Bamsay Rolton

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Party Affiliation The Patriarchy
Status Active

Bamsay Rolton is the founder and Chairman of the Patriarchy, a political party. Once an innocent party leader with genuine goals and a legitimate stances, Rolton is currently a known associate and presumed accomplice to Goldstein. His downfall can be attributed to the failure of the Traditionalist Bloc (RMP, TEN, SPQR, The Patriarchy) to gain power, and Goldstein's influence.

Some theorize that Bamsay is the second coming of the deposed supreme leader, Ignatius.

Although many hate him for his harsh dialogue, combative nature, and affiliation with Goldstein, he has not admitted or been proven of any wrongdoing.

His ambitions and true identity are mysterious, but if one thing is for sure, it is that he is up to no good.

On 5 June 2015, The Right Honorable Sir Rolton resigned from parliament. On 8 June 2015, he came out of retirement to help his party stay recognized.

Resignation Letter (retracted) Edit

Gentlemen of parliament, after a week of service, I have decided I will resign.

I've always had the Patriarchy's best interest in everything I've done. As I leave these threads, I'll be nominating Israel Goldstein as party chairman. Although he may have done wrong in his past, I have full confidence in his ability to lead honorably in the future.


The reason for my departure is clear. I have spent hours in these threads, earnestly trying to advance my party's position. My efforts and tactics have been met only with hostility from those who lose the most from my success; the National Socialist Party, Illusive Man, and Catharsis. To the few friends I have left in parliament, I impart some words of wisdom unto you.


"The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all." -JFK


In the current system of /pol/ parliament, ignorance abounds. You all chase the vision of a boogeyman that doesn't exist, yet ignore and ally with parliament's most dangerous threat. Often, even blatantly with a stranger in their chat, NatSocs bray about how they will fuck their allies in the end, and that the only thing important to them is the party, that the constitution means nothing. This is the real degeneracy to be afraid of. A lack of respect for rules, a common decency that this site inherently lacks. I was foolish to think a good game of parliament could be found here in the first place.


Ending on that note, I bid you all farewell.

Until next time,

Bamsay Rolton

Party Chairman, The Patriarchy