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The Christian Conservative Party believes in a return to traditional Christian values of honesty, charity, frugality, work ethic, and prosperity. We first and foremost stress the importance that God has on the life of every individual, and that a person's loyalty should be to God and His commandments first. Membership is open to all Christian adults of any denomination


Zionism: The CCP stands firmly against Zionism, believing that many of the non-Jewish adherents to the philosophy have been duped by devious individuals.

Shitposting: The CCP believes that all posts on /pol/ are attempts to communicate information and that shitposting inhibits this. While the CCP is not seeking any harsher mod action against it at this time, we believe in heightened cultural awareness of the issue. Furthermore, we stand against persecution of those "Straya Cunts" known as Australians for the allegation that all of them are Shitposters.

Religion: The CCP is steadfast in it's support of Christianity as the official recognized religion of /pol/. Furthermore, we believe that our board's banner should reflect this, carrying the words "One Board, Under God"

War: We at the CCP feel that war (raids on other boards/sites) can only be justified under the limited nature of self-defense, such as the historic raid of Independence Day, 2014

Age of Consent: It is very clear to us that the Bible sets the conditions for such relations to be confined within a marriage. Therefore, the CCP stands in strong support of /pol/s anti-pornography statute and in strong opposition to any attempt to lower the age of consent. Marriage must be undertaken by adults with a clear sense of what that entails. We furthermore oppose lolicons


David Smith [Christian Conservative Party] Leader !!H1LKuNgK3s7 : Party Leader


Dark Turquoise (Primary) and White (Secondary)

Hue. 120, Sat. 158, Lum, 69, Red 25, Green 122, Blue 122