-prevention of disbanding of parties

-AMIs the anti-clusterfuck rule still

in effect? If so, does that mean the parties with less than three on the

roll call are going to be disbanded? (aka grandfather clause)

Ivst wants dank publicity to get recruits


everyone okay with parties selecting replacement delegates when the

original ones can't make it?

suggestionts for best times for roll call

El che proposes "Parliament shall make no law

respecting an establishment of rare pepes, or prohibiting the free

exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of feels, or of the press; or

the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the

Government for a redress of grievances"

Yaro thinks that If you're available for the time at both timezones, I think

you should be able to participate as much as you want. The different

timezones aren't there to divide the house, it's to make sure everybody

is able to participate (as far as time zones go)

-time line for the term of parliament 

- A month? 

-election Day? Suggestions of friday and saturday

Illusive Man [Cerberus]12:33 PMI motion that we have a Monday parliament

filling session

-talk of roll call and its scheduling

-when elections or roll call are held, should it be sunday for example their time or strictly to one time zone, leeway?

GermanicUltranationalist [NatSoc]12:39 PMRevisit Deputy Prime Minster vs

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rolton, the makeup of Parliament after the

Roll-Call is closed will determine which parties can form governing

coalitions, party leadership will then negotiate to form a majority and

a cabinet

Palmerston [RMP]12:57 PMCould we designate someone as a neutral

arbitrator to interpret the constitution during the temporary government.

Lovecraft [RMP]12:57 PMwe have agreed on a Parliamentary system without

a direct election for PM, yes? parties form coalition, and a majority

negotiates who from which party gets to be PM or other cabinet

positions, yes?

Shall parties be allowed to select

replacement delegates to the Constitutional Convention in the event that

a current delegate cannot carry out his duties during the course of a

given session Passed unanimously

Lovecraft [RMP]12:59 PMFourth Motion: The Government of pol must hold a

General Election every two weeks, barring changes in majority as result

of roll-call. Motion passed, 1 AGAINST, 8 FOR

Lovecraft [RMP]13:05 PMbut they will be removed next sunday if they fail

to appear for Roll-Call

Bamsay Rolton [The Patriarchy]13:05 PMa formal condemnation won't do any

good, though, realistically

agreed to allow new MPs to

declare throughout the week,

-be removed next sunday if they fail

to appear for Roll-Call

Ivstinianvs[SPQR]13:07 PMok let's discuss legislasion not jews people

Bamsay makes motion for Jewsih relief act

Suggestiong that vote of no confidence should

call in new elections

simple majority for no confidence

triggering new elections (i.e. roll-call) and 2/3rds for impeachment of

a specific prime minister is ideal, for this reason:

Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMa governing coalition is formed by 51% majority,

Lovecraft [RMP]13:14 PMso it should be broken by 51% majority

 I rather have a government form a bit easier so we

don't end up with a freeze all the time, and breaking it at 66% or else

we'll be in elections forever.

a governing coalition's support

dropping below 51% should end the coalition

There could be a wiki page for every roll call, and an

"inactive" page that details who has been gone, and how many weeks it

has been since they've attended roll call. People on the inactive list

for X weeks straight are removed.

The suggestions were as follows: 1. indefinate, 2. one month and then

off inactive list, 3. allow the record keepers in charge of it to

determine how long inactive MPs remained on the list.

technically the chair should state "we are

shall now hold a vote" before "yeas" and "nays" begin flying

there should be some exemption to rollcall 

process (if you're on vacation, etc.)

-we lose nothing by

maintaining a list indefinitely, and gain nothing by erecting another

barrier to re-participation

- I think it should be a

personal decision for the individuals in charge of the list

Can the person who is leaving

appoint a temp replacement from his/her party for the time being,

- simply organize the list by month in

which the MP went inactive, which would make it easier to check through

and manage

-there should

be somewhere where you can write your name and how long you will be gone

for. If that time ends, then you can be put on the inactive list. Does

that sound reasonable?

-Yaro13:26 PMI would be alright with the deputy acting as an assistant

and not being part of succession

Who takes charge if the Pm is absent?

PMa deputy which is not the head of a ministry but

which is nominated to act in the PM's absence might be a fair compromise

-should vote for or against the deputy in

succesion line


suggestion: 1) A member of Cabinet is

appointed Deputy PM by the Prime Minister, to act in his absence; 2) The

line of succession is unchanged; 3) The Deputy PM may be any Cabinet

Member independent of place in succession