP]13:10 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:10 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:10 PMAye for father Ted ,
retardation station [RMP]13:10 PMlovecraft for vice
Talos[Ind]13:10 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:11 PMyou old nazi bastard
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:11 PMAye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:11 PMWho wants to be vice?
I second Lovecraft for Vice.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:11 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:11 PMWait.
Odessos[SPQR]13:11 PMThe vice needs to be someone who can be available
when Ted isn't
Odessos[SPQR]13:11 PMThat's important.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:11 PMSecond Lovecraft for Vice
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:11 PMLovecraft, are you willing?
Sir Zyklon13:11 PMOdessos is right
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:11 PMwhat timezone are you in lovecraft?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:12 PMim willing, but i wish to address odessos' concern,
Lovecraft [RMP]13:12 PMim in EST
Castor [Libertarian]13:12 PMI nominate Catharsis for vice
retardation station [RMP]13:12 PMwhat timezone is ted?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:12 PMi'm in GMT
Lovecraft [RMP]13:12 PMare we planning on keeping the convention running
for 24 hours? why does time-zone matter here
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:12 PMpick an aussie or euro
Castor [Libertarian]13:12 PMif he's willing
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:12 PMwe cover most bases
Ted is Euro isn't he?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:12 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:12 PMjust in case we go over time
Lovecraft [RMP]13:12 PMoh i see
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:12 PMYes he is
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:12 PMyep Euro GMT
retardation station [RMP]13:12 PMso lovecraft is good
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:12 PMokay, so lovecraft is the vice
Odessos[SPQR]13:13 PMAll in favor?
retardation station [RMP]13:13 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:13 PMAye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:13 PMaye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:13 PMAye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:13 PMaye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:13 PMAye.
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:13 PM
Castor [Libertarian]13:13 PMaye
Talos[Ind]13:13 PMaye!
Odessos[SPQR]13:13 PMAye
Julius Evola [TEN]13:13 PMnext
Odessos[SPQR]13:13 PMFatherTed is Chairman of the Minutes, Lovecraft is Vice
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:13 PMhold the debate until me and lovecraft
introduce a new aspect of the constitution
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:13 PMwhat's next on your document, lovecraft?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:13 PMone moment,
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:13 PMSo ted you keeping minutes now?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:14 PMI can download the transcript
Castor is the one recording things. We all nominated him
Secretary.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:14 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:14 PMeveryone can
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:14 PMbut i'll jot down what we agree on
But the more people who have it on hand the better.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:14 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMprime ministerial powers, i believe, are the next
thing that can be discussed without resolving the upper/lower house issue,
Sir Zyklon13:14 PMlet's do It
Odessos[SPQR]13:14 PMagreed
Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMArticle 4: The Office of Prime Minister Section
1: Selection of the Prime Minister I. The Prime Minister shall be
elected by a simple majority vote in the House of Commons, and he shall
choose a cabinet from among members of his own party andor any other
party governing in coalition with his. II. The Prime Minister may create
or reduce cabinet ministries to a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 5 III.
The ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, and the Exchequer must
always exist and be part of a cabinet. The creation/removal of other
ministries is at the discression of the Prime Minister. Section 2:
Removal of the Prime Minister I. The government (Prime Minister and his
cabinet) shall be formed by majority vote in the House of Commons II. A
23rds vote of No Confidence by a Quorum of members of the House of
Commons shall remove the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, and trigger new
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:14 PMbefore discussing that, i'll recap on what we
agreed on
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:15 PMI propose we vote on this since it can be
done quicd:
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:15 PMSecure Salts Act - All MPs and non-MP
party members must use secure salts (##) tripcodes, for their protection
and to prevent infiltration.
Sir Zyklon13:15 PMAye
retardation station [RMP]13:15 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:15 PMaye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:15 PMabstain
Talos[Ind]13:15 PMAlso ##password is banned
We're talking constitution, but if we're adding that to the
constitution: Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:15 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:15 PMSecond
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:15 PMabstain
Castor [Libertarian]13:15 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:15 PMaye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:15 PMAye
Talos[Ind]13:16 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:16 PM1.) the names of the chambers 2) a provision
for a house of plebs pending further debate 3) alternating sessions for
US, Euro, Auzzie 4.) secure salts. Everyone agreed that this is what we
have agreed on?
Odessos[SPQR]13:16 PMI'm already using ## so aye
We might want to ban ##tripcode tooCatharsis [Libertarian]13:16 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:16 PMYes
Lovecraft [RMP]13:16 PMthat seems accurate, chariman ted
Yes.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:16 PM
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:16 PMyes
retardation station [RMP]13:16 PMyes
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:16 PMTo ted
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:16 PMAye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:16 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:16 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:17 PMAye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:17 PMBut Aye to Cath
And any variations on ##password/tripcodeCatharsis [Libertarian]13:17 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:17 PMalright, we'll now move on to Lovecraft's next
section on the PM I believe
Yes, Lovecraft would you repost?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:17 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:17 PMrticle 4: The Office of Prime Minister Section 1:
Selection of the Prime Minister I. The Prime Minister shall be elected
by a simple majority vote in the House of Commons, and he shall choose a
cabinet from among members of his own party andor any other party
governing in coalition with his. II. The Prime Minister may create or
reduce cabinet ministries to a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 5 III. The
ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, and the Exchequer must always
exist and be part of a cabinet. The creation/removal of other ministries
is at the discression of the Prime Minister. Section 2: Removal of the
Prime Minister I. The government (Prime Minister and his cabinet) shall
be formed by majority vote in the House of Commons II. A 23rds vote of
No Confidence by a Quorum of members of the House of Commons shall
remove the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, and trigger new elections.
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:17 PMi'll give about 5-10 minutes discussion before
a vote
retardation station [RMP]13:18 PMPM should be voted in by the patriarchy
Lovecraft [RMP]13:18 PMI didn't have time to draft a section outline
more executive powers such as declarations of wars, signings of
treaties, etc.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:18 PMyes that should be changed, again, problem is
that my whole draft is built on its own premises
retardation station [RMP]13:18 PMfair enough
retardation station [RMP]13:18 PMwe just ignore that part i guess
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:19 PMI propose we add this: The Leadership
Stabilization Act - A firm line of succession must be established to
prevent a government crisis in the case of a resigning PM.
Lovecraft [RMP]13:19 PMyeah, the key points are 1: PM is elected thus 2:
he selects/creates cabinet thus, 3: he is removed thus
Sir Zyklon13:19 PMSo PM only elected by Plebes? second I
retardation station [RMP]13:19 PMi agree with lovecraft's post
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:19 PM* or impeached
Sir Zyklon13:19 PMsecond I
Sir Zyklon13:19 PMIM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:19 PMPM by plebes?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:19 PMdiscuss Lovecraft's 1st bullet point there,
that the PM is elected by the patricians, can we all agree on that?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:20 PMAye
Deputy PM to be in charge of collecting rollcalls and making sure people
are kicked out so the PM can open seats again?Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:20 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:20 PMterrible
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:20 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:20 PMaye ted
Lovecraft [RMP]13:20 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:20 PMPM by Plebes is sketchy
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:20 PMaye to father ted
We could make it the whole house, but that'd have to be tabled until we
make both houses workable.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:20 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:20 PMPM by Patricians : yay or nay
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:20 PMyay
retardation station [RMP]13:20 PMelection should be discussed with the
rest of the lower/upper house shit
Talos[Ind]13:20 PMyay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:20 PMYay
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:20 PMYay
retardation station [RMP]13:20 PMyay
Julius Evola [TEN]13:20 PMyay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:20 PMPM BY PATRICHANS
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:20 PMPm by patricians, aye
yayCatharsis [Libertarian]13:20 PM
Sir Zyklon13:20 PMabstain
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:20 PMokay, his second bullet point about the cabinet
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:21 PMfor now, i'm taking it that you want PM by
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:21 PMRepost 2nd part pls
Odessos[SPQR]13:21 PMPM by patricians, agreed.
retardation station [RMP]13:21 PMPM makes cabinet
retardation station [RMP]13:21 PMy/n?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:21 PMpm by patricians: aye
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:21 PMAye
retardation station [RMP]13:21 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:21 PMAye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:22 PMYay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:22 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]13:22 PMaye
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:22 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:22 PMaye
Talos[Ind]13:22 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:22 PMsecond part: II. The Prime Minister may create or
reduce cabinet ministries to a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 5 III. The
ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, and the Exchequer must always
exist and be part of a cabinet. The creation/removal of other ministries
is at the discression of the Prime Minister.
Castor [Libertarian]13:22 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:22 PMLet me call the votes, to clarify this shit
retardation station [RMP]13:22 PMthat's 11 for
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:22 PMwere you guys voting on pm by patricians yes?
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:22 PMyes
retardation station [RMP]13:22 PMyes
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:22 PMokay, that is passed
Odessos[SPQR]13:22 PMQuick question : Permission to share a screenshot
of an example of our discussion?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:22 PMYes to both ted
Odessos[SPQR]13:22 PMin the pol thread
Sure.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:23 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:23 PMany objections?
retardation station [RMP]13:23 PMno
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:23 PMyou can send screenshots
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:23 PMno objections
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:23 PMThe supreme gentleman does not object
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:23 PMI'd say we keep the current ministers and
add or reduce additionals, but keep the current ministeries indefinitely
Hell, I'd be okay with someone streaming so long as the password didn't
get out.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:23 PM
We still need to do a new general election.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:23 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:23 PMso, we have agreed that the Patricians select the
PM by simple majority,
Sir Zyklon13:23 PMno objections to the second point
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:24 PMSince we're voting on ministers we should
discussThe Leadership Stabilization Act - A firm line of succession must
be established to prevent a government crisis in the case of a resigning PM.
retardation station [RMP]13:24 PMsecond
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:24 PMsecond
Sir Zyklon13:24 PMsecond
All we're doing now is trying to get the constitution in place so Game
of Thrones tard never happens again.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:24 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:24 PMagreed
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:24 PMdiscuss the cabinet there and i'll call a
summary vote at the end
Julius Evola [TEN]13:24 PMkek
@ IM Agreed.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:24 PM
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:24 PMSecond
Lovecraft [RMP]13:24 PMFirm line of succession can be resolved by
declaring that a member of the cabinet is the next in line of succession,
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:25 PMwhat about lovecraft's proposals of the three
core ministers ?
retardation station [RMP]13:25 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]13:25 PMseconded
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:25 PMfirm line of succession has been passed
Yes, so we'll do with the required ones.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:25 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:25 PMBut like 3-4 in advance
Sir Zyklon13:25 PMwhat will the line be?
Odessos[SPQR]13:25 PMEstablish core ministries: yay or nay?
retardation station [RMP]13:25 PMyay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:25 PMYay
Yay.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:25 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:25 PMyay
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:25 PMyay
Castor [Libertarian]13:25 PMyay
Julius Evola [TEN]13:25 PMya boi
Sir Zyklon13:25 PMyah
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:25 PMyay
Odessos[SPQR]13:25 PMYay
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:26 PMany objections?
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:26 PMfathjer ted I vote to keep all we have
already with the option to add secondary ministeries that can also be
Talos[Ind]13:26 PMabstain
retardation station [RMP]13:26 PMsecond julius
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:26 PMya
Odessos[SPQR]13:26 PMI think some of the current might be eligible for
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:26 PMyay*
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:26 PM&gt;implying forestery isn't improtant
retardation station [RMP]13:26 PMi think the line of succession should
be selected from among the cabinet
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:26 PMSecond ted
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:26 PMI mean julius
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:26 PMokay, hold up. The ministries of the govt and
the shadow govt were a bit mix-matched. Julius is proposing we keep the
govt ministries?
retardation station [RMP]13:27 PMbut non-permanent positions shouldn't
be allowed into succession
It will change when a new PM Is elected.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:27 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:27 PMif i my explain my proposal regarding ministries,
Which should happen inside the next week.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:27 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:27 PMI think we should give the PM the right to
add/abolish certain ministries, but not the core ones
retardation station [RMP]13:27 PMaye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:27 PMwell i speak of my perspectoive, I only
know the shadow one. I think we keep all of both sides, merging doubles
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:27 PMgo ahead lovecraft
So we establish core ministeries.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:27 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:27 PMPM is allowed to create/dissolve cabinet posts
when forming government, to a minimum of Five, and maximum of Ten; 3 of
the total ministries must be Defense, Foreign Affairs, Exchequer;
Sir Zyklon13:28 PMwith shadow cabinet right?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:28 PMso those three core ministires should probably be
the line of succession,
@Kac you're saying that shadow ministers and ministers rule the ministry
together?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:28 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:28 PMsecond lovecraft
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:28 PMshadow cab is a given, zyklon
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:28 PMduring coalition negotiation MPs demand
ministeries... if they lose it due to outside debate it'll not be a
negotiable value and create insecurity
A minimum of five, so we figure out what the other two bare minimum
ministries are.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:28 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:28 PMand I would suggest
Exchequer&gt;FA&gt;MoD, because MoD is already the most
desired/powerful, so making him first in line makes the seat over mighty
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:28 PM@Julius, that's why we give the PM flexibility
with his cabinet
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMwell, the idea is,
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:29 PMexcept for the essential 3
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:29 PMTEN believes culture to be essential
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMthe PM can say "Ministry of Forestry + Ministry
of Labour, + three core,"
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMand then the next minister could remove MoL and
MoF to replace with, say, Ministry of Religion and Ministry of Education,
Lovecraft [RMP]13:29 PMthe next PM that is
retardation station [RMP]13:30 PMi agree
Odessos[SPQR]13:30 PMI second Lovecraft
retardation station [RMP]13:30 PMvote?
Sir Zyklon13:30 PMno objection
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:30 PMokay quiet here i'll call a vote
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:30 PMI vote aye to my pproposal
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:30 PMi'm back, sorry for inactivity, can someone
tell me what proposal we are voting now?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:30 PMthank you
retardation station [RMP]13:30 PMlovecraft's
Central ministries unless I'm mistaken.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:30 PM
I mean, required ministries.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:31 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:31 PMroger that
Castor [Libertarian]13:31 PMwhy should there be a a ministry of religion?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:31 PM3 Core ministries and PM powers to establish a
maximum of 10 and a minimum of 5
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:31 PMyay or nay
retardation station [RMP]13:31 PMyay
Yay.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:31 PM
Odessos[SPQR]13:31 PMYay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:31 PMyay
Lovecraft [RMP]13:31 PMyay
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:31 PMyay
Sir Zyklon13:31 PMyah
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:31 PMyay
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:31 PMAbstain
Talos[Ind]13:31 PMyeh
Castor [Libertarian]13:31 PMabstain
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:31 PMYay
retardation station [RMP]13:31 PMthat's majority
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:32 PM10 yays 2 abstains I believe
Lovecraft [RMP]13:32 PMhow many representatives are present today?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:32 PManyone know how many are present before we
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:32 PMnay
Lovecraft [RMP]13:32 PMfor future reference
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:32 PM2 from spqr
Lovecraft [RMP]13:32 PMroll call?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:32 PM10 yays, 1 nay, 2 abstentions
Lovecraft [RMP]13:32 PM2 from RMP
I see 15 dots in the side thee.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:32 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:32 PM2 From NatSoc
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:32 PMHere
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:32 PMhere
Castor [Libertarian]13:33 PMPresent
Castor and I are both for Libertarian.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:33 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:33 PM3 from TED because one dude showed up
a tad late
Sir Zyklon13:33 PMpresent
Talos[Ind]13:33 PMTalos for the Independents of the House
retardation station [RMP]13:33 PMthat's 15
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:33 PMhere
Well one dude was invited as an Independent. He oined your party
later.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:33 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:33 PMTEN merged, we represent 2 parties with 3 MPs
Julius Evola [TEN]13:33 PMhe
Julius Evola [TEN]13:33 PMre
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:33 PMREEEEEE
Sir Zyklon13:33 PMREESE
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:33 PMshould we have 3 TEN MPs here?
retardation station [RMP]13:34 PMno
Talos[Ind]13:34 PMSlyMinx is around for the Cerbs
Julius Evola [TEN]13:34 PMwe're 2 parties so yea
No, we agreed mad 2.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
Julius Evola [TEN]13:34 PM2 per party
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:34 PMdoes one want to an hero for us
So either he goes back to being Independent or as his own
party.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
Sir Zyklon13:34 PMyour one party, TEN
And you guys can merge later.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:34 PMFederation and TEN merged. 2 parties 3
MPs. Roughneck got the email before we even merged
Merger implies one party.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
Castor [Libertarian]13:34 PMindeed
El Che [SA] joined
Julius Evola [TEN]13:34 PMI'll an hero anyway
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:34 PMstill, we can't have over rep
Hello Che.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:34 PM
Julius Evola [TEN]13:34 PMhave shit to do
El Che [SA] left
Lovecraft [RMP]13:35 PMhaha
Sir Zyklon13:35 PMLao
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:35 PMche is kill
Lovecraft [RMP]13:35 PMtook one look around and bailed
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:35 PMBye che
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:35 PMokay julius thanks for participating
Fucking Che.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:35 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:35 PMi see the commies are busy
retardation station [RMP]13:35 PMkek
Julius Evola [TEN]13:35 PMau revoir
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:35 PMbye
Laters.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:35 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:35 PMo/
Lovecraft [RMP]13:35 PMplotting more bolshevist skullduggery no doubt
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:35 PMkeke
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:35 PMplotting a coup d'etat
Odessos[SPQR]13:35 PMLater, Evola
Sir Zyklon13:35 PMSoon ooh
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:35 PMokay lovecraft, next on the agenda?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:35 PMalright, so with 14 members are we passing things
with 2/3 or simple majority, just to clarify
Lovecraft [RMP]13:35 PMbefore moving on
I don't know if someone wants to set up a stream so the niggas in the
thread can watch or not.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:35 PM
Julius Evola [TEN] left
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:36 PMi'll refrain from voting unless there is a tie
I don't care so long as the password doesn't get out.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:36 PM
Sir Zyklon13:36 PMsimple majority
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:36 PMwe should, but i don't kown how
retardation station [RMP]13:36 PMwhat have we agreed on so far?
Odessos[SPQR]13:36 PMSomebody with a good internet connection.
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:36 PMsimple majority
I'm on a toaster, so I'm out.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:36 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:36 PMsimple
Lovecraft [RMP]13:36 PMi feel simply majority is fair
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:36 PMNot me, on 4G
Odessos[SPQR]13:36 PMMy upload speed is &lt;1mb/s
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:36 PMi'll remind you station
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:37 PMnot me.on <http://me.on> 15gb a month
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMmine in 100, how to i stream
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:37 PMi demand payment for the time sacrified in
a pseude mock UN made for a tibetan crayon art sharing board
Lovecraft [RMP]13:37 PMalright, so next on the agenda, we have confirmed
that there must be 3 core ministires, that the PM shall appoint not less
than two and not more than seven additional ministires,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:37 PMi have 1gb/sec connection
Set up a twitch or some such.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:37 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:37 PMfor a total of 5-10
Castor [Libertarian]13:37 PM"tibetan crayon art sharing board"?
kek.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:37 PM
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:37 PMI have to work in 10 so not me
retardation station [RMP]13:37 PMlet's vote on that
Lovecraft [RMP]13:37 PMso are we confirming that the three core
ministries shall be 1) Ministry of Defense, 2) Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, 3) Chancellor of the Exchequer?
retardation station [RMP]13:38 PMsecond
Odessos[SPQR]13:38 PMAye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:38 PM1) Names of Chambers, 2) House of Plebs,
subject to further debate, 3.) Alternating times for sessions foru UK US
Auzzy on different days, 4) secure Salts, 5) elected PM, cabinet with 3
core ministries and a max of 10, min of 5
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:38 PM
Sir Zyklon13:38 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]13:38 PMyay
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:38 PMaye
SlyMinx [Cerberus]13:38 PMAye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:38 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:38 PMyea
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:38 PMAye
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:38 PMabstain
Talos[Ind]13:39 PMabstain
retardation station [RMP]13:39 PM10 yay, 2 abstain
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:39 PMPassed
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:39 PMbefore we move on, is anyone prepared to
stream this?
I believe Ivs was.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:39 PM
Sir Zyklon13:40 PMI'm on phone
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:40 PMyeah, on it
Odessos[SPQR]13:40 PMAll right, we can move on
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:40 PMAlso new thread
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:40 PMLovecraft, next proposal?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:40 PMnext, shall we establish the line of succession
as 1) Prime Minister, 2) Chancellor of the Exchequer, 3) Minister of
Foreign Affairs, 4) Minister of Defense?
If you've got it up we can put it in the OP of the next thread.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:40 PM
Talos[Ind]13:40 PMAlso, was it decided that new member must wait 24
hours before joining a party?
Sir Zyklon13:41 PMswitch 3 and 4
Castor [Libertarian]13:41 PMthats only for new members right? not
existing member?
Lovecraft made it like that on purpose since MoD is so
powerful.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:41 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:41 PMi agree with zyklon, switch mod and mofa
Talos[Ind]13:41 PMNot for existing
Lovecraft [RMP]13:41 PMi was of the impression that weekly
"elections"/roll calls cover the issue of inactive members?
Castor [Libertarian]13:41 PMjust checking
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:41 PMI don't really see how we can enforce the 24
hr rule. Role call would be much easier
Lovecraft [RMP]13:41 PMI have no concerns with switching MoD and MoFA
Rollcall IS simpler.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:41 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:41 PMDon't we still have deputy PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:41 PMforeign affairs should come after defense
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:42 PMi agree with swt=itching the two also
But, yes, it sounds good.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:42 PM
Talos[Ind]13:42 PMRight, role call replaces it
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:42 PMHere
No we don't. Locke is De factor speaker, but he's away at a
conference.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:42 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:42 PMshall we establish the line of succession as 1)
Prime Minister, 2) Chancellor of the Exchequer, 3) Minister of Defense,
4) Minister of Foreign Affairs?
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:42 PMaye
Sir Zyklon13:42 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:42 PMyay or nay
retardation station [RMP]13:42 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:42 PMaye
Castor [Libertarian]13:42 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:42 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]13:42 PMnote: Chancellor of the Exchequer, having few
other duties, is essentially deputy PM
Talos[Ind]13:42 PMaye
Oh wait, what about Deputy Minister?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:42 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:42 PMaye, assuming no Deputy PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:42 PMyea
Oh, right. Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:43 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:43 PM10 for
Odessos[SPQR]13:43 PMAye
Sir Zyklon13:43 PMwait
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:43 PM11
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:43 PMpassed
Sir Zyklon13:43 PMno deputy ministry?
retardation station [RMP]13:43 PMno point
Sir Zyklon13:43 PMno matter
Sir Zyklon13:43 PMnext
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:43 PMbefore we move on, did we agree on a roll call
and the specific time for it?
retardation station [RMP]13:44 PMsunday i think
Lovecraft [RMP]13:44 PMi believe we agreed it should be once weekly on
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Lovecraft [RMP]13:44 PMbut i dont beleive a specific time was set
Castor [Libertarian]13:44 PMjust out of curiosity how long do you guy's
think this will be I have to get ready to go for dinner at around 5, I
didn't know I was going to be filling in for Locke.
Talos[Ind]13:44 PMI thought Saturday 8, Sunday 2
Sunday, but not a specific time.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:44 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
We could call for a recess soon.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:44 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:44 PMany time on sunday seems reasonable
Odessos[SPQR]13:44 PMCastor, you can call in some other member of your party
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:44 PMgood idea catharsis
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:44 PMyeah, i need breakfast
SlyMinx [Cerberus] left
Odessos[SPQR]13:44 PMI'm here as a replacement
retardation station [RMP]13:45 PMany time afther 8 sunday
Talos[Ind]13:45 PMI work in about an hour
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:45 PMgive the libs time to draft in a new member if
needs be
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:45 PMi'm getting tired
Sir Zyklon13:45 PMI work 4-10 eastern Sunday
Lovecraft [RMP]13:45 PMshall we agree on how long this session should last?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:45 PMor are we attempting to finish the convention in
one sitting?
retardation station [RMP]13:45 PMi work 11-8 sunday
mm. 4 hours?Catharsis [Libertarian]13:45 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:45 PMest
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:45 PMshall we adjourn for a short break ?
Castor [Libertarian]13:45 PMlol sorry didnt mean to cause a domino effect
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:45 PMit lasted 2 hours. long enough for unpaid
retardation station [RMP]13:46 PMhow long would the break be
It's alright, I was thinking we needed a breather a bit ago.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:46 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:46 PMYES, we need a break
Up to Ted.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:46 PM
Sir Zyklon13:46 PMwait guys. what's left
Odessos[SPQR]13:46 PMOkay, break, then we continue.
Lots and lots and lots.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:46 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:46 PMa lot zyklon, lol
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:46 PM30 min break yay or nay
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
We're only on Article 1.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:46 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:46 PMyea
Yay.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:46 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:46 PMyay
Sir Zyklon13:46 PMYat
Castor [Libertarian]13:46 PMyay
Odessos[SPQR]13:46 PMyay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:46 PMjeeeeeeeesus
Talos[Ind]13:46 PMabstain
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN]13:46 PMdat realism
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:46 PMThe supreme statesman agrees
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:46 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:47 PMokay, starting in 5 mins
Odessos[SPQR]13:47 PMRecap of decisions agreed on
Castor [Libertarian]13:47 PMcan anyone sit in for me Cath, since I'm
going for dinner?
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Lovecraft [RMP]13:47 PMwho was our secretary? i forgot
retardation station [RMP]13:47 PMcastor
Castor is.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:47 PM
retardation station [RMP]13:47 PMwe'll need to vote a new one in
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:47 PMwe will come back at 10.20pm GMt, 6.20 pm EST
Talos[Ind] left
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:48 PMyou are free to leave
Sir Zyklon13:48 PM5:20?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:48 PM30 minutes is 5:20 EST i believe
retardation station [RMP]13:48 PMbye
I'll see if I can find a replacement for you Castor.Catharsis
[Libertarian]13:48 PM
retardation station [RMP] left
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:48 PMoh sorry guys
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:48 PMi'm GMT
Roughneck [TEN Federation]13:48 PMok, showwer and breakfast for me.
Sir Zyklon13:48 PM5:30 est. we resume.
Castor [Libertarian]13:48 PMsorry about this Catharsis, I would have
made other plans had I known last night that I would be here haha
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
It's alright, we didn't know about this.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:49 PM
That Locke wouldn't be here, I mean.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:49 PM
Julius Kaczsinki [TEN] left
Lovecraft [RMP]13:49 PMcastor, do you have the minutes recorded to hand
off to your replacement?
Lovecraft [RMP]13:49 PMie brief notes
Talos[Ind] joined
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:49 PMI have minutes recorded, i'll remind everyone
when we resume
Lovecraft [RMP]13:50 PMok
Castor [Libertarian]13:50 PMI have only the chat saved for now, I was
going to write up notes later, I wasn't aware of how long this would last
Lovecraft [RMP]13:50 PMno problem
Sir Zyklon13:50 PMfinally enough time to pack a bowl
Castor [Libertarian]13:50 PMlol
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:51 PMlol
Lovecraft [RMP]13:51 PMyou degenerate you!
Castor [Libertarian]13:51 PMI didn't know Nazi's smoked
kek.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:51 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:51 PMtbh my bowl is waiting for when we finish, as i
need my wits about me
Sir Zyklon13:51 PMonly ganja
Castor [Libertarian]13:51 PMI thought that contributed to the decline or
the race or something
Castor [Libertarian]13:51 PMof*
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:51 PMOur Fuhrer blazin it
Sir Zyklon13:51 PMthat's what the jews want you to think
Well, I'll be right back.Catharsis [Libertarian]13:51 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation] left
Castor [Libertarian]13:51 PMHitler was very anti tobacco for God sake
lol, he hated having people smoking in the bunker with him nearby
Castor [Libertarian]13:52 PMI doubt he would have been pro weed
Sir Zyklon13:52 PMew tobaccos
Odessos[SPQR]13:52 PMhe was very anti tobacco, but he was on some
medicinal drugs I believe
ThePurifier [AutSoc]13:52 PMHe actually passed the first anti-smoking
law from what I heard
Odessos[SPQR]13:52 PMin his later years
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:52 PMapparantly he needed a cocktail of drugs to
function towards the end
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:52 PMidk if thats just jew media
Castor [Libertarian]13:52 PMwas he on any coke, I know for a while back
then people thought coke was a miracle drug
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:53 PMhe was on a cocktail of downers and uppers and
adrenaline and shit
Sir Zyklon13:53 PMCoke Is a hell of a drug
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:53 PMmorphine
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Castor [Libertarian]13:53 PMlol alright Rick James
Illusive Man [Cerberus]13:53 PMAight, see y'all later
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:53 PMsee ya soon
Sir Zyklon13:53 PMsee yah
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:53 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:53 PMsorry for incompetence
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:54 PMdo you guys see it?\
Odessos[SPQR]13:54 PMGuy had a pretty high Constitution stat I'd say, he
survived shot, shrapnel and gas in war, street shootouts in the 20s and
over 100 assassination attempts
Sir Zyklon13:55 PMcan someone else confirm I have over 6 million tabs open
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Castor [Libertarian]13:55 PMciao for now fellows, If Catharsis can't
find anyone and I have a quick dinner perhaps I can join in mid session.
Sir Zyklon13:55 PMthat was quick
Odessos[SPQR]13:56 PMbon apetit, Castor
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Castor [Libertarian]13:56 PMthank you Odessos
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:56 PMdoes the stream work?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:56 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]13:56 PMits working for me
Castor [Libertarian] left
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:56 PMthanks
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:56 PMi have so many tabs open
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:56 PMnow, who makes another OP
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:56 PMwith the stream for the plebs
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:56 PM?
Odessos[SPQR]13:56 PMcatharsis said he might do it
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:57 PMcatharsis yea
Odessos[SPQR]13:57 PMthe break should run its course
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:57 PMwe have break now?
Odessos[SPQR]13:57 PMYes.
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:57 PMgonna go and stretch my legs
Odessos[SPQR]13:57 PMGood idea, I'll get something to drink.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:57 PMok, when do we get back to the discussions?
FatherTed [NatSoc]13:57 PMback in 20 minutes
Sir Zyklon13:58 PM5:30 estate
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:58 PMthanks
FatherTed [NatSoc] left
Sir Zyklon14:01 PMCan I appoint my shadow ministers or are we holding
off on cabinet?
FatherTed [NatSoc] joined
Odessos[SPQR]14:02 PMI think we'll quickly decide on that
lllusive Man [Cerberus] joined
lllusive Man [Cerberus] left
lllusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Sir Zyklon14:05 PMlmfao the .doc
Lovecraft [RMP]14:05 PMi believe the parts we have passed allow you to
appoint up to ten shadow ministers, three of whom must be MoD,
Chancellor, MoFA; in practice, you would probably choose to just appoint
shadow-versions of the ruling cabinet, instead of making your shadow
ministries completely unrecognizable in relation to the government's
Lovecraft [RMP]14:05 PMbut part of your campaign promise can be to
create/remove certain ministries
Roughneck [TEN Federation] joined
lllusive Man [Cerberus]14:06 PMSo is someone working on a new thread?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:06 PMafter the break
Sir Zyklon14:06 PMI just didn't know if it was legal to do so yet, I
have empty cabinet seats after becoming Leader
Iv, do you have your stream set up?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:07 PM
I need the link for the new OP.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:07 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:07 PMto my understanding, we will need to have a
roll-call after ratifying the constitution, and then a new government
will be formed based on the makeup of the new House of Patricians,
Lovecraft [RMP]14:07 PMso you dont actually need a shadow cabinet yet
because you arent technically in opposition
Sir Zyklon14:08 PMthanks for clearing that up
lllusive Man [Cerberus] left
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:08 PMwe are nearly finished Lovecraft's document,
but we skipped some of his stuff
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:08 PMgood morning to you all.
Sun up in the Underworld then?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:08 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:08 PMstarting it now
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:08 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:08 PMi'll finalise the roll call and get something
agreed when we reconvene
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:09 PMlocal time is 7:09 am
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:09 PM00:09
Sir Zyklon14:10 PMit's 5:09pm here
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:10 PM^same here
Sir Zyklon14:11 PMbased America
Odessos[SPQR]14:11 PM0:11 here
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:11 PMi remember this one stupid person when
i was in school who said "i think us aussies are cunts" "we are like, a
day ahead of the Americans, why didnt we tell them about 9/11?"
Trotsky joined
Trotsky14:11 PMHi ppl
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:11 PMAve
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:11 PMA socialist at last
Lovecraft [RMP]14:12 PMthats hilarious roughneck
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:12 PMthere hasnt been a Socialist on all
Sir Zyklon14:12 PMfucking lmfao
lllusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Sir Zyklon14:12 PMEl che was for like 5 seconds
Lovecraft [RMP]14:12 PMi met a girl from west virginia once who didn't
know what World War 1-2 were called, she said "you know, that war where
there was the first one and then the other one?"
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:12 PMtrue
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:13 PMBusy plotting a world socialist republic i see?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:13 PMcan you please post the link to the new thread
lllusive Man [Cerberus] left
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:13 PMif it's finished
Trotsky14:13 PMoh right
Trotsky14:13 PMhe said he was busy
Odessos[SPQR]14:13 PMnot up yet
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:13 PMgod damn lovecraft
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:13 PMis video feed working for you guys?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:13 PMyes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:13 PMthanks
Sir Zyklon14:14 PMja
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:14 PMwell, let's wait for the other fags to join
Trotsky14:14 PMcan I get a quick update plz :^)
Sir Zyklon14:14 PMTed has one I think
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:15 PM1) Names of Chambers, 2) House of Plebs,
subject to further debate, 3.) Alternating times for sessions foru UK US
Auzzy on different days, 4) secure Salts, 5) elected PM, cabinet with 3
core ministries and a max of 10, min of 5, 6.) order of succession: PM,
chancellor of the exchequer, Minister of defence, minister of foreign
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:15 PMthat's what we have agreed on
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:15 PMand also, that spring rolls are dog shit
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:16 PMHave we also agreed on roll call?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:16 PMi'm gonna finalise the day for the roll call
when we resume
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:16 PMmost likely sunday though
Trotsky14:17 PMHouse of Plebs, subject to further debate
Trotsky14:17 PMany conclusions so far ?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:17 PMyea we couldn't agree on the format
Sir Zyklon14:17 PMit will exist
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:17 PMbut we agreed taht there should be one when we
figure out a good voting mechanism
Trotsky14:17 PMok good
Trotsky14:17 PMwe socialist will fully support the pleb house
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:18 PMhaha so do NstSoc for obvious reasons
Sir Zyklon14:18 PMYes...... yes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:20 PMtest
retardation station [RMP] joined
Sir Zyklon14:21 PMYfw weirdo sociologists are probably studying this
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:21 PMsaving it for posterity
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:22 PMsociologists lol
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:22 PMyfw the Republicans are studying this
for what they cant say
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:22 PMyfw no face
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:22 PMhow to appeal to NEET voters
Jesus fuck. "YOUR POST IS SPAM REFORMAT"Catharsis [Libertarian]14:22 PM
Sir Zyklon14:23 PMmaybe mods will let us govern the board IL lel
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:23 PMthat... that would be scary
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:23 PMjust tell them we're having this session and
give them the link in the OP
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:24 PMyou can reply the rest
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:24 PMwe'd have to contend with the current
mod. ben 'when dealing with yids, start with the kids' garrision
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:24 PM=)))))
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:24 PMben 'when dealing with yids, start with the
kids' garrision
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:24 PMkek'd hard
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Odessos[SPQR]14:25 PMRoll call
retardation station [RMP]14:26 PMhere
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:26 PMIllusive here
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:26 PMhere
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:26 PMhere
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:26 PMhere
Sir Zyklon14:26 PMhere
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:26 PMhere
Trotsky14:26 PMhere
Talos[Ind]14:26 PMwat
Sir Zyklon14:26 PM9?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:26 PM10
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:26 PMmissing 4/5
Lovecraft [RMP]14:26 PMhere
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:26 PMoh well...
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:27 PMmy other party member fucked off somewhere
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:27 PM11
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:27 PM12 dots on the side
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:27 PMdo we have at least 1 per party at least?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:27 PM1 for Cerb
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:27 PMlooks like it
Sir Zyklon14:27 PM2 NatSoc
retardation station [RMP]14:27 PM2 rmp
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:27 PM2 spqr
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:27 PM1 for TEN
? I'm here I'm just not paying attention because I'm trying to stab this
thread into workingCatharsis [Libertarian]14:27 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN] joined
Talos[Ind]14:27 PM1 Independent for now
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:28 PMlibs have 1 at least
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:28 PM2 for TEN now
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:28 PMoui
Fuuuuuuuck.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:28 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:28 PMwhat6 did i miss?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:28 PMyeah, we're almost here
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:28 PMa lot nigga
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:28 PM:O
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:28 PMwe have enough to proceed, we'll wait for
catharsis to start the thread
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:28 PMagreed
retardation station [RMP]14:28 PMcan you recap?
Sir Zyklon14:28 PMseconded
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:28 PMI was merely at the buffet grabbing some
nice snadwiches paid by the taxpayer
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:29 PM1) Names of Chambers (Patricians &amp;
Plebs), 2) House of Plebs will exist in the future, subject to further
debate on how they vote, 3.) Alternating times for sessions with UK, USA
and Auzzie each getting a day suiting their time zones, 4) Secure Salts,
5) PM elected by Patricians, cabinet with 3 core ministries (chancellor
of the Exchequer, Defence, Foreign Affairs) and a max of 10 ministries,
min of 5; 6.) order of succession: PM, chancellor of the exchequer,
Minister of defence, minister of foreign affairs
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:29 PMMight be out for a sec, grabbing a table
at buffet
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:29 PMthis is what we have agreed on
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:29 PMso I missed nuffins
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:29 PMwhen we get started i'll finalise the roll call
retardation station [RMP]14:29 PMwe have to vote on a secretary
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:29 PMdon't worry we're gonna recap at the start of
the session
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:29 PMwe took a break julius
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:29 PMyou missed a good ben garrision joke
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:29 PMI know. I was here before the break :^)
Fucking finally.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:29 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:30 PMlink to thread
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:30 PM?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:30 PMSPQR didnt seem to be present before i left
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:30 PMwe were
Odessos[SPQR]14:30 PMI am present
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:30 PMi was trying to set up the stream
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:30 PMoh right odessos
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:30 PModessos was there, sorry
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:31 PMi know all 6 million ben garrison jokes
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:31 PMkek [Libertarian]14:31 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:31 PMfuck you, that made me smile
Sir Zyklon14:31 PMkek
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:32 PMwe ready to recap?
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:32 PMindeed
Lovecraft [RMP]14:32 PMi beleive so
I'm here now. Did Trotk-- yep.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:33 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:33 PMOkay, we agreed on a number of things. I'll
post a copypasta I will building up throughout
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:33 PM1) Names of Chambers (Patricians &amp;
Plebs), 2) House of Plebs will exist in the future, subject to further
debate on how they vote, 3.) Alternating times for sessions with UK, USA
and Auzzie each getting a day suiting their time zones, 4) Secure Salts,
5) PM elected by Patricians, cabinet with 3 core ministries (chancellor
of the Exchequer, Defence, Foreign Affairs) and a max of 10 ministries,
min of 5; 6.) order of succession: PM, chancellor of the exchequer,
Minister of defence, minister of foreign affairs
retardation station [RMP]14:34 PMdo we have any secretary nominations?
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:34 PMYes
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:34 PMFirst thing we have to do now is agree on the
frequency of roll calls and the day of the roll call
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:34 PMonce a wekk, on a sunday?
Odessos[SPQR]14:34 PMAye
Lovecraft [RMP]14:34 PMi thought we agreed on that,
Lovecraft [RMP]14:35 PMwe just need to determine how long it lasts and
what hour it starts
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:35 PMI don't know if we voted
Lovecraft [RMP]14:35 PMim not sure, but i thought we did
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:35 PM6 hours?
I believe we said once a week on sunday, but I'm not sure if there was a
vote.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:35 PM
retardation station [RMP]14:35 PMi don't remember voting
Lovecraft [RMP]14:35 PMcant hurt to revote, though we could just ask for
objections since everyone seems to agree
Or we can have the speaker/secretary for each timezone send us rollcoll
over who participated an use that.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:35 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:35 PMaye
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:35 PMokay then, how long should it be open for?
retardation station [RMP]14:35 PM12 hours
retardation station [RMP]14:36 PMso all time zones can get in
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:36 PMtrue
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Sir Zyklon14:36 PM24 hours
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:36 PMaye zyklon
Lovecraft [RMP]14:36 PMi think if we could swing it, 24 hours would be
retardation station [RMP]14:36 PMok
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:36 PMshould we have a unique thread for a roll call?
Lovecraft [RMP]14:36 PMthe downside is that it requires more
coordination among speakers
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Talos[Ind]14:36 PMEach party would need someone to tally it. Or one
person elected to do it.
Sir Zyklon14:37 PMmaybe our wiki?
True. And for 'em to have secretary of notes and th elike.Catharsis
[Libertarian]14:37 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:37 PMthat sounds like a fair way of doing it Zyklon
Odessos[SPQR]14:37 PMwe archive the threads anyway
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:37 PMwiki everyone?
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:37 PMwiki
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:37 PMAye
retardation station [RMP]14:37 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:37 PMaye
Sir Zyklon14:37 PMaye
I'd be up for us doing it on the Wiki.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:37 PM
Talos[Ind]14:37 PMIt could be faked by party leaders to keep fake seats
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:37 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:37 PMaye
So wikiofficers of some kind?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:37 PM
Sir Zyklon14:37 PMseconded
Lovecraft [RMP]14:37 PMwait, what are we voting on
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:37 PMAye to officers
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:37 PMthere's no Iggys here
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:38 PMto have the roll call on the wiki
retardation station [RMP]14:38 PMwe can check the archives
Talos[Ind]14:38 PMThough Wiki is best
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:38 PMI wish we could just be honest
Lovecraft [RMP]14:38 PMwell, how would that work, everyone has to sign
in with his own account to sign a roll call in the wiki?
Talos[Ind]14:38 PMIf we do wiki and thread it'll work.
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:38 PMWho has Admin rights to wiki?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:38 PMOP
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:38 PMOP
retardation station [RMP]14:38 PMrollcall in thread, archived on wiki
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:38 PMJoseph gobbles
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:39 PMIs gobbles OP?
We do both -- two pronged approach is best.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:39 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:39 PMpretty damn sure
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:39 PMAye Cat
Sir Zyklon14:39 PMMandatory reply post. cross check wiki
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:39 PMgobbles is op
Oh, we got OP in here?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:39 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:39 PM&gt;mandatory reply post. cross check wiki
Lovecraft [RMP]14:39 PMthat sounds good
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:40 PM^
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
retardation station [RMP]14:40 PMsecond
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:40 PMroll call post may contain propaganda
Sir Zyklon14:40 PMkey
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:40 PMeveryone agreed? yay or nay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:40 PMyay
retardation station [RMP]14:40 PMyay
Yay.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:40 PM
Talos[Ind]14:40 PMAye
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:40 PMaye
Lovecraft [RMP]14:40 PMyea
Trotsky14:40 PMaye
Sir Zyklon14:40 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:40 PMya
Odessos[SPQR]14:40 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:40 PMy
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:40 PMfeels good having no iggies ITT
Sir Zyklon14:41 PMfeelsgoodman
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:41 PMpassed
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:41 PMdoes this cover the wiki preservation act?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:41 PMwhat happens to long-established MPs who miss
the roll call
The Wiki Preservation Act - A governing body must be appointed to
oversee the maintenance and protection from vandalism of the
Wiki.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:41 PM
They temporarily lose their seats and power unless they can prove
they've been there since the last rollcall?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:41 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:42 PMyeah, i think there are a few details that need
to be spelled out,
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:42 PMi'd say so cath
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:42 PMthe seats are immediately regained upon return
Sir Zyklon14:42 PMsounds like a punishment though
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:42 PMit is
Lovecraft [RMP]14:42 PMhave we determined that we are staying with the
system wherein throughout the week, anyone can claim a seat by posting
in thread,
Lovecraft [RMP]14:42 PMbut then on sunday, anyone who misses roll-call
is removed?
Talos[Ind]14:42 PMAny member should be able to report in a reason to be
Lovecraft [RMP]14:42 PMdo we have the provisional independent/24 hour
waiting period still?
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:42 PM^yes
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:42 PMsounds about right, lovecraft.
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:42 PMremoved for elections until next appearance?
Lovecraft [RMP]14:43 PMyeah, i think that's fair, then; if you miss
roll-call you can still come back, you just wont count as a seat for
determining majorities until you do
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:43 PMan inactive list is set up, with people who
are no longer MPS, but can easily regain their status
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:43 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:43 PMit would cut down on Goldstein and
iggy's proxyfagging as well
Sir Zyklon14:43 PMI guess everyone should be able to make it in 24 hours
That sounds good.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:43 PM
Sir Zyklon14:43 PMaye ted
Talos[Ind]14:43 PMAye.
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:43 PMaye
Odessos[SPQR]14:43 PMaye
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:43 PMaye
retardation station [RMP]14:43 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:44 PMaye
Trotsky14:44 PMaye
Sir Zyklon14:44 PMwe should keep note of how long they have been inactive
Talos[Ind]14:44 PMAlright Gents I have to go make some shekels. Toodles
you bastards.
Talos[Ind] left
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:44 PMpassed for inactives removed and placed on a
separate list
Sir Zyklon14:44 PMthen remove from list after x time
Lovecraft [RMP]14:44 PMthe more paperwork we add, the harder it is for
speakers to keep on top of it
The longer they're gone the harder it is for them to get their powers
back without starting over?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:44 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:44 PMkeep on inactive list indefinitely.
True.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:44 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:45 PM1mo on inactive liost
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:45 PMlist
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:45 PMhmm
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:45 PMif they do not respond in 1 month
retardation station [RMP]14:45 PMput the date when they were added down,
after 4 weeks remove from inactive list
Trotsky14:45 PMare the party leaders responsible to keep track who is
inactive ?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:45 PMit's game over
Lovecraft [RMP]14:45 PMi think its fair to just say, if an MP has the
willpower to come back, he gets another shot, if he misses roll-call,
hes out until he comes back; we don't really need to be too punitivie or
The Speaker and his minions can decide for themselves whether to remove
MPS from the list after x-amount of timeCatharsis [Libertarian]14:45 PM
?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:45 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:45 PMwe're having weekly roll-call
Sir Zyklon14:45 PMtoo much power
Lovecraft [RMP]14:45 PMspeakers don't decide on it, its hardwired into
the constitution
Fair enough.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:46 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:46 PMshould the inactive list be indefinite?
retardation station [RMP]14:46 PM4 weeks to be removed from inactive list?
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Lovecraft [RMP]14:46 PMwait, what are we discussing now?
Lovecraft [RMP]14:46 PMyou mean before they're deleted from the inactive
list all together?
retardation station [RMP]14:46 PMwhen you miss a rollcall, you're put on
a list
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:47 PMI vote against deletion
retardation station [RMP]14:47 PMso that you can rejoin parliament
Yes. That's what I'd meant.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:47 PM
retardation station [RMP]14:47 PMafter 4 weeks you should have to rejoin
as pleb
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:47 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:47 PM4 weeks on inactive and you're gone.
retardation station [RMP]14:47 PMabsenteeism is a scourge
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:47 PMaye
Sir Zyklon14:47 PMafter 4 weeks you are removed and must be re elected
Lovecraft [RMP]14:47 PMi don't think that's really necessary is it? its
a bit more flexible if its just up to you to show up again
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:47 PMaye for 4 weeks
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:47 PMI think the list should be indefinite because
we can't stop MPs coming back after 5 weeks and using the same name
Lovecraft [RMP]14:47 PM90% of inactives will never come back
retardation station [RMP]14:48 PMthey can use the same name
Lovecraft [RMP]14:48 PMso we don't really need to discipline the 10% that do
I still say we let the people in charge of maintaining roll
call/inactive list decide how long you have to be on it before you get
removed so long as it's a minimum of one month before removal.Catharsis
[Libertarian]14:48 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:48 PMor erect another barrier to participation
retardation station [RMP]14:48 PMthey just shouldn't be able to restart
as a patriarch
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:48 PMI'm in favour of flexibility. maybe the PM
must send in a small essay or well though put bill to show the
motivation to join as patrician again
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:48 PMnice statistical reseatch, lovecraft
Lovecraft [RMP]14:48 PMoh wait are we talking about an absentee PM?
Lovecraft [RMP]14:48 PMthank you Julius,
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
MPs.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:48 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:48 PMim a statistician by profession
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:48 PM;^)
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:48 PMthe inactive list could act as a sort or achive
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:49 PMarchive
retardation station [RMP]14:49 PMsure
retardation station [RMP]14:49 PMthey don't have to be deleted
We'll just have to keep timestamps on it.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:49 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:49 PMfor the jews to use against us
Lovecraft [RMP]14:49 PMi just think that any punitive measure against
inactives will only guarantee that they never come back
Sir Zyklon14:49 PMit would be useful to know how long someone has been gone
Date/time added to absentee list.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:49 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:49 PMwe can keep track of how many unique users
we've had
retardation station [RMP]14:49 PMbut they shouldn't be able to rejoin
from a position of power
Lovecraft [RMP]14:49 PMnobody's gonna wait four weeks to get back into
the game
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:49 PMI agree with lovecraft
Indefinite Absentee List WITH timestamps? Yay/Nay?Catharsis
[Libertarian]14:49 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:49 PMexcept maybe iggy
retardation station [RMP]14:49 PMyay
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:49 PMyay
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:49 PMI follow imperium of man doctrine: never
delete anything
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:50 PMyay
yayCatharsis [Libertarian]14:50 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:50 PMyea
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:50 PMyay
Sir Zyklon14:50 PMyay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:50 PMYay
Odessos[SPQR]14:50 PMyay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:50 PMaye iggy can rot in hell with his hero
Trotsky14:50 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:50 PMleave iggy alone :'(
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:50 PMindefinite absentee list with timestamps passed
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:50 PMok, what now
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:50 PMselects imaginary character as hero
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:50 PMit'S not even the emprah
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:51 PMtop haram
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:51 PMnext on Lovecraft's document is removing the PM
Odessos[SPQR]14:51 PMwe proceed
Sir Zyklon14:51 PM75%
Lovecraft [RMP]14:51 PMso, if i may spell it out legislatively,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:51 PMgo ahead
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:52 PMI. The government (Prime Minister and his
cabinet) shall be formed by majority vote in the House of Commons II. A
2/3rds vote of No Confidence by a Quorum of members of the House of
Commons shall remove the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, and trigger new
Lovecraft [RMP]14:52 PM"MPs stripped of their office due to failure to
present themselves during a calling of the rolls shall be removed from
parliament, and shall be placed on a list of Inactive MPs at the wiki.
They may be reinstated by appearing in the thread and standing for an MP
seat, as normal"
Lovecraft [RMP]14:52 PMsomething like that?
Sounds good, Lovecraft.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:52 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:52 PMjust because we need these things spelled out so
that Iggies dont mess with it
Lovecraft [RMP]14:52 PMby exploiting loopholes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:52 PMhouse of patricians instead of commons
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:52 PMyep
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:52 PMaye, lovecraft
retardation station [RMP]14:52 PMpatriarchy should vote on impeachment
Sir Zyklon14:52 PMobjection
Lovecraft [RMP]14:53 PMoh yes, i had two thoughts on this piece,
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:53 PMonly patriarchs have the right to vote on
Lovecraft [RMP]14:53 PM^
retardation station [RMP]14:53 PMsecond
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:53 PMcommons should not have that power because at
this moment we have no safety on voting
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:53 PMSecond Julius
Lovecraft [RMP]14:53 PMthis was written with my proposed Hoc/HoL makeup
in mind, so it does need a rewrite
ThePurifier [AutSoc]14:53 PMAlright guys I'm going to have to leave for work
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:53 PMAny member of the Patriarchy may introduce a
movement to impeach the PM. The process for impeaching the PM is; the
same process as described in Section 5, point 1 and 2 the impeachment
order will be voted on via thread, whereas a majority of 2/3 is required
to pass the order upon approval of the impeachment order by the
Patriarchy, an active Speaker shall dissolve parliament and call a
presidential and House of Plebians general election.
ThePurifier [AutSoc] left
We covered that bit earlier.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:53 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:53 PM^ a reminder of what the current constitution says
Lovecraft [RMP]14:54 PMmy two thoughts were that there are two systems
to choose from: either a simple majority vote of no confidence triggers
a new election, as in westminster, or we have impeachment with 2/3rds
majority as in american system,
Sir Zyklon14:54 PMI have have a proposal
retardation station [RMP]14:54 PMcurrent constitution is ok
Lovecraft [RMP]14:54 PMis probably clearer than mixing systems
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:54 PMsay it zyklon
retardation station [RMP]14:54 PMwe still have to vote on house of plebs
things tho
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:54 PMlater
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:54 PMthe less power the plebes has the better
Let's add the bit about the quorom to the current constitution.Catharsis
[Libertarian]14:54 PM
Sir Zyklon14:55 PMif a PM is voted out, their cabinet may vote in a new PM
Just not the house of commons quoron.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:55 PM
Trotsky14:55 PMwe need 2/3rds majority for impeachment
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:55 PMLeave the house of Plebes thing last, its
a complicated issue
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:55 PM^
Lovecraft [RMP]14:55 PMzyklon, wouldn't we follow line of succession in
the case of impeachment?
For impeachment 2/3rd.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:55 PM
Sir Zyklon14:55 PMuntil the vote may be had
Lovecraft [RMP]14:55 PMthe vote would be, Patricians, or Cabinet Ministers?
retardation station [RMP]14:56 PM2/3 for impeachment, then succession
Odessos[SPQR]14:56 PMPatricians
retardation station [RMP]14:56 PMpatricians
Lovecraft [RMP]14:56 PMso would the cabinet then be dissolved?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:56 PMhouse of plebes is just for show to keep
the non-citizens sedated
Lovecraft [RMP]14:56 PMas part of an impeachment?
I suppose it depends how long a government lasts. I suggested a month
since in internet terms a week might as well be a year.Catharsis
[Libertarian]14:56 PM
retardation station [RMP]14:56 PMsecond julius
Trotsky14:56 PMJulius, House of Plebs is just as important
retardation station [RMP]14:56 PMno
Trotsky14:56 PMin a democracy
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:56 PMcould we not have the best of both worlds,
with a vote of no confidence and a impeachment mechanism
Sir Zyklon14:56 PMalright. sussesion and new PM picks new cabinet
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:56 PMIt's an exclusive democracy
retardation station [RMP]14:56 PMthat's ignorant
Lovecraft [RMP]14:57 PMi think that's a good idea ted
Elaborate, Ted?Catharsis [Libertarian]14:57 PM
retardation station [RMP]14:57 PMjews can stack the anon votes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:57 PMlet's leave the house of plebs for last
Lovecraft [RMP]14:57 PMTrotsky, we are resolving the issue of the
bicameral Parliament later
Odessos[SPQR]14:57 PMHouse of plebs later
Illusive Man [Cerberus]14:57 PMThis is an Oligarchy, not a Democracy
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:57 PM^
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:57 PMThe vote of no confidence brings down the
entire governemt whilst the impeachment only brings down the PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:57 PMit should be
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:57 PMwe haven't finished the constitution yet
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:57 PMonly full citizens earned the right to vote
Yes, that sounds good.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:57 PM
Odessos[SPQR] left
Lovecraft [RMP]14:57 PMted, which would have the higher benchmark?
Lovecraft [RMP]14:57 PMie votes required
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:58 PMgovernment*
Sir Zyklon14:58 PMno dissolution of Parliament, that is gaya
retardation station [RMP]14:58 PMfull cabinet should be higher
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:58 PMsimple majority for vote of no confidence
FatherTed [NatSoc]14:58 PM2/3rds for impeachment?
retardation station [RMP]14:58 PMno the other way
Trotsky14:58 PMis the no confidence required in both houses ?
retardation station [RMP]14:58 PMimpeachment is less significant
retardation station [RMP]14:58 PMshut up trotshky
In one we're dragging an entire government down. In the other we're
dragging one man down. Swap it.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:58 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]14:58 PMfor now, the Patricians elect the PM and he forms
a cabinet
@Trotsky we've already decided that thre will be a House of Plebs, but
we haven't figured out how it'll work yet.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:59 PM
So we're disregarding it for now.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:59 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]14:59 PM^^^
Sir Zyklon14:59 PM23 for impeachment 34 for no confidence
Roughneck [TEN Federation]14:59 PMplebes come later
Sir Zyklon14:59 PMwtf
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]14:59 PMHouse of Plebs -&gt; market research :^)
Lovecraft [RMP]14:59 PMzyklon we don't want it to be impossible
That could work, Zyklon.Catharsis [Libertarian]14:59 PM
retardation station [RMP]14:59 PM12, 23
But it'd be hard.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:00 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:00 PMafter all, you only need a simple majority to
form a government
one half might as well be simple majority.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:00 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:00 PMthink of how hard it was to get 2/3rds to impeach
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:00 PMtrue
Lovecraft [RMP]15:00 PMohhhh
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:00 PMexactly lovecraft
Lovecraft [RMP]15:00 PMheres an idea
Sir Zyklon15:00 PMit was late
retardation station [RMP]15:00 PMhalf and 2thirds is better
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:00 PMit should be easier to impeach. the power
gets to the head of some autists
Lovecraft [RMP]15:00 PMwhat about just requiring a larger quorum for one
or the other
retardation station [RMP]15:00 PMsecodn
Sir Zyklon15:00 PMimpeachment should not be too easy
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:01 PMlet's live 50%+1 for impeach and 2/3 for vote
of no confidence
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:01 PMleave*
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:01 PMin our simulation it should
Sir Zyklon15:01 PMno way
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:01 PMbecause the option to coup d' etat is
difficult to roleplay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:01 PMarmed uprising on a mongolian basket
weaving board
Sir Zyklon15:01 PMany party with 50% majority can impeach
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:01 PMconfidence needs to be easier, because a govt
needs to have the constant approval of at least 50% of MPs to operate
Sir Zyklon15:01 PMthink about it
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:01 PMany party with 50% has the PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:01 PMI second Ivstinianvs... actually I'd even
be happy with 60% for impeachment
retardation station [RMP]15:01 PMany party with majority is in power
Lovecraft [RMP]15:01 PMthere are minority governments tho, ted
Lovecraft [RMP]15:02 PMthey just tend to be unstable
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:02 PMimpeachment needs to be 23rds so it can be
reserved for gross misconduct when even members of his own
partycoalition will outvote him
Lovecraft [RMP]15:02 PMwhat was the quorum we decided on for passing
Sir Zyklon15:02 PMPM is voted in by plebs
PM is voted by all of us right now.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:02 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:02 PMPM is voted by patriarchs
Trotsky15:03 PMisnt PM voted by Patriarchy ?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:03 PMwho is our secretary? lol
At least 10? I thik?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:03 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:03 PMLegislation should be 50% + 1
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:03 PMAmendments should be 60%
Did we replace Castor/Catharsis [Libertarian]15:03 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:03 PMwe didn't elect a secretary
retardation station [RMP]15:03 PMno
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:03 PMPM is voted by patriarchs, holy cow,
that's how it is. patriarchs select PM and remove PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:03 PMillusive is right
Lovecraft [RMP]15:03 PMwell, illusive, a quorum means we need 51%/60% of
X minimum MPs
Sir Zyklon15:03 PMwe are sliding ourselves
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:04 PM60% of X minimum MPs which need to belong
to several party
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:04 PMto prevent an emergency session called in
by only one large party
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:04 PMHow to amend?
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:04 PMwe need to call a vote on the basic premise of
whether we include both the vote of no confidence and the impeachment
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:04 PMyay or nay
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:04 PMofc
Sir Zyklon15:04 PMyay
retardation station [RMP]15:04 PMif one party controls 60% thy'll win anyway
YayCatharsis [Libertarian]15:04 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:05 PMtrue retard
Trotsky15:05 PMcan u define the difference ?
retardation station [RMP]15:05 PMyay
Trotsky15:05 PMno confidence means new elections ?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:05 PMyes
retardation station [RMP]15:05 PMyes
No confidence kills the entire government. Impeachment brings down just
the PM for gross misconduct.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:05 PM
Trotsky15:05 PMor try make new government ?
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:05 PMVote of No Confidence = an illustration of
parliament's lack of faith in the govt, new govt is elected
Sir Zyklon15:05 PM66% impeachment 75% no confidence
Trotsky15:06 PMare you sure 75% ?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:06 PMplease send password to <>
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:06 PMit's odessus
I've got it already.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:06 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:06 PMimpeachment = lack of faith in PM, only he is
retardation station [RMP]15:06 PMthat's too much
Lovecraft [RMP]15:06 PMi don't like the idea of 75% for anything
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:06 PMty
It's too much, we have to be realistic.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:06 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:06 PMit shouldnt be harder to no confidence than to
amend the constitution
retardation station [RMP]15:06 PM51% and 66%
Trotsky15:06 PMnormally its 50% + 1
Trotsky15:06 PMfor no confidence
Sir Zyklon15:06 PMit's bringing down the whole government it should be hard
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:06 PM2/3 for no confidence max
Lovecraft [RMP]15:06 PMbut realistically, you can't govern without a 51%
Trotsky15:06 PMif majority of parliament isnt with you
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:06 PM2/3 for no confidence and 50%+1 for impeachment
Trotsky15:06 PMits no confidence
retardation station [RMP]15:07 PM23 no confidence, 12 impeach
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:07 PMeven a minority govt needs to have the support
of 50% of all MPs in order to pass legislation
Lovecraft [RMP]15:07 PMyeah
Trotsky15:07 PMtrue
Don't we want a weak government? Isn't that what saved us from
Ignoramus?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:07 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:07 PMI second ivstinianvs
Odessos joined
Trotsky15:07 PMstrong gov is better
Odessos15:07 PMAve
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:07 PMa weak COALITION saved us from iggy
Trotsky15:07 PMwe dont want a messy parliament
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:07 PMave
Lovecraft [RMP]15:07 PMyeah it actually makes sense for it to be harder
to just impeach a PM, versus bringing down his whole government
Lovecraft [RMP]15:07 PMimo
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:07 PMave
Odessos left
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:07 PMwe don't want messy trotskys
Lovecraft [RMP]15:07 PMbecause you don't just want people nuking every
PM in a row
Odessos[SPQR] joined
retardation station [RMP]15:08 PMok
Sir Zyklon15:08 PMtwo thirds for both
Odessos[SPQR]15:08 PMRecap of last 5 minutes?
2/3 for Impeachment and 60% simple majority for no confidence?Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:08 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:08 PMnothing happened
We're arguing.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:08 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:08 PMaye
Trotsky15:08 PMZyklon think a second
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:08 PMto cat
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:08 PMwe're going around in circles
Trotsky15:08 PMisnt 50% + 1 enough for majority to make parliament
collapse ?
retardation station [RMP]15:08 PM23 for both
Lovecraft [RMP]15:08 PMlets make them separate motions, 1: Impeachment
of the Prime Minister by 2/3rds majority in House of Patricians,
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:08 PMwill we settle for 2/3rds for both
Vote then?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:08 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:09 PMimpeachment is to be simpler than no
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:09 PMlet's vote
Lovecraft [RMP]15:09 PM2: vote of no confidence by 51% majority triggers
new elections
retardation station [RMP]15:09 PM2\/3 for both
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:09 PMi prefer the SPQR solution
Odessos[SPQR]15:09 PM2/3 for both I think
Sir Zyklon15:09 PMsay us Natsocs had more than half the seats and we
decide lol fuck this parliment
Trotsky15:09 PMyou would be entitled to
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:09 PMIvstinianvs[SPQR]00:06 AM2/3 for no
confidence and 50%+1 for impeachment
Trotsky15:09 PMin theory
Lovecraft [RMP]15:09 PMa minority government would be possible,
Lovecraft [RMP]15:10 PMas long as the opposition couldnt unite to get
51% of the vote
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:10 PMi still stand for 2/3 for no confidence and
50%+1 for impeachment
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:10 PM^
Lovecraft [RMP]15:10 PMlike i said, maybe we can fix it by just raising
the quorum
Trotsky15:10 PMother way round Ivstinainvs
Lovecraft [RMP]15:10 PMif you need 50% of 20 MPs
Let's have a vote about it. We're getting no where arguing in
circles.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:10 PM
Chairs?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:10 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:10 PMdo both
If you would?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:10 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:10 PMthat's harder than 2/3rds of 10 mps
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:10 PMno I agree with ivustanianvs
Sir Zyklon15:10 PMI agree with ivstinaivus
Odessos[SPQR]15:10 PMLet's vote seperately.
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:10 PMI vote for the SPQR solution
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:10 PMokay, i'll call a vote on this best I can
retardation station [RMP]15:10 PMquoram and 50%, 66%
Odessos[SPQR]15:10 PMVoting for no confidence - 2/3 or 50%+1?
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:11 PMstop the debate for a moment
Sir Zyklon15:11 PM2/3
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:11 PM2/3 for no confidence and 50%+1 for impeachment
is my solution
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:11 PModessos
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:11 PMaye
Guys, the Chairman is trying to vote.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:11 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:11 PM1.) impeachment by 2/3rds majority of the
patricians, subject to an agreed quorum yay or nay
retardation station [RMP]15:11 PMyay
yayCatharsis [Libertarian]15:11 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:11 PMnay
Lovecraft [RMP]15:11 PMyea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:11 PMnay
Sir Zyklon15:11 PMyay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:11 PMyay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:11 PMyea
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:12 PMroughneck pls vote nay
Odessos[SPQR]15:12 PMnay
Trotsky15:12 PMyay
7 Yays; 3 Nays so farCatharsis [Libertarian]15:12 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:12 PMsince this is close enough, i'm voting yay
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:12 PMroughneck will reconsider :^)
retardation station [RMP]15:13 PM6 of 11 is still majority
retardation station [RMP]15:13 PMit passes
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:13 <> by one
Trotsky15:13 PM. To be successful, the procedure, which does not apply
to the removal of heads of state in presidential and semipresidential
forms of government, typically requires a majority of legislators to
disapprove of the government’s actions
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:13 PMwe should have asked ivstanianvs solution
foirst and see those results
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:13 PM^
Trotsky15:13 PMthats the definition of no confidence
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:13 PMsimple majority
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:13 PMI'm for a revote of ivstanianvs solution
alone. let's see what happens
Lovecraft [RMP]15:13 PMwell we arent discussing no confidence right now,
Lovecraft [RMP]15:14 PMwhat is tabled is impeachment of the PM alone
We're still on Impeachment.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:14 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:14 PMivstanivs' solution has 2 decisions
embedded though
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:14 PMwe can handle complex concepts involving 2
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:14 PM*variables, even
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:14 PMgo ahead
retardation station [RMP]15:14 PMbut we've voted and passed 2 thirds for
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:15 PMi've recorded that we have passed impeachment
retardation station [RMP]15:15 PMwhat if we want 2thirds for no
confidence also
Lovecraft [RMP]15:15 PMif i may bring a short motion to the table,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:15 PMgo ahead
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:15 PMwe haven't voted on no confidence yet
Sir Zyklon15:15 PMyou don't have to call for both retard
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:15 PMgo ahead
Lovecraft [RMP]15:15 PMi move that we explicitly state that the quorum
for impeachment be the same size as that for passing legislation,
requiring instead a 2/3rds majority
Sir Zyklon15:16 PMnay
Lovecraft [RMP]15:16 PMsince we have not determined what sort of quorum
is required for impeachment
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:16 PMI want to vote with letters. I - for
ivustanianvs solution and so on, instead of b9inary voting of a single
solution. it manipulates representatives not to think and just vote yay
to quickly pass a bill
retardation station [RMP]15:16 PMsecond
What was the quorom size for legislation again?Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:16 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:16 PMAre we separating bills from amendments
or not?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:16 PMi stand with julius on this
Lovecraft [RMP]15:16 PMi dont remember catharsis
retardation station [RMP]15:16 PMwe won't get a majority with julius'
Sir Zyklon15:16 PMpassing legislation should be simple majority.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:17 PMwe should propose solutions to the matters we
discuss, not, aye and nay
Trotsky15:17 PMlegislation is 50% I hope..
I believe so @ IMCatharsis [Libertarian]15:17 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:17 PMright now we arent passing bills but drafting a
constitution, illusive
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:17 PMthe quorum for impeachment should be higher
than legislation should it not
Lovecraft [RMP]15:17 PMno a quorum is the number of MPs that must be
present for a vote to be legitimate
Lovecraft [RMP]15:17 PMit can be any number
A quorom is a minimum number MPs required for a billto be
heard.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:17 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:17 PMyeah
Lovecraft [RMP]15:18 PMmy rational, Chairman Ted, is this,
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:18 PMNo I'm talking in the long term since we
are discussing quorums
Lovecraft [RMP]15:18 PMduring the mad reign of Iggy the Terrible, we
were unable to get a 2/3rds majorit of 10 MPs to impeach him
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:18 PMremmeber we couldn't choose a quorum because
we need to take the roll call first
Lovecraft [RMP]15:18 PMiirc
Lovecraft [RMP]15:18 PMinitially incapable
You mean differing sizes of Quoroms for Amendments and Legislation,
Ill?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:18 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:19 PMif we had the ivstanianvs solution the mad
reign of iggy the abhorrent would've been much shorter
Sir Zyklon15:19 PMI have a solution
Lovecraft [RMP]15:19 PMwhat was Ivstinianvs' proposal?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:19 PM2/3 for no confidence and 50%+1 for impeachment
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:19 PM50%+1 for impeachment, 2/3 for vote of no
What've you got Zyk?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:19 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:20 PMsay it zyk
Sir Zyklon15:20 PMPM can not call a snap session
retardation station [RMP]15:20 PMif we had a quorom for bills, iggy
wouldn't have been able to pass anything
Lovecraft [RMP]15:20 PMthe problem with that is, as i pointed out, no
confidence should be "easier" than impeachment, because it makes it more
of a nuclear option,
Lovecraft [RMP]15:20 PMits a risk to vote "no confidence,"
Lovecraft [RMP]15:20 PMits not a risk to vote out one PM
A quorom is a minium number. He tried to pass stuff below any of the
mininums suggested here.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:20 PM
Trotsky15:20 PMtrue Lovecraft
Lovecraft [RMP]15:20 PMif its too easy to impeach, you can just kick out
PM after PM indefinitely
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:20 PMno confidence would require 2 days of
propagandaing for new MPs just like we had to when we started out
He wouldn't have been able to legally propose anyting, R.S.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:21 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:21 PMimpeachment should be reserved for extreme cases
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:21 PMinnew PM was elected in 10 minutes
Trotsky15:21 PMno confidence should be last resort
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:21 PMone mp can go bererk (i.e. iggy), but and
entire gov't? not so much
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:21 PMpm*
2/3 passed. I say we stand by it.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:21 PM
Odessos[SPQR]15:21 PMno confidence is something that will happen rarely
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:21 PMimpeachment is not about whether you disagree
with the PMs policies (i.e. simple majoirty), it's about gross misconduct
No confidence vote when/if at all?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:21 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:21 PMagreed
Lovecraft [RMP]15:21 PMTed
Sir Zyklon15:21 PMsecond catharsis
retardation station [RMP]15:22 PMwe passed it, let's move on
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:22 PMas in iggy' case no ted?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:22 PMwell, lets define the quorum though, do we want
it higher than passing legislation?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:22 PMgross misconduct is in the eye of the
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:22 PMin iggys case, 2/3rds will be achieved (as it
was), so there should be no worries
Lovecraft [RMP]15:22 PMi don't know if we passed a legislative quorum
retardation station [RMP]15:22 PMwe didn't
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:22 PMnope not yet
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:22 PMonly just ted
We can come up with a tenious agreement of a quorom and debate it once
we have the actual data to make an informed decision.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:22 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:22 PMWell lets do it then
retardation station [RMP]15:23 PMhave a percentage quorom
retardation station [RMP]15:23 PMthat way we can decide now
Lovecraft [RMP]15:23 PMquorum should relate to number of MPs, have we
set that yet?
Then let's figure it out and use a %.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:23 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:23 PMsince we don't have the data on the number of
MPs, we should pick a percentage now
Sir Zyklon15:23 PMyes
The lowest suggested house size was 50.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:23 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:23 PMwell, 10% of 200 is harder to get than 10% of 150
The largest was 300.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:23 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:23 PMMPs might disappear on purpose to prevent
a quorum. highly manipulative!
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:24 PMsecond ted
Lovecraft [RMP]15:24 PMtrue, julius, but we cant have 4 people passing
leg as during Iggy's reign
In order to pick a percentage we need to know how big these houses are
going to be.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:24 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:24 PMI think 230 is best size
Sir Zyklon15:24 PMsenators can not go to work
Trotsky15:24 PMJulius, that happens regularly IRL
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:24 PM150 patricians is more than enough
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:24 PMirl politics is more fuzcked than cerberus
Aye if you want more than 200 seats.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:24 PM
I'll abstain.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:24 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:24 PMnay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:24 PMFuck that
Lovecraft [RMP]15:24 PMthe problem with making the upper house small is
that it limits participation
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:25 PMI mean aye
Lovecraft [RMP]15:25 PMonce 150 people are seated, no new recruits
retardation station [RMP]15:25 PM200 is good
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:25 PM^
Lovecraft [RMP]15:25 PMfor anyone
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:25 PM150 aye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:25 PMhow many are we now?
Odessos[SPQR]15:25 PMI think 200 is fine as is
Lovecraft [RMP]15:25 PMnow we're 200
200 at the moment.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:25 PM
Sir Zyklon15:25 PM200
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:25 PMaye for 150
Trotsky15:25 PM200 here
I kind of like 150.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:25 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:25 PMthis automatically passes the deliberate
democracy act
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:25 PM200 if the alternative is reduction
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:26 PMwe'll be cleaning up the 200 we have now with
the roll call on sunday
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:26 PMwell almost as it demands 50 seats, but
150 is okay
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:26 PMnot many will survive it
Lovecraft [RMP]15:26 PMthis is true
Trotsky15:26 PMwith roll call actually 150 is a possibility
Lovecraft [RMP]15:26 PMI think 200 should be an absolute minimum, for now,
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:26 PM150 leaves more than enough room
Lovecraft [RMP]15:26 PMempty seats harm nobody
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:26 PM90% of the MPs are braindead or
permanently bufeftting
Lets...: 1. 50, 2. 75, 3. 100, 4. 125, 5. 150, 6. 175, 7. 200, 8.
225+Catharsis [Libertarian]15:26 PM
Sir Zyklon15:26 PMset quorum and seats after roll call
retardation station [RMP]15:26 PM7
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:26 PM7
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:26 PM5
Lovecraft [RMP]15:27 PM7
Trotsky15:27 PM7
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:27 PM4
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:27 PMchange to 4
Odessos[SPQR]15:27 PM7
Consensus seems to be 200.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:27 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:27 PM200 is too much
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:27 PMzyklon how should we vote?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:27 PMbut ok
Lovecraft [RMP]15:27 PMwe can put in a mechanism for expansion/reduction
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:27 PMroughneck pls follow party line
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:27 PM:^)
Sir Zyklon15:27 PMhold on let me think
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:27 PModesseus too
@Lovecraft, that we could.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:28 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:28 PMit will only make things more complicated
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:28 PMmy collegue is bored by the quorum
question and seems to be afk . i vote on his behlaf for 4, twice
Sir Zyklon15:28 PMis that for the qurom?
Total house size.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:28 PM
Upper house.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:28 PM
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:29 PM4
Lovecraft [RMP]15:29 PM"An Act of Parliament to increase or decrease the
number of seats in the House of Patricians by +- 10 seats shall pass by
simple majority; an Act to increase or decrease the number of seats by
+/- 20 seats shall pass by 23rds majority. This kind of Act may be
passed only once per week"
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:29 PMthanks
Lovecraft [RMP]15:29 PMsomething like that
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:29 PM150 a shit 200 best patriarchy
Odessos[SPQR]15:29 PMchange to 4
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:29 PM6 votes for 4
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:29 PMSPQR and TEN+Federation agree on 4
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:29 PMWhy not just make it 25 so you all are happy
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:29 PMzyklon?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:30 PMwe're too few
retardation station [RMP]15:30 PMwe should vote on lovecraft's act first
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:30 PMwe'll never have 100+ active memebers
Lovecraft [RMP]15:30 PMwell, i see my proposal as an amendment after we
decide on the size of the house of patricians
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:30 PM125 leaves enough room for exansion
Trotsky15:30 PMdoes it matter Ivstinianvs ?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:30 PMit does
Sir Zyklon15:30 PMwhat what do you think ted?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:31 PMim still not sure who suffers if we have 100
empty seats, why that harms the process,
Lovecraft [RMP]15:31 PMwith the weekly roll-call, inactives will be kept
in check
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:31 PMthe big party have ridiculous numbers but
no person to show for it. the libertarians and socialists had problems
to even get a representative
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:31 PMwhy not have all seats full, make some kind of
Trotsky15:31 PMthe quorum will be based on active MPs right ?
Trotsky15:31 PMnot parliament size
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:31 PMjulius
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:31 PMi agree
Lovecraft [RMP]15:31 PMwell, the upper hosue isnt supposed to have
competition, as i see it,
Lovecraft [RMP]15:31 PMit is more of an august senate or house of lords body
retardation station [RMP]15:31 PMyes trotsky
Lovecraft [RMP]15:31 PMless concerned with popular approval
The upper house is meant to be active MPs, which will happen with
rollcoll.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:32 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:32 PMthe way this is playing out, we may need to
convene again like this next week. In that case, we will be armed with
the data on how many active MPs after the roll call. Maybe we should
leave the house size and quorum questions until such time?
We could do that.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:32 PM
Odessos[SPQR]15:32 PMSecond
retardation station [RMP]15:32 PMok
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:32 PMfine
Sir Zyklon15:32 PM200 until further data recieved
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:32 PMseconded.
This is going to take us a couple days no matter what we do.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:32 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:32 PMtolerated.
Lovecraft [RMP]15:32 PMwe could do a rough approximation for quorums
such as "10 seats or 10% of seats, whichever is larger) to prevent 5-MP
"emergency sessions"
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:33 PMshould we have an officail session?
I do like Lovecraft's house size amendment.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:33 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:33 PMrepeal emergency sessions
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:33 PMWhich was?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:33 PMno emergency sesions
Lovecraft [RMP]15:33 PM"An Act of Parliament to increase or decrease the
number of seats in the House of Patricians by +- 10 seats shall pass by
simple majority; an Act to increase or decrease the number of seats by
+/- 20 seats shall pass by 23rds majority. This kind of Act may be
passed only once per week"
Lovecraft [RMP]15:33 PM^ this one?
Yes.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:33 PM
Sir Zyklon15:34 PMall parties agree to emergency session
But we do need to get the base of the constitution in place before we
can add amendments.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:34 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:34 PMyes
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:34 PMi've got 7 votes for postponing the quorum and
house size questions
I don't see any reason that an internet parliament should have emergency
sessions in the first place.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:34 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:34 PMbut lovecrafts act could act as a makeshift
until we finalise them
Lovecraft [RMP]15:34 PMalright, i do not object to postponement BUT
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:34 PMagree with cat, no emergency sesions
retardation station [RMP]15:34 PMwe already voted against emergency sessions
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:35 PMwe have no wars,no famine
Lovecraft [RMP]15:35 PMthe issue is we only got around to this to
determine the quorum for votes of no confidence/impeachment
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:35 PMwe'll vote next week
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:35 PMfor those too
We can use a place holding 5%?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:35 PM
Sir Zyklon15:35 PMseconded
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:35 PMNo one here lives in Somalia so emergency
sessions are not important, plus we have no means of recall
Lovecraft [RMP]15:35 PM10 members or 5%, whichever is larger?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:35 PMtfw we discuss points right now we
discussed at the beginning
kekCatharsis [Libertarian]15:36 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:36 PMagreed, for now it will do
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:36 PMUnless everyone wants to get burner
phones for parliament text messages
Alright, what's next?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:36 PM
Trotsky15:36 PMkek
Yeah, no.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:36 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:36 PMheh
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:36 PMnien
Sir Zyklon15:36 PMkek
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:36 PMnext?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:36 PMwe have made it through all of my proposals lol
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:36 PMnot walking around with your beeper to be
on time with newest top notch banter at the tibetan crayon art parliament
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:37 PMso i'm putting down 5% or 10 MPs for our
makeshift quorum yes?
Sir Zyklon15:37 PMaye
retardation station [RMP]15:37 PMaye
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:37 PMaye
Okay, so let's consult Article 1 of the constitution, keeping in mind
what we've passed of Lovecraft's proposals.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:37 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:37 PMyea
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:37 PMaye
Aye.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:37 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:37 PMaye
Unless you'd like to put a recap in before we start that.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:37 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:37 PMwe still have to vote on the
upper/lower houses
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:37 PMlovecraft, would you like to take over as
chair for a while
Lovecraft [RMP]15:38 PMyes, i can do that
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:38 PMfuck those upper/lower shits
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:38 PMthanks, could do with a break
Lovecraft [RMP]15:38 PMwho is acting secretary?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:38 PMnext wek
We haven't decided on one yet.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:38 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:38 PMnobody
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:38 PMspoken as a true patrician
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:38 PMlel
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:38 PMwant a recap?
Go for it.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:38 PM
Trotsky15:38 PMlets get it
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Lovecraft [RMP]15:39 PMalright, does anyone want to volunteer to be
acting secretary? i will make a declaration at the end of each vote of
what has occurred, and the secretary will record this in a word document
for posterity
We have been at this for nearly 4 hours. We could probably call an end
to the session and get away with it until tomorrow or whenever our next
session is.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:39 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
But I'd personally like to get more done.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:39 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:39 PMi don't object to ending the session, i think we
could probably handle 1 more issue in the next 20 minutes though
retardation station [RMP]15:39 PMi can act as secretary if you want
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:39 PM20 more minutes, and then we call for an end
Lovecraft [RMP]15:40 PMalright, does anyone object to RS as acting
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:40 PMno
Sir Zyklon15:40 PMno
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:40 PMno objections here, i just want to go
to sleep
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:40 PM20 more min
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:40 PMand it's done
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:40 PMno and I share roughneck's sentiment
Go for it mate.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:40 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:40 PM1) Names of Chambers (Patricians &amp;amp;
Plebs), 2) House of Plebs will exist in the future, subject to further
debate on how they vote, 3.) Alternating times for sessions with UK, USA
and Auzzie each getting a day suiting their time zones, 4) Secure Salts,
5) PM elected by Patricians, cabinet with 3 core ministries (chancellor
of the Exchequer, Defence, Foreign Affairs) and a max of 10 ministries,
min of 5; 6.) order of succession: PM, chancellor of the exchequer,
Minister of defence, minister of foreign affairs, 7.) Roll Call - wiki -
mandatory reply post, cross check wiki, indefinite absentee list with
timestamps, 8.) Impeachment by 2/3rds of patricians, pending a quorum,
9.) Quorum for normal legislation is 5% or 10 MPs
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:40 PMat the same time I'd love to get the
constitution done
Will we be reconvening tomorrow or next week?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:40 PM
Trotsky15:41 PMthanks FatherTed
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:41 PMtomorow at the same hour?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:41 PMyay or nay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:41 PMTomorrow works for me, someone updated
the wiki constitution
Session continue tomorrow @ 3pm EST: yay/nayCatharsis [Libertarian]15:41 PM
El Che [SA] joined
El Che [SA] left
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:41 PMyay
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:41 PMYea
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:41 PMel che lol
Odessos[SPQR]15:41 PMyay
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:41 PMyay
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:41 PMI'll be away... alcohol before
parliaments. I'll entrust Julius Evola with my voice
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:41 PMaye
Sir Zyklon15:41 PMI work at 4est but
Trotsky15:42 PMhi El che
Lovecraft [RMP]15:42 PMi will also have difficulty attending,
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:42 PMyay
retardation station [RMP]15:42 PMi wont' be here
Lovecraft [RMP]15:42 PMwhat about convening sunday 3 EST?
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:42 PMyou can name another rep if you cannot attend
Sir Zyklon15:42 PMyay
Trotsky15:42 PMsunday 3 EST is good
retardation station [RMP]15:42 PMpalmerston will attend in my place
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:42 PMshould we leave the constitution as a Friday thing
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:42 PMSunday works for me
Lovecraft [RMP]15:42 PMi fear making it weekly will grind the process to
a halt,
Would you guys rather do it sunday then?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:43 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:43 PMwe need to get this banged out so we can get
threads operating again
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:43 PMim going to sleep all day today seeing
as ive got nothing else going on. 3am or pm?
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:43 PMwe still wont have MP data tomorrow
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:43 PMi prefer sunday as well, but I think
julius might cover for me on a saturday.
Me too. And Ted'll be here tomorrow.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:43 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:43 PMagreed ted
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:43 PMconstitution fridays? I like it.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:43 PMwe need to work on the constitution next week
Sir Zyklon15:43 PMtfw work every night until next thursday
We won't have it until Monday -- the data.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:43 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:43 PMI'll be here one way or another, update
the wiki with info
Unless you guys want to start roll calls tonight?Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:44 PM
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:44 PMBut we can check other docket items
Odessos[SPQR]15:44 PMWe can continue with regular issues tomorrow or sunday
Not officially, but to give us an idea?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:44 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:44 PMWith what we have done tonight we can get
basic threads going
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:44 PMso we won't be able to do anything? no
votes on bills w/o constitution
Lovecraft [RMP]15:44 PMyeah thats the problem,
Trotsky15:44 PMwe need to get constitution done fast
Lovecraft [RMP]15:44 PMwhen we were voting on bills iwthout a
constitution it was chaos
I say we get it done with as soon as possible.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:44 PM
Sir Zyklon15:44 PMwe need to do something for the people that have been
watching as argue the whole time
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:44 PMi believe this is called a government
We COULD start a non-official roll call tonight.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:45 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:45 PMthe constitution won't change anything. it
has to besigned to prevent autists from ruining the fun.
So we'll have an idea of who is there and who isn't?Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:45 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:45 PM*be designed
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:45 PMsunday we shall discuss all the non-roll-call shit
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:45 PMand friday the quorum
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:45 PMyay/nay
Odessos[SPQR]15:45 PMYay
Nay.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:45 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:45 PMyay
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:45 PMwhy the fuck not?
I'd like to get this constitution done this weekend.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:45 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:45 PMsame
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:46 PMno data this weekend dude
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:46 PMSecond
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:46 PMAt least an outline then
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:46 PMhow about we wrap this up now, add changes,
and get the amended document passed today, so we can start threads and
maybe pick up the finer details of the constitution next week
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:46 PMwe can finish much of it tomorow but the quorom
and size we need to decide friday
Who is in favor of a non-official roll call beginning this thread?
Yay/nayCatharsis [Libertarian]15:46 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:46 PMI'm more interested in bills myself, so
I'd be okay with it to get done w/o me. Julius will cover
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:46 PMBasic shit so we can get the ball rolling
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:46 PMso I abstain
Trotsky15:46 PMwhy not get a first version by sunday ?
Trotsky15:46 PMwe can change it next week if necessary
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:46 PMwhat version?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:47 PMSecond Trotsky
Odessos[SPQR]15:47 PMLet's cover all basics this weekend so we can get
thread going
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:47 PMwe don't have one
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:47 PMagreed with odessus
Odessos[SPQR]15:47 PMWe will gather next friday with data to adjust the
finer details
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:47 PMagrred.
Odessos[SPQR]15:47 PMWe must not lose the public.
Sir Zyklon15:47 PMagreed
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:47 PMagreed
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:47 PMSecond
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:47 PMwhat we have done tonight lets us start
threads again
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:48 PMok we do a "basic version of the const this
week end" and next week we decide on finer details
So, what's the decision, next meeting Sunday, then the following
Friday?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:48 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:48 PMroughneck. we and julius and rotereich
need to convene in a TEN chat to discuss our party line. The merger with
the federation will change my party a bit. We'll have to redesign th
eparty line a bit
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:48 PMnext friday everyone?
retardation station [RMP]15:48 PMyay
Sir Zyklon15:48 PMaye
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:48 PMaye
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:48 PMaye
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:48 PMayyy
Odessos[SPQR]15:48 PMaye
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:48 PMlmao
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:48 PMaye guess
i don't like it, but if that's what we're doing.Catharsis
[Libertarian]15:48 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:48 PMare we meeting sunday as well?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:49 PMi dont like the idea of freezing government for a
week either
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:49 PMI will be here lovecraft
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:49 PMOn sunday
Another meeting Sunday? y/n?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:49 PM
Sir Zyklon15:49 PMI think we can operate for a week on what we have
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:49 PMwe should draft some proposals sunday, and
discuss them friday?
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:49 PMwe can add these changes in and start govt again
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:49 PMfreezing tibetan crayon board mock UN that
rules over strawpoll bots. ridiculous
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:49 PMkek
Odessos[SPQR]15:49 PMWe do a roll-call sunday
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:50 PMAgreed
Trotsky15:50 PMSo no Sunday meeting ?
Okay, so let's talk what data we need in the coming week to get this out
of the way next weekend?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:50 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:50 PMlets agree to meet for 1 hour on sunday to
finalize what we will do for the next week
Odessos[SPQR]15:50 PMSo through the week the parties can have things to
do, that is - recruiting
Beginning @ 3, Lovecraft?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:50 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:50 PMagree
Lovecraft [RMP]15:50 PM3 works for me
Sir Zyklon15:50 PMactive MP'S
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:50 PMpass what we agreed today in the thread, post
ideas in the dockett between now and next friday, and continue govt in
the mean time
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:50 PMrecruiting despite seat reduction?
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:50 PMI say sunday meeting, anyone in favor?
Trotsky15:50 PMayy Illusive
Lovecraft [RMP]15:50 PMyea
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:50 PMget the threads going,we will work
more on this at the next session, and the session after. we reconviene
in this chat next friday to finalize the bill
Lovecraft [RMP]15:50 PMdo we have acting speakers?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:51 PMwell lets determine that on sunday too
Just defacto ones.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:51 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:51 PMsecond roughneck
Lovecraft [RMP]15:51 PMi think we're all pretty fatigued
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:51 PMtook a naop at the buffet
Yeah we're getting pretty scattered.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:51 PM
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:51 PMtax payer sandwiches make sleepy
Sir Zyklon15:51 PMI just want to go shitpost nazi stuff
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:51 PM*nap
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:51 PMwe can't let the constitution slow us down
Lovecraft [RMP]15:51 PMany objections to 1-hour meeting Sunday 3PM EST?
retardation station [RMP]15:51 PMno
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:51 PMI just want to yell about bills
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:51 PMYeah I'm attempting to eat and type now,
sunday works
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:51 PMdamn the bills and proposals will be fun
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:51 PMfuck the constzitution
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:51 PMi just wanna fuck a X/X puella
Also, we should figure out when the sessions are for Europe, America,
and Australia specifically.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:52 PM
The exact times.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:52 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:52 PMI can't be present, but I dont mind as long as
the NatSocs are represented
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:52 PM2 reps or 1?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:52 PMwe wont make any huge decision, ted,
Sir Zyklon15:52 PM4 hours apart
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:52 PM2
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:52 PMPoll each group and have them pick best time
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:52 PMok
That sounds good @ Illusive.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:52 PM
Sir Zyklon15:52 PMwait
So, data we need: # of active MPsCatharsis [Libertarian]15:52 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:52 PMaye
Best time period for sessions for Australia, Europe, and
America.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:53 PM
Trotsky15:53 PMEurope best time is 3PM EST
Sir Zyklon15:53 PM8 hour difference to make it fair
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:53 PM2-3 pm est is perfect for europe
Lovecraft [RMP]15:53 PMcatharsis, if you would care to compose a rough
draft of our agenda at the wiki (one paragraph would do) that would be
Lovecraft [RMP]15:53 PMagenda for sunday
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:53 PMignore that for now, as an aussie. im
going to bed right now and will be fully awake for the 4am session.
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:53 PM3pm est is good for me in europe
I can do that.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:53 PM
Any other information we need?Catharsis [Libertarian]15:54 PM
Sir Zyklon15:54 PM11 pm eastern for americah?
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:54 PMi agree with zyklon
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:54 PMnot at this moment
retardation station [RMP]15:54 PMis this session over?
Odessos[SPQR]15:54 PMLet's recap before we close.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:54 PModessus please come to spqr chat
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:55 PMwe recapped the same shit over and over again
Julius Kaczinski [TEN]15:55 PMwe didnt get more done
We'll poll everyone in the next threads as we try to get government
running again.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:55 PM
retardation station [RMP]15:55 PMFATHER TED’S RECAP 1) Names of
Chambers (Patricians &amp;amp;amp;amp; Plebs), 2) House of Plebs
will exist in the future, subject to further debate on how they vote,
3.) Alternating times for sessions with UK, USA and Auzzie each getting
a day suiting their time zones, 4) Secure Salts, 5) PM elected by
Patricians, cabinet with 3 core ministries (chancellor of the Exchequer,
Defence, Foreign Affairs) and a max of 10 ministries, min of 5; 6.)
order of succession: PM, chancellor of the exchequer, Minister of
defence, minister of foreign affairs, 7.) Roll Call - wiki - mandatory
reply post, cross check wiki, indefinite absentee list with timestamps,
8.) Impeachment by 2/3rds of patricians, pending a quorum, 9.) Quorum
for normal legislation is 5% or 10 MPs 10) basic constitution will be
finalized this weekend, rollcall sunday, details to be adjusted friday.
Lovecraft [RMP]15:55 PMagenda-setting session sunday 3PM EST until 4PM
EST roughly
retardation station [RMP]15:56 PMare we done?
Lovecraft [RMP]15:56 PMif everyone is satisfied, i think we can bang the
gavel on this session
Odessos[SPQR]15:56 PMWe should announce the decision to the public.
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:56 PM^
Gavel banged then.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:56 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:56 PMis there an acting speaker here now?
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:56 PMwill we let the parliament vote on these
amendments tonight?
Illusive Man [Cerberus] left
Illusive Man [Cerberus] joined
Not that we've got.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:56 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:56 PMi think the entire constitution should be ratified
Lovecraft [RMP]15:56 PMas a whole
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:56 PMWho's updating wiki?
^Catharsis [Libertarian]15:56 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:56 PMafter we have composed it
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:57 PMwe ratified it, these are just amendments
Lovecraft [RMP]15:57 PMand then it can be amended by 2/3rds majority later
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:57 PMlike the basic one during the iggygate
Lovecraft [RMP]15:57 PMi mean, we finalize the draft, MPs ratify it
Sir Zyklon15:57 PMwhat we do here its final
Roughneck [TEN Federation]15:57 PMshiggiy iggity gate
Julius Kaczinski [TEN] left
Lovecraft [RMP]15:57 PMalright
retardation station [RMP] left
Let's just let them know what we've done; post the recap in the
thread.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:57 PM
Lovecraft [RMP]15:57 PMyeah
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:57 PMI know what you mean
Lovecraft [RMP]15:57 PMfor now thats all we need
And an announcement for the next convention to be held on
Sunday.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:57 PM
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:58 PMwe should all put our names on it at the end
of this process
Lovecraft [RMP]15:58 PMyes
Illusive Man [Cerberus]15:58 PMGot you
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:58 PMyeah
Yes.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:58 PM
Trotsky15:58 PMok
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:58 PMwhat hour sunday?
Sir Zyklon15:58 PMyay
Lovecraft [RMP]15:58 PM3PM EST
Odessos[SPQR]15:58 PMAye
3pm EST.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:58 PM
Trotsky15:58 PM3PM sunday
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:58 PMty
FatherTed [NatSoc]15:58 PMso will he put actual govt to the side for now?
Sir Zyklon15:58 PMno
Well, we can start building our parties again and campaign for a general
election.Catharsis [Libertarian]15:59 PM
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:59 PMstart recruiting
Ivstinianvs[SPQR]15:59 PMsunday shit will go down
15:59 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Have everyone figure out who their running mates are and the like.
15:59 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] no elections any time soon
15:59 PM Lovecraft [RMP] congratulations gentlemen, I think this is the most orderly discussion members of pol have ever had, at least that ive witnessed
15:59 PM Trotsky we cant even think about general election until constitution is done
15:59 PM Lovecraft [RMP] ^
15:59 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] kek to that love
15:59 PM Trotsky thats why it has to be finished fast
16:00 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Yeah, but that's why they can start campaigning.
16:00 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Rather than last minute declarations like we had the last GE.
16:00 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus] Mine will be Kai Leng or Atlee, maybe Bantz if noone is around
16:00 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] start of campaign this sunday?
16:00 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] I don't like us suspending government for a week.
16:00 PM Lovecraft [RMP] everyone should be rounding up their party's MPs because we will probably have a roll-call sunday
16:00 PM Lovecraft [RMP] or if not sunday, soon
16:00 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] and elections next week after we finnish const?
16:00 PM Sir Zyklon elections next week after next convention.
16:00 PM Odessos[SPQR] The weekdays will be recruitment and campaigning time
16:00 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] i dont know if Bantz is still around.i havent seen him for ages
16:00 PM Lovecraft [RMP] yes, ideally we will finish the constitution by the end of convention next friday
16:01 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] If we finish the Constitution.
16:01 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus] I've got to purge my party, we haveGoldstein shills apparently
16:01 PM Odessos[SPQR] We will use that to gather data
16:01 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] I saw him yesterday.
16:01 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] its a good idea, we rushed into elections last time and look what happened
16:01 PM Lovecraft [RMP] bants was in my party chat yesterday
16:01 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] we fucking recreated game of thrones
16:01 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] ok so sunday official start of campaign! yay or nay?
16:01 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Has anyone made a page about that idiot?
16:01 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] You can start campaigning now.
16:01 PM Lovecraft [RMP] we'll decide that on sunday Ivstinianvs
16:01 PM Lovecraft [RMP] lol
16:02 PM Trotsky mfw starting campaign and dont even know how were voting
16:02 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] But we should probably spend this next week organizing our parties and getting everyone on the same page.
16:02 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] ok, fine, but there are more things to do on sunday
16:02 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] iggy officially pol cult status
16:02 PM Lovecraft [RMP] yes, wat catharsis said
16:02 PM Sir Zyklon seconded
16:02 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus] Iggy and Goldstein are two peas in a pod
16:03 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] cant believe I missed goldstein
16:03 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] 10/10 they were one in the same
16:03 PM Odessos[SPQR] I think we should use saturday for party restructuring and announcing the roll call for sunday
16:03 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] kek.
16:03 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] seconded
16:03 PM Odessos[SPQR] sunday we do the roll call and have our 1 hour
16:03 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] he sounds like a good guy deep down
16:03 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] deal.
16:03 PM Odessos[SPQR] Monday campaign season begins
16:03 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] We don't need official votes on that, internal party issues.
16:04 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus] Should I post minutes on thread?
16:04 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Please.
16:04 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] yes
16:04 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] I hope Locke is back before elections. I'd like to see him as PM.
16:04 PM Sir Zyklon yes
16:04 PM Lovecraft [RMP] alright, im out for now, see you guys sunday
16:05 PM Sir Zyklon implying
Lovecraft [RMP] left
16:05 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Hey, maybe you'll get it instead, Zyk. :p
16:05 PM Odessos[SPQR] Next official Convention Sunday 3 PM EST
16:05 PM Sir Zyklon ;)
16:05 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] lovely governmenting with you all.
16:05 PM Trotsky finally a nice discussion with 4chan people
16:06 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] pol is right again
16:06 PM Sir Zyklon top kek
16:06 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] we bonded over ourcommon hatred of jews and iggy
16:06 PM Odessos[SPQR] You know those one or two anons that post in every thread saying 'go back to leddit tripfags' and such
16:06 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] i wonder what would happen if we were allowed to govern an island nation or such
16:06 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] and fucking enus
16:06 PM Odessos[SPQR] I think we'd pull it off.
16:07 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] It'd be interesting to see actual results to what we do here.
16:07 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus] We did more than I expected
16:07 PM Sir Zyklon that's what we are preparing for
16:07 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] what about the random anons who think we're autistic?
16:07 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] we're not?
16:07 PM Odessos[SPQR] Well, this convention is proof of the worthiness of our threads
16:08 PM FatherTed [NatSoc] the thread has descended into the rest of pol calling us autists and us calling them cucks
16:08 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Lel.
16:08 PM Odessos[SPQR] Such is the circle of life
16:08 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] we'll be back dor the thread
16:08 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] right now we must finnish this
16:09 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] im heading off. will we hold any sort of session at 3pm est today? (saturday)
16:09 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] I don't believe so.
16:09 PM Trotsky not today right ?
16:09 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] Probably just Government Freeze threads.
16:09 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] nope
16:10 PM Odessos[SPQR] I'll check in on the thread
16:10 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] And letting parties come together reorganize.
16:10 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus] I will put a thread up but no official session
16:10 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] it's emprty now
16:10 PM Roughneck [TEN Federation] awesome, i get the night off to kill autists in CS;GO
16:10 PM Ivstinianvs[SPQR] empty
16:11 PM Illusive Man [Cerberus]: No on Saturday I meant

16:11 PM Catharsis [Libertarian] This was fascinating, but I'm sick of everyone now.

16:11 PM Catharsis [Libertarian]: I've got a copy of the transcript, so.